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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Injury updates

Georgia's injury list has grown after a week of physical practices. But head coach Mark Richt said those two events aren't necessarily related.

Outside linebacker Cornelius Washington missed the Tennessee game with a concussion. Carlton Thomas missed it with a hamstring injury.

But neither injury happened during Monday's unusual full-pads practice, according to Richt. The coach said Sunday that Washington's happened on Tuesday, during a pass-rush drill that wasn't even full-contact. Richt wasn't sure when Thomas' hamstring injury occurred, but believed it may have happened during the Colorado game, and didn't start bothering him until a day or two later.

As for if or when either player would return to action, Richt wasn't sure.

“Hamstrings are so hard to predict, as are concussions, so it’ll be day to day,” Richt said.

Cornerback Branden Smith, who sustained a concussion at Colorado, sounds a little less likely to play against Vanderbilt.

“I doubted he’d be back anytime soon," Richt said, alluding to comments last week. "To say he’d be in the Tuesday contact practice, I’d say no, unless something happened tomorrow.”

Marlon Brown (shoulder) almost dressed for the Tennessee game, so he has a good chance of playing. Brown's injury did apparently happen during last Monday's practice.

There was no word on Nick Williams, but he also left the game with a hamstring injury, so you can probably throw the safety-linebacker into the day-to-day camp.

Richt reiterated Sunday that he doesn't plan to repeat the Monday full-pads practice, but a physical practice is expected a day later.

"We’re not gonna have spring ball on Monday," Richt said. "But we’ll have a heck of a Tuesday practice. So we’ll continue to hook it up and get after each other on Tuesday.”


Anonymous said...

Poor Nick, it looked like he was in a lot of pain at the time. Hoping for a speedy recovery.

Charles Armentrout said...

You play like you practice! Go Dawgs!!!

Anonymous said...

Believe Branden needs to move to offense. Less leading with the head on that side of the ball.

Not anon dawg said...


Anonymous said...

There is no coach in America that, with 1085 receiving yards as a senior in high school, would not have been playing little Branden Smith at receiver.

There also is no coach in America that, with all our struggles running the football, would not have been playing Brandon Boykin at running back, either.

Just only here.

Aaron Murray, 2-4 as Starting QB with 14 sacks for minus 101 yards, leads his NCAA # 79 Total Offense and NCAA # 74 Scoring Offense with losses already to hapless Colorado and to hapless Missy State.

Coach Richt squared his record vs SEC East after the 2005 season for all of 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 at 11-11.

Can someone explain how with Coach Richt calling off The Dawgs with 12 minutes 48 seconds of the 2nd half complete at 41-14, how Hutson Mason did not make it on the field not even for 1 solitary play ?

# 7 Auburn 6-0
# 8 Alabama 5-1
# 9 LSU 6-0
# 10 So Carolina 5-1 # 12 Coaches
# 12 Arkansas 5-1 # 13 Coaches
# 22 Florida 4-2

Anonymous said...

Aaron Murray update :

Aaron Murray, 2-4 as Starting QB with 14 sacks for minus 101 yards is down to NCAA # 82 in being sacked, leads his NCAA # 67 Total Offense and NCAA # 64 Scoring Offense with losses already to hapless Colorado and to hapless Missy State.

# 9 Scoring Offense in SEC
# 8 Total Offense in SEC
# 6 Pass Efficiency in SEC
# 9 Sacked in SEC
# 8 Third Down Conversion in SEC
# 9 Fourth Down Conversion in SEC
# 9 Red Zone Turnovers in SEC
# 8 Red Zone Touchdowns in SEC
# 9 Touchdowns Scored in SEC

And, he is our best player.

Anonymous said...

more bad news coming soooooon

Anonymous said...

Awesome, now Caleb King has been arrested. These kids do not fear Coach Richt or have any respect for their teammates. Looks like Murray will be rushing more in the red zone since Washaun can't keep his hands on the ball neat the endzone.

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