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Monday, October 18, 2010

Murray honored again, which means ...

For the second straight week, Aaron Murray is the SEC freshman of the week.

The Georgia quarterback was so honored Monday morning, two days after passing for 287 yards and two touchdowns, rushing for 36, and once again being responsible for absolutely no turnovers.

On the season, Murray has thrown for 1,653 yards, 12 touchdowns and three interceptions, with no fumbles lost. He's also completing 61.9 percent of his passes.

Which leads me to two thoughts:

1) Marcus Lattimore still has to be the leader for SEC freshman of the year. But if the South Carolina running back has to miss any more time with a sprained ankle, or his production just dwindles, Murray could make a run for the award.

2) Obviously Mike Bobo has received a lot of heat from fans and others for his play-calling. But Murray has exceeded expectations as a rookie, and correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Bobo also the quarterbacks coach?

Just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

Murray has been impressive. Bobo and Richt definitely deserve credit for his development

opsomath said...

I don't think anyone who has been paying attention has questioned the Richt/Bobo combination's ability to coach up a QB. Greene, Shockley, Stafford, Cox's performing clearly above his experience and talent level, Mettenberger's rapid development (you're welcome, Arizona, Louisville, or whoever gets him) and now Murray - you turn out a lineage of QBs like that, you are clearly doing your job.

Play-calling has always been the question, and whether CMB has "OC's disease" - the tendency to call plays which display your cleverness rather than give you the best chance to win. The quote from CMR about how sometimes we would just decide we were going to run the ball regardless of what the defense showed us - that was telling. Play-calling and execution have both improved since then, and Ealey answered the call this week, so we will see what happens.

Anonymous said...

FIRE COACH BOBO... he is not a good offensive COORDINATOR ... I dont mind keeping him on as QB coach but we have had arguably one of the most talented offense in recent memory with stafford, green, moreno, and moma.. and yet still had games where we found it difficult to score REALLY??????

CSA said...


You didn't mention Ben Jones being honored as the Offensive Lineman of the Week.

Just pointing that out there.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Saturday's game will be blacked out in ATL on since CSS is broadcasting?

Anonymous said...

Well let's see - BoBo gets to coach 4 & 5 star recruits and if they pan out he is a hero - I think not.

That being said he may well be the best QB coach in the country but he is not the best OC. Again I challenge anyone to name a team that would hire him - Florida may be getting close :-)

Anonymous said...

Curious as to how a back averaging 4.4 ypc and who projects to get barely 1000 yds(assuming he doesn't miss time, which he looks like he will do) is such a shoe-in for SEC freshman of the year over a freshman QUARTERBACK who's basically producing at a level on par with D.J. Shockley's 2005 run?

One position is easy to transition to: is unbelievably difficult: QB.

One is doing a very good, but not GREAT job(outside of the UGA game), and the other is doing a GREAT job(Murray).

To me, this is an open/shut case. If both continue as they have, Murray has clearly been the better player doing more impressive things. Who would you rather have play for you?

Arron Murray and an avg rb? Or Lattimore and an avg qb?

Billy said...

Coaching to win and coaching to save your job are 2 different methods. Unfortunately, Coach Bobo performs the latter method sufficiently. The former, not so well.
I had a great aunt who used to drive by pressing the accelerator briefly, then coasting almost to a stop, then pressing it again repeating this over and over until FINALLY she arrived at her destination, which was usually either church or the hair parlor.
Coach Bobo coaches like that. Call a good game, then coast through a few key losses, then coach again. If UGA's destination is church or the hair parlor, then that's fine. If we want a BCS bowl, we'll have to get back to young CMR's offensive playcalling.
Just saying.

Willb said...

I completely disagree Seth! Murray is having one of the best freshman qb seasons in sec history! Lattimore is having a decent season. Against ga he looked like a heisman front runner. But other than that he has just been pretty good. The only reason he would win over Murray was sc was so good as a team. Right now there not looking that much better than ga.

If Murray keeps playing the way he has he will have over 3000 yards over 20 tds and a lot of rushing yards and tds. Not to mention under ten ints! As of right now I would say Murray is the obvious choice.

