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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fourth quarter blog

1:48 left in game, Georgia losing 29-27

In field goal range, the game almost at hand - and Georgia's Caleb King fumbled the ball. Colorado recovered, and the Bulldogs look headed for a fourth straight defeat.

Incredible. King was having a stupendous game up to that point - 103 yards on 11 carries - so it was a no-brainer to give him the ball again. But the backfield was penetrated, King was hit, and he immediately coughed it up.

Georgia used its final timeout after Colorado ran for a first down on the next play.

3:37 left, Georgia still trails 29-27

Georgia's problem on offense has been not converting in the red zone. Well, that doesn't matter now. All it needs to do over the next three minutes is get down there, and let Blair Walsh win it.

It took Georgia's defense awhile, but it finally made a stop. The question is whether it took too long.

Colorado just took a LONG time off the clock. But it might have undone itself with the curious decision to try a 52-yard field goal with a guy whose only make this year was from 28.

Needless to say, it missed, wide left. Now Georgia's resurgent offense takes over at the 35 with 3:37 left.

12:30 left in fourth quarter, Georgia within 29-27

Georgia's offense moved the ball without A.J. Green, then got him back, but its drive stalled at the 2 anyway.

So a chip-shot Blair Walsh field goal makes it a two-point game. That two-point conversion by Colorado looms rather large now.

Green only figured in one play upon his return, an incomplete throw his way near the goal-line. Most of the production on the drive came on the ground: Caleb King had a good run, and Aaron Murray scrambled for another long gain.

Murray should have done that several other times in this game. The middle has been there for Murray to scramble through - including on his second-quarter interception in the end zone - but he didn't take it until that play there.

Still, Georgia's offense looks like it can move the ball and eventually win this game. It just needs the Bulldog defense to come through.


disenchanted in Boulder said...

Unreal how this game is unfolding. Can't stand to see this brand of football

Rick said...

With 3:42 left and we've got them in 4th down and about to punt, why did we just call timeout?

What a waste.

pissed in boulder said...

we are stupid.....fumble this place is going nuts. dawgs suck

Rick said...

I just heard the fat lady.

On a very awesome positive note, my word verification is Speed!

William said...

I just dont have the words... Seriously I dont think we could take out a gun to blow our brains out without missing somehow. This is as bad as I can ever remember.

L-dawg said...

Wow!!!! (Is this team jinx'd? Now I know what a Gamecock feels like.) Very long flight back home now. Richt has to be thinking "What else can go wrong?"

Tim said...

Either are guys are terrible tacklers or we are not physically strong. How many times did it take 3 guys to finally stop that little munchkin Rodgers? See you next season.

Brett Steele said...

Man, at least Hale went to a winner. The Phils were 5+ games back when he left, and now they are clearly the National League favorites.

The offensive line starting playing well with (left to right) sturdivant, glenn, jones, boling and josh davis. Except for Josh Davis managed to continually get blown up by their, prior to this game, sackless defensive end. What a shame.

I don't know where Richt can go, the offense was fairly good all game, and Bobo's questionale play calls were less than 10. The defense didn't make the plays they needed to, and Aaron didn't make the plays he needed to inside of the redzone.

The hitman, is not the hitman. Whoever gave him that nickname should give it to my 83 year old neighbor.

On the whole the defense couldn't get the stops they needed to in the 2nd half.

It's hard to believe we now have a 1-4 team. I guess I won't spend my weeks thinking about the next game, but on the brightside, I shouldn't have any trouble finding a ticket for next week's noon start.

Needless to say, stil a fan, and here's to next week

Anonymous said...

can this season just end now?

Anonymous said...

i want heads to roll!

David said...

Call me crazy, but it looked almost like King was turning back to Murray before he fumbled - almost like a flea flicker was called.

Glad we could count as a "signature win" for another struggling program passing us on the way up, while we are on the way down.

Starting with West Va in 2005 Sugar Bowl, Oklahoma State, South Carolina, Alabama in 2008. How many has it been?

After watching a clearly undermanned UT team today, they are going to KILL us. Good running game and some interesting philosophy on defense called "tackling" I believe....

Idaho State appears the only other win on the schedule.


Anonymous said...

Wow just wow - Ugly - we are really misfiring.

Carter said...

I gotta give it up to that anon. nutbag w/ the ultra long rambling posts. He's turned out to be a sage and a soothsayer.

Joeski said...

No, I won't be hopping on the 'Fire Mark Richt' bandwagon yet. But I just climbed aboard the 'Fire Mike Bobo' bandwagon.

That was most definitely a flea-flicker. It won't come out that way, because they'll cover for Bobo, but that- along with the decision to go deep against Ark on 3rd and 4 when you just need a field goal to win- has convinced me that Bobo isn't fit to be an offensive coordinator.

