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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Green checks up on Massaquoi, weighs in on big hits

By now most everyone has seen the hit laid down on former Georgia receiver Mohamed Massaquoi last Sunday. Massaquoi, who may miss Cleveland's next game, was nailed by Pittsburgh linebacker James Harrison, whom the NFL fined $75,000 a day later.

Georgia star receiver A.J. Green, expected to join them in the NFL soon, said he texted with his former teammate Massaquoi a couple days ago, after seeing the play.

"I was like, 'You all right?' He said, 'Yeah I'm all right,'" Green said. "I said, 'Man I thought you were gone!' But he said he was all right."

The issue of hard hits has been a hot one this week in the NFL, which has indicated it will increase fines and perhaps suspensions for illegal hits. A lot of attention is on defenders going after receivers.

Green was asked what he thought of the issue.

"I hope I don't ever get to experience one of those, especially in the head like that," Green said. "But you know it comes with the game, you've just got to be prepared. I'll just try to cover up, whatever. I know I'll get a couple licks, it's the NFL. You've just gotta get up from it."

Green said he also saw the hit Atlanta's Dunta Robinson, an Athens native, laid on Philadelphia receiver DeSean Jackson. The hit knocked Jackson out of the game and drew a fine on Robinson, who went to South Carolina.

"That one definitely had me cringing, thinking about going across the middle," Green said. "Dunta, he's a small guy, but I don't know man, it's crazy out there. You just can't think about it."


NRBQ said...

Dunta (not Dante) got screwed. In real time, that hit is unavoidable given the speed of the play and the players' trajectory. He did nothing to increase its impact. In fact, he lowered his head to avoid helmet-to-helmet.

Nasty contact, but not a dirty play.

Anonymous said...

"I know I'll get a couple licks, it's the NFL."
Yes, I just hope you don't get those hits until 2012, the year you enter the draft.

BulldogBen said...

Glad to hear Mo is doing okay.

NRBQ, couldn't agree more. That was a super quick play in real time and he just reacted. It's clear he led with his pads. The head to head was just ancillary. No way it could've been prevented.

These fines are just another knee jerk reaction to public outcry by the NFL. How in the world can they regulate this? It is entirely subjective.

Last year it was concussions, this year it's big hits. All the while they are trying to ram through an 18 game season.

They're headed for a lockout. Plain and simple. And it will be their own greed that will be their undoing.

Nick said...

I agree with what NRBQ and Ben said, but watch the Dunta hit again and you'll see there was no head-to-head contact. He lead with his shoulder and impacted the chest. It was a violent hit, but nothing about it was remotely close to illegal under the current rules and he should win his appeal. That fine for him is BS.

The Harrison hit was launching and it was a bad hit on MM. Glad to hear he is ok and glad that AJ took the correct stance of, "It is football, those hits happen".