Convince me otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Given our history of running up points on lesser schools and getting our offense stuffed by good schools, we should not let two wins over teams with losing records make us think we have turned the corner. I still remember the fun of the Tenn games, the Alabama game and the Florida games. We do best when we clearly have the better talent or if they are not familiar with our offensive play calling. However, the better coaches who have coached against us seem to have an easy time with us. Lets see what happens at the Kentucky, Fla, Auburn and Ga Tech games.

Anonymous said...

Billy we are related - my aunt drove like that. She had a 59 Chevy with a six and three on the tree. I'll never forget her going from first to third at about 10 MPH creating engine knock like I have never heard.

Muckbeast said...

Just sayin.....

The first 5 games don't get ignored.

Bobo has shown himself to be a sub-standard OC for 4 years. He may indeed be a decent QB coach, but that's not the problem.

Cojones said...

Hey Jerkwad-would-be-coaches,

You pulled the same crud with your Monday morn coaching using Martinez as your foil last year. Let's see, isn't he D coach for the #1 BCS team this year? If you saw how pitiful your remarks and excuses for your remarks are you would probably follow Jr. Seau on his Monday morning day-breaker. If all of you aren't Teckies then you should consider becoming one. Your knife-sharpening act is old. Let it rest. The team needs true fans now and I look at the loss streak as a good thing for dispelling you naysayers to whatever complaining hell that you emanate from. Nah!! Some of you will continue to muckrake instead of watching the team grow victory by victory.

Dip said...

I've never seen any reason to fire Bobo. I wouldn't mind Richt taking over the play-calling, but I think Bobo's doing fine as the quarterbacks coach.

Honestly, I never really saw much of a difference between Richt and Bobo's play-calling. Didn't Bobo take over in mid 2007, after which Georgia had arguably its best offense in the Richt era?

Bryan said...

Cojones: People are entitled to have their own opinion about the current state of affairs of the program. Just because they want changes doesn't mean that they aren't true fans. Every team has those fans who don't like how things are run, even if we were undefeated at this point. Things are never perfect, but people want those things that aren't perfect to be fixed immediately. And Martinez is the D backs coach for the Sooners, not the DC. That being said, I've never liked Bobo being the OC, but I love him as a QB coach. Unless he gets into a rhythm, Bobo makes very questionable play calls that don't seem to fit the situation. He does seem to be getting better as he has Green in more and more games.

NRBQ said...

Anon @ 3:09 _

You rendered your entire comment moot with your first sentence.

Under CMR, UGA's history is letting lesser teams hang around long enough to give them a chance to win, which they've done too often.

A big knock on Richt is his unwillingness to put the hammer down when he has an opponent on the ropes.

Do you not recognize second and third string players on the field during the third quarter (as in Vandy)?

Anonymous said...

NRBQ, were you not there Saturday? CMR put second and third string guys in at the right time. Vandy was down 43-0. They were not coming back. With the 3 touchdowns not recorded (Green and 2 fumble recoveries) and taking a knee on their 10 at the end of the game, did you want us to hang 70 on them? I am not a CMR apologist and feel the coaches have been stealing money from us but they did the right thing Saturday.

Billy said...

Okla's defense is #71 in the nation out of 120 (their pass D is #81).
UGA's brand new D scheme under CTG is #14.
Now it's time for a new OC and UGA will be back in the business of winning football games.
(and I agree that CMB would be a good QB coach)

Billy said...

...and OK's #1 in the BCS this week, not this year.

Billy said...

I don't have anything else to say on the topic, I just had to publish my word verification...


Anonymous said...

If Mike Bobo developed Aaron Murray, then why has he already LOST 4 games ?

The facts are that he DID NOT.

Neither did CMR.

When we could have been getting him prepared last year in Fall Practice, he let him throw his arm out. He missed 21 Fall Practices, as a direct result.

This year, in the Spring Practices, Aaron had to split time with the number ones so that AGAIN he could get prepared. These split practices including the G-Day Game were split with Logan Gray, whom Bobo and CMR prepared so well that he ALREADY had announced that he was moving to WR.

# 53 Total Offense

# 14 Total Defense

# 51 Scoring Offense

# 20 Scoring Defense

Does this look to you like he is prepared leading an offense that returned EVERY STARTER