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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Stock up, stock down


A.J. Green: Apparently he is that important to the offense¸ at least this year. We’ll find out for sure in a little more than a week.

Caleb King: He’s set to return this week, and not a moment too soon. The team missed his pass protection, and he figures to get a chance to see if he can get a few more yards than Washaun Ealey. Georgia ranks next-to-last in the SEC in rush offense, so it needs any sort of spark.

Kris Durham: Maybe he’s getting a lot of the routes and targets that Green would have. But Durham is showing that he belongs in the gameplan even when Green returns.

Must-win games: Keep in mind, no matter what happens Saturday, the subsