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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Boss Bailey calls out his former team ... compassionately

Georgia’s week of bearing down ended with a fiery speech from a former player.

Boss Bailey was the team’s honorary captain on Saturday, and as part of his duties he was allowed to give the team a pregame speech.

The former linebacker did so on Friday at the Butts-Mehre building, and didn’t hold back, according to head coach Mark Richt.

“Boss, he pretty much called them out,” Richt said after Georgia's 41-14 rout of Tennessee. “But he did it in a way that was very compassionate. You could tell it was very obvious that he loved Georgia. It was obvious that he loved those guys. But he felt like he needed to tell them that they weren’t playing ball the way ball should be played here at Georgia.”

Bailey mentioned some things to both the offense and defense, according to Richt.

“There’s been a lot of good honorary captain speeches,” Richt said. “But there was none better than that.”


Carter said...

Great to hear. One of the top 5 athletic specimens I've seen. Shame that Matt Millen and injuries happened to him in the NFL.

BullyMack said...

Man I would have loved to be a fly on the wall for that speech. GATA Boss, DGD FOR LIFE!! I still have a pic of him skying to block that field goal back in the day against TN. Good move by Richt to get him in there. Sometimes it just comes across better coming from someone of his caliber and pedigree than getting screamed at by the coaches. Albeit TN helped us out in spots, but we showed some fight today. Let's keep the train rolling b/c Murray just keeps getting better and better.

Willb said...

Just wondering does anyone know how many sacks Houston got? Just one? How many tfl?

SG said...

Boss was a great player for the dawgs and deserved to be the guy to offer inspiration to our team. It took and we will hopefully carry that inspiration through the season. The SEC East is a mess with the exception of SC and there should be no reason that we can't make this season a fantastic learning experience for our young team. Patience is a virtue. Can't wait to see the line one the FL game! Go Dawgs & the great fans who stand behind! I was proud to be a Bulldog in the stadium tonight. Win or lose we need to support our team in order to reach the ultimate goal.