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Monday, September 20, 2010

Depth chart notes

Some notes from Georgia’s just-released depth chart:

- Tanner Strickland is now listed as the starter at right guard. Chris Davis was listed as the starter last week, but his 12-game starting string was ended when Strickland went in his place. Clint Boling played much of the second half at right guard, with Trinton Sturdivant playing Boling’s left tackle slot. (Boling is still first at LT, followed by Sturdivant.)

- Shaun Chapas is listed third on the fullback depth chart, an indication that his ankle will keep him out for a second straight game.

- Among other players who missed the Arkansas game with injuries: Caleb King is listed as the backup tailback, behind Washaun Ealey, while CB Branden Smith, NT Justin Anderson and ILB Marcus Dowtin are listed at their respective backup spots. (Smith is listed as the punt returner.)

- Jakar Hamilton is still listed as the starting strong safety. Shawn Williams went most of the way in the second quarter against Arkansas.

- Senior ILB Akeem Hebron is the chosen man to wear No. 31 this Sunday. A different senior this week is donning the number in honor of Quintin Banks, who retired with chronic knee trouble.


jferg said...

What's going on with NICK Williams? He had a great spring and fall he's not really playing. Can you dig into this a bit for us?

Anonymous said...

Would like some info on Nick Williams too. As lost as the secondary has looked at times over the past two weeks, you would think he'd get more looks back there. I always felt the fact he was a high school quarterback at BHS would proved beneficial in the coverage game.

Augusta RE said...

Jakar Hamilton as safety should be good, hopefully another interception.

RacingDawg said...

On another front, Bobo released his game plan for this week as well. Calls for more play action passing that takes 6 seconds to develop and trying to run dive for 2 yards on 2nd and 10 just for balance.

We can still be 6-2 going to JAX, but I don't believe in luck.

skeet said...

off topic, but here's a good herschel article from 1982 sports illustrated:

UGA69Dawg said...

Seth you want to go real journalist on the Dawgs ask Coach Richt if it has become his policy for the coaches to point fingers at their players rather than Man up, take the blame and STFU.

Greene-2-Haynes said...

Two things that I've considered since the game on Saturday: 1. Why did we call timeout with over a minute to play and it was 2nd down? By not getting the first down, we guaranteed Ark. to have some time on the clock and still have multiple timeouts. 2. Do we have "bread-and-butter" plays that we can call at crunch time? Petrino said they used their bread-and-butter plays they practice each week to move the ball on final drive. Please tell me the play call we had on 3rd down when Murray got crunched was not a bread-and-butter play! I'm not smarter than the coaches, but I think I would have rolled him out so he could have thrown a short pass or ran for the first down. Hey, but that's just me!

harleydawg said...

whatsa goin on with the junkyard dawgs, i want to see some smack u in the mouth football as we saw in game 1, it looks as if we didnt train hard enough this summer with strength and conditioning among other probs, can anyone tell me if anyone can power clean 300 lbs on this yrs dawg team ? can u find out seth from coach van ? tks

Anonymous said...

So Caleb King misses a block against Florida in 2008 and is benched for two games because of it but Washaun Ealey misses THREE blocks against Arkansas and is made starter for the next game?

You can't make this garbage up!

jferg said...

anon 5:09....back then we had options (sort of)...this year we don't. King isn't healthy, Thomas is not an every down back, and the FBs are not RBs. Ealey gets this by default...not because he earned it or deserves it.

Dawgfan17 said...

"1. Why did we call timeout with over a minute to play and it was 2nd down? By not getting the first down, we guaranteed Ark. to have some time on the clock and still have multiple timeouts."
If the coaches don't call a timeout there then the coaches get blasted for not being aggressive enough and not playing for the win. Lots of people would have been booing loudly had we played that last drive simply to run out the clock as opposed to trying to get into fg range. While I don't agree with the 3rd down play call with only needing a fg to win it and having Walsh as a kicker Richt had to use his timeouts in a manner that went for the win instead of playing for overtime. Different story had we been backed up on our own ten. But hey, darned if you do darned if you don't.