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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Post-practice notes

First off, I know what’s out there regarding A.J. Green, and what’s being reported elsewhere. But as of (looking at watch) 9:03 p.m. eastern time, there isn’t enough for me to write anything other than he has not been cleared to play.

Georgia officials had not heard anything as of late this evening, and there was no reason to believe they would until Wednesday morning, if then.

Bulldogs receivers coach Tony Ball practically threw up his hands when the matter was raised Tuesday evening.

“We’re at the mercy,” Ball said. “We’re just continuing to work and continuing to get better. We know at some point something’s gonna happen. We’ve just gotta make sure we’re prepared. That’s all we can do.”

Georgia associate athletics director Claude Felton and offensive coordinator Mike Bobo said they hadn't heard anything yet on Green.

"We're just practicing, and getting ready to play, and if he's there he's there, and if he's not he's not," Bobo said. "It's out of my control so there's nothing we can do. I wish there was, but there's not."

Dean Legge over at has posted a story saying Green will play Saturday against South Carolina. (Then again, Georgia officials probably thought that last week too. Remember Bobo casually ticking off Green's name when asked which receivers he would use?)

I’m also aware that the jersey-selling part of the story is being reported. Yes, after speaking with some people at or near Summerville, S.C., the belief is that the NCAA was looking into that. But I’ve heard wildly divergent dollar figures on that supposed jersey sale.

Hopefully, we get a resolution to this quickly.

More notes from after practice:

- Bobo wasn’t as down on the Bulldogs’ running game in Saturday’s win over Louisiana-Lafayette. He was just “disappointed” with how the backup offensive linemen blocked.

“I thought consistently, for two quarters and a half, we played well,” Bobo said.
“It wasn’t that explosive, run out of there. We had that one long (touchdown) run on third-and-one with Caleb King. But I thought we blocked well. There were a couple times we missed a couple runs and left some out there.”

- Tailback Carlton Thomas will not have his one late fumble (which wasn’t ruled one) held against him when playing time is considered.

“We’re not gonna penalize him for that right there because he’s fundamentally better in the way he’s running the football in practice and carrying in games,” Bobo said.

“He gave us a change of direction out there Saturday.”

- As for the play quarterback Aaron Murray, Bobo said he was “definitely encouraged.” You may recall that Bobo was critical of Murray after one scrimmage, because of some “bonehead” decisions. But other than a little too much scrambling – which Bobo said they knew they’d have to deal with from the freshman – Bobo was pleased.

“(Without) our top two wideouts and one of our top running backs, I was encouraged with the guys that stepped up and made plays, and I was encouraged with him making plays,” Bobo said. “His playmaking ability enabled us to move the ball and score points.”

- Grantham still wants to use linebacker Richard Samuel, who has been hurt. A redshirt has been discussed, but the Bulldogs are still a bit thin at the inside spots.

“Right now, because it’s so early, you still want him to come back and see what he can do,” Grantham said. “There’s a lot of things that could happen. He could be a role player in something, he could be on special teams. There’s a lot of factors that go into it.”

- Finally, Grantham – a Virginia Tech grad – did not see the game against Boise State on Monday night.

“I know the result. I was told – I’ve been reminded of that,” Grantham said, grinning. “And then I was told they had new uniforms too.”

Oh yeah, and how.


Anonymous said...

I know a lot of the people who check out this blog will disagree with me, but I for one am happy that you have not proclaimed AJ as playing Saturday like some of the rest of the sites have recently.

No really credible sources have reported it and the NCAA has not said anything, which is the key.

Thanks for being a real journalist.

Anonymous said...

Dean is gonna be mad at you for sharing his privileged information!

Anonymous said...

Seth, just own up and admit that you are the one that bought the jersey from AJ.

Anonymous said...

It's not privaledged... It was a free article at the Scout site.

Anonymous said...

Not the part about the 3 sources...

Anonymous said...

Although what the "sources" say may be true, sites like Dawgpost and Rivals appear laughable when publishing stories with headlines like "Green to Play vs. Carolina," then to have a "story" with absolutely no quotes or facts to back that up.

I hope to God that they're right, but it's stupid to publish stuff like that without proof. Really shows the difference between true journalism and sensational pay-sites.

Michael said...

Anonymous coward: Your kissing up is a joke. Heck, I'm starting to wonder if you're Sean posting anon on his own blog. Yes, your kissing up is THAT bad.

Real journalism is getting the facts. The facts are out there. If you want to praise someone for "real journalism", that would be actually finding out what is going on before the NCAA wants us to know about it.

There also comes a time where the rumors themselves are a story. Like it or not, that's just reality.

And there's no point running a blog if you aren't going to report up to the minute information.

I don't know why I am even bothering responding to an anonymous coward who is either a sockpuppet or a shameless kiss ass.

Xon said...


The rest of us don't know why you do, either. We know your time is precious.

What an odd pack of wolves we have on this blog since the new fellow arrived...



Redcoat98 said...


Scott said...


Please ignore the people who tell you what to post and what not to post. I am a Georgia alumnus who lives in the DC area where UGA coverage is nearly non-existant, I want to know everything. Just write it and let those who don't like it click on a different link because I am reading. THANKS!!

On that note... I wish the NCAA would just get off its pompous @$$ and make a decision. To clean up a phrase: they should poop or get off the pot!

WFdawg said...


"Real journalism is getting the facts."

Like knowing that the author of this blog is named Seth, not Sean.

PTC DAWG said...

I'm amazed at why someone would read/comment on something they thought sucked... I guess nothing else to do.

I agree with others, keep up the good work, we fans appreciate it.

The complainers can pound sand.

Honestly Anon said...

I like how "non-anonymous" anonymous (aka "Profile Blocked") posters are demanding the publishing of unsubstantiated rumors regarding Georgia football.

Wonder what team these posters root for? Might their ISP addresses be traceable to Columbia, North Avenue, or Pigeon Forge?

Cojones said...

Seth- your journalistic nose for facts will never betray you. You were correct. It was all rumor and Pom de Rue. You just reported instead of retorted. Some folks won't like you because you are such a good reporter, but hell!-I already know you don't give a fig about a popularity contest. Kudos!