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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Practice update

Nothing major from the first few minutes of practice today, other than the previously-reported absence of freshman Dexter Morant.

Sophomore linebacker Jarvis Jones (neck) was in green for a third straight day. But the Columbus native was participating in drills.

Junior tackle Trinton Sturdivant (knee surgery) was also in green and also participating in drills, but gingerly.

Senior cornerback Chad Gloer (hamstring) and junior guard Tanner Strickland (shoulder) were both running together on the sidelines. (And wearing green, if you didn't gather by now.)

And linebacker Akeem Dent was once again on the exercise bike.

We'll have word on Morant and anything else scintillating after practice today from coach Mark Richt.


Andy said...

I hope Richt's able to remember Morant's name when he addresses this after practice.

Anonymous said...

Just FYI -- Jones is recovering from a neck injury suffered while at USC. He has been quoted in the past as saying he is looking to redshirt to ensure he is 100% healthy when he takes the field for the Dawgs.

Seth Emerson said...

Thanks. I edited it. I should've known that.

Carter said...


With regard to Trinton Sturdivant and the "gingerly" description, are you saying he's just being extra careful as a precaution or is there a noticeable limp holding him back?

Also, has Morant been in Athens since freshmen report in late May/ early June?


Anonymous said...

I heard the guy was quitting because the Head Coach couldn't remember his name. What's the head coach name?....uh?....Mulluck Richt?