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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fourth quarter blog

3:32 left in fourth quarter, Georgia clinging to 43-0 lead

Vanderbilt just failed on fourth down, so if Georgia can run out the clock, it should have its shutout.

So on that note, I'm heading down to the field. I'll have reaction from the locker room on here later.

A very good win for Georgia, along the lines of last week: Even if the opponent is weak, a good team wins convincingly. Georgia didn't look like a good team losing four in a row. It's back now to looking decent, and can build on that in the coming weeks.

7:33 left in fourth quarter

I'm running out of things to say. That might please some of you.

Everyone seems happy to just run out the clock here, except perhaps the Vanderbilt offense, if it wants to avoid a shutout. We'll see, as the Commodores take over at their own 34.

The Bulldog offense is just emptying the bench (except for redshirting freshmen) and calling short-yardage run plays.

And Josh Murray - yeah, the quarterback's older brother - just saw action on the punt return unit.

10:54 left in fourth quarter, Georgia still leads 43-0

Thee stands are clearing out, and we're entering garbage time, with just a bit of drama.

The first bit is whether Georgia will achieve the shutout, which would be its first of an SEC opponent since 2006.

The second is whether Georgia will have its largest-ever margin of victory over Vanderbilt. The current record is 45, in 1976.

Blair Walsh just missed a 31-yard field goal, which would have made it 46. If that ends up being the difference, well those of us who really want to use that note will be very displeased with you, Mr. Walsh.

Actually Walsh is having a good day regardless: He made his 115th consecutive extra point, setting a new Georgia record. And the field goal miss is only his second of the year.

So yeah, it's a laugher here at Sanford Stadium: Note to downtown Athens business-owners: Prepare for an onslaught of customers.


CSA said...

Great game, great blog. As one of the only blogs which continuously delivers good, non-biased information, we truly appreciate it, Seth.

There ain't much to say (or complain about) when your team is winning games!

Willb said...

We have to give bobo credit here. We blame him when we lose so he has to get credit when he wins. Great play calling today. Actually been pretty good play calling since aj has been back. Also granthams d is stating to look real good.