I can't believe it's come to this.

Rick said...


"No, I won't be hopping on the 'Fire Mark Richt' bandwagon yet. But I just climbed aboard the 'Fire Mike Bobo' bandwagon."

LMAO. That ship has sailed man. Richt is gone. Welcome to the party though, you're about 4 weeks too late.

Joeski said...

And Carter, don't give that freak any credit. He is a blatant liar: his 'statistics' were factually incorrect, even if the season is fulfilling his doom and gloom predictions.

Willb said...

Ugly yes! But if we abandon this team now and jump back on the bandwagon when there winning again we can't call ourselves fans. We stick with them no matter what. We still have Aaron Murray for four more years!

Btw did anyone else have problems with fox sports south? They were constantly showing commercials when the game was going on! I even missed the last fumble.

Joeski said...

Rick, I sincerely hope you're wrong. I am not among the spoiled brats who feel entitled to criticize a head coach who has been more successful than anyone else in the school's history.

Personally, I think that sort of accomplishment earns a person the right to try to correct the situation, rather than just jettisoning him after 2 difficult seasons.

But of course, if you can name a coach we could hire right now who can guarantee an average of 10 wins a year for 10 years, I'm all ears.

Yeah... I thought you couldn't. I deal in reality, Rick, so why don't you STFU?

Prince_Lightfoot said...

I had more problems with the camera not tracking the football. I can't blame the cameramen, though, because it looked like a couple of the lenses were coated with Vaseline.

Anonymous said...

^ Jim Harbaugh

Should I Stay or Should I go? said...

Could be worse. Could've lost like UT did. Les Miles is the luckiest SOB on th planet.

Lawson Bailey said...

I do not understand the reasoning behind wanting to keep Richt just because his was very successful his first 5 years. What over the past 3 season has he shown to make you believe he is capable of turning it around.

The most talented coach beside Brian Van Gorder since Richt has been in Athens is Kirby Smart. Richt was so smart he would NOT let Kirby coach on defense. So Kirby left to coach defense for Nick Saban.

Richt's inability to evaluate coaching talent is why this team has under achieved. It will not get any better.

If you are happy being a middle tier SEC team then lets keep him. Otherwise let Richt go and see if McGarrity learned from Foley how to find an Urban Meyer.

Richt inability to evaluate coaching talent is

Rick said...


Here's a news flash. Richt is no longer a coach that gets 10 wins a year. You can quote averages all you like, but the fact is we are doing less with the same level of talent we've had in past years. We are on track to win 3, maybe 4 games this year. Is there a coach out there that can do better than 4 wins per season? YES. There is.

Oh and guess what smart ass, I never said CMR should be fired. It's just my opinion that he WILL be fired. The way the game is today, it's all about recent success and failure, not about your history. Ask Tommy Tuberville about that.

But honestly, your opinion doesn't matter. Why you ask? Because you are JUST NOW realizing that Bobo needs to be fired. That's been obvious to 99% of the fanbase for weeks. I deal in the obvious, Joeski, so why don't you STFU?

David said...

Any guesses who will get arrested tonight?

Carter said...

My loyalty is to the team, not a coach. A coach is a caretaker of a program.

CSA said...

Somebody else said this in a post on a Georgia blog, I wish I could find the link. Anyway, it raised the question of whether or not Mark Richt has been dedicated to Georgia football after his wife had her battle with cancer. First off, I want to say that there is nothing wrong with that. I wouldn't have blamed him at all if he had retired to take care of his family, that is and should be anybody's number one priority.

I'm just starting to believe this team isn't really his anymore.

Anonymous said...

Seth see if you can find out what that last play was supposed to be. Seems some think it was a flea flicker - I think it was just blown up by the guy coming off the corner or maybe King wasn't expecting the ball. Just another example of bad football regardless.

The defense looks like it is playing so fast they are over running plays and getting killed by cut backs.

All in all a VERY disappointing early season from a team I thought would win 9 games. I think we have lost 3 games to teams that don't have the athletes we have but I'm as clueless as BoBo as to WTF is wrong.

CMR has a monumental task if he is going to get this bunch above .500. I almost feel sorry for him but he needs to look in the mirror and ask himself - is this the best staff I can put together.

David not Hale said...


I agree with you big time. I am not just throwing this out there, but I have heard coach will resign at the end of the year. I have heard he wants to work in the ministry and travel like he does in the summer. He is a great man, but coaching football might be in the back of his mind.

Anonymous said...

David not Hale I suspect CMR is just about worm down to the nub - troubling arrest - troubling performance - rabid fanbase screaming - Saban - Corch Earbane - he may just look up and say WTF am I doing with my life.

Who would blame him if he called time out then punted. His calling may have shifted from football to his lord.

Willb said...

The only team we should of lost to was sc! That's what makes all this so tough! We could of beaten sc! So easily we could be 5-0! That what makes this all so bad for me! We have a better team than possibly every team we have played but we certainly haven't played as good as our opponents so were not as good as anyone we have played. The talent is there. No matter what anyone says the talent is there.

Question for everyone: what would this teams record be with Nick saban and his coaching staff coaching it? Would we be 5-0 or would be very similar to what we are now? Just want to hear everyones opinion on this. Also what would ala record be with ga coaching staff?

CSA said...


Who in the heck knows. Realistically, if these teams switched coaching staffs, it would be a disaster. With different philosophies, schemes, etc. you'd have to give Saban and co. a few years until they'd be producing a championship team.

Richt and his staff wouldn't last long at Alabama until they would be tarred and feathered.

Joeski said...

Rick, go read what you wrote before: if you didn't SAY it, you sure as hell IMPLIED it. (or is that too big a concept for you?)

Sorry if I am overly faithful to my team. That is a sin and a label I will proudly bear.

And you know what? I'll give Anon @11:20 credit: Jim Harbaugh is about the only coach I could conceive of that would be a definite 'upgrade' (and of course, that would be contingent upon his performance in the SEC).

And to Mr. Lawson Bailey: Richt was ultra-successful in his first 5 years. He was reasonably successful in the following 3 years. Go ahead and cite Van Gorder and Smart all you want, but the man at the controls was Richt. You HAVE to honor that, unless you're reacting emotionally and not logically. There is no reason to believe that Richt just stumbled into success.

Ergo, your best bet is to give the author of past successes a decent opportunity to create future successes, and not just push him out the door because YOU ALL CAN'T BE BOTHERED TO WAIT A SEASON OR TWO.

Seriously? Are you that stupid? Do you really think that Richt's current W/L record was just happenstance??? REALLY??? If so, please tell me where you work, so I can avoid those places of business.

Give it time. I agree, if '11 is as bad as '09 and as bad as '10 is looking to be, then yes, Richt needs to go, but football isn't something that you can reasonably measure progress or regression across the course of one or two seasons!

Oh, and Rick? Go piss up a rope. I didn't say that I just now realized that Bobo needed to be fired... I said that I just now joined the lynch mob seeking his firing. I had my doubts earlier, but I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, because, well, unlike most of the supposed 'fans' out there, I recognize that I haven't been deeply involved in football for twenty something years, and thus there might be something I was missing. Call me crazy...

And whether or not you were 'calling' for Richt's firing, you came across as if you were promoting it in your statement, which may as well be the same thing.

Bottom line: Richt needs to take over play-calling from Bobo. He at least needs to demote Bobo, possibly fire him. UNTIL he shows that he is unwilling to make the same changes on the offensive side of the ball as he made on the defense last year, Richt is still my coach, regardless of what conspiracy theories and imaginary questions the more... extreme fans raise.

Why? Because it makes good SENSE. Because that's the way a logical, non-emotional person makes decisions. Because it's what's best for our 'Dawgs, and by God Almighty, I am nothing if I am not a Georgia Bulldog.

disenchanted in Boulder said...


Give it up. No one is going to be reading or continuing to post in this "Fourth quarter blog" post.

As a casual observer, I think Rick's argument was better and his post really should have put you in your place.

However, you come off as arrogant and naive, so of course you won't agree.

You lost the argument. Your logic is flawed. Your opinion is that of the minority. The sooner you realize this, the better off you'll be. Until then, enjoy your denial.

Feel free to reply to this. I'll be sure not to read it.

Michael said...

Reasonably successful since 2005?

2005 Sugar Bowl - disgrace

2006 utter fail. Lost to UK and Vandy for chrissakes.

2007 we got super lucky to play an overrated Hawaii so we didn't get West Virginia'd again. Yet we still choked gruesomely to Tennessee.

2008 - We had first round draft picks at QB, RB, and WR, and lost 3 games. FAIL.

2009 - Horrible fail.

2010 - Apocalyptic fail.

Joeski: Loyalty to a team does not mean blind loyalty to a coach who CLEARLY just doesn't care enough now.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Joeski, you're losing arguments like Richt loses games. Claim to be a devoted fan of UGA all you want. I'm a devoted graduate and Richt is an embarrasment on and off the field. I'm loyal to my alma mater and its athletic programs, not any coach (AKA caretaker). In case you haven't noticed the SEC of the first 1/2 half of the decade was a lot weaker than the SEC of the last 5 years.

Anonymous said...

Joeski must have cried himself to sleep last night...