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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

King will play, and other stuff

Caleb King will play this Saturday. Definitely. For sure.

Which means probably.

The tailback, who missed the past two games with a sprained ankle, was thought to be playing the previous two weeks, yet missed each game. This time he said he’s “100 percent” certain to go at Mississippi State.

Running backs coach Bryan McClendon agreed, saying King would “definitely” be out there. But he added that King’s ankle was only “close” to 100 percent.

McClendon said he made the decision not to play King in warm-ups against Arkansas. King disagreed with that call.

“Me personally I felt like I could play,” King said. “But the doctors and the coaches know best.”

- Offensive coordinator Mike Bobo was asked yet again about the lack of passes thrown to the tight ends. He repeated that all three teams they’ve faced so far have lined safeties up to face the run, which has kept the middle clogged up.

When A.J. Green returns, Bobo said that would “naturally” open up the inside a bit more, and added that establishing the run would also do that.

As for Green and his absence, Bobo continued to not belabor that point.

“The bottom line is we’ve got what we’ve got, and we’ve got to find a way to win a football game. We’re taking it as a challenge, and we haven’t been able to do that. And it’s disappointing, I think for everybody in that room. Offense, players and coaches. We’ve gotta get back to grinding and figure out a way to get a win in Starkville.”

Effort was not a problem against Arkansas, according to Bobo.

“The fight was good,” Bobo said. “We’ve just gotta clean up a few things and that’s every position and every coach, going into next game. I think the fight was there, and the desire was there, compared to the week before in Carolina.”

- Defensive coordinator Todd Grantham's brief scouting report on Mississippi State:

"They do a good job of spreading the ball around. They've got some guys that they try to get you (stopping) in space. So tackling in space is critical. So we're gonna have to play well and play consistent. ...

"They're a multiple offense, and they do enough that you've got to work on everything."

- Kris Durham, who came up a bit gimpy after a catch in Tuesday’s practice, has been dealing with a minor Achilles injury for a couple weeks. Bobo said he didn’t think it would be an issue.

- Bobo said he expected guard Chris Davis to be “ready to go” and didn’t name a starter between Davis and Tanner Strickland. Bobo also said that Trinton Sturdivant was in on 17 plays at left tackle on Saturday, so the line is now a comfortable seven-deep.

- As for fullback Shaun Chapas, Bobo would only say they hoped to get the senior back for Mississippi State.

- Grantham and secondary coach Scott Lakatos each said that Shaun Williams and Jakar Hamilton will both play. The pair are basically in a rotation at safety with Bacarri Rambo.

Nick Williams is the fourth guy there, and could be a factor at some point.

- And finally, Aron White has been identified as the man who hit Bobo in the nose early in the Arkansas game, leaving him with a scar. White told Bobo he knocked him celebrating the team’s first touchdown in the first quarter. (And as it turns out, its only one until the fourth quarter.)


Scott said...

Bobo "repeated that all three teams they’ve faced so far have lined safeties up to face the run, which has kept the middle clogged up."

Bobo is beginning to get on my hit list the way the former defensive coordinator was last year. What ever happened to scheming to running the TE behind the LBs and in front of the safeties and throwing it there? If the TE runs that route, the LBs would have to hold to guard the TE and remove one tackler from the line that could open another hole for the Ealey (or whomever) to run?

Look... I'm not a professional coach... but if I could figure this out then why can't Bobo? If Bobo cannot be that creative then he has to go!

UGA69Dawg said...

CMR and Bobo are from the school of we have to throw long, which is ok but they try to do it with the TE down the middle. This only works if the DB's are worried about the WR's so the safeties are helping out. The 3 & 4 play was a perfect set up for the QB to roll right with the TE rolling right like we have used on the goal line forever but no we've got to do those damn reads in the pocket. AM is mobile how about we put the pressure on their DE's and OLB's with this kind of play. Bobo is just very very strange in his play calls.

David in Chamblee said...

Bobo is a joke. Ever heard of making adjustments. His play calling is so scripted that he just scrapes the TEs completely! Dont we have to of the best TE in the SEC? He just told the world how to take the running attack and the TEs out of the game. Just move the safety up.