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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pregame: A.J. in shorts

The scene on the field just now was a bit surreal: A.J. Green, Washaun Ealey, Tavarres King and Alec Ogletree in red jerseys and shorts, hanging out near midfield.

Three key skill position players, and probably the team's best true freshmen - and all unavailable for today's game for reasons other than injury.

Green is the latest hit to Georgia, and obviously the biggest. Worse yet, his situation may be out of the team and school's control. Based on what we know, Green's eligibility may be at the mercy of the NCAA, and whenever it delivers a ruling on whether he did something wrong, and if so how long he has to sit out.

Hopefully we know something soon. But clearly Green's status at least for the South Carolina game is in doubt.

In the meantime, they are going to play a game today. The rest of the team just ran out of the tunnel for warmups, drawing a warm reaction from the few fans that are inside Sanford Stadium an hour before kickoff.


JRL said...

I hope I'm wrong but I have this sinking feeling the AJ investigation is about something other than a trip to Miami.



Lawson Bailey said...

I am starting to think the same thing. Something doesn't seem right. Hope it gets settled before Carolina.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what this investigation is about. South Carolina, UNC, Alabama all got rulings before their games! Why can't UGA? This is a huge black eye for the new AD in his 1st week on the job! As an alum and a fan who took my 8 month old son to his 1st Dawg Walk today I am extremely UNDERWHELMED. Was it to much to ask for UGA to start the season without such chaos?????

JRL said...

Anon 11:49 the only explanation for a delay - AJ lied (the Bama, USC and UNC guys fessed up early) or the investigation involving agents and trips to Miami uncovered something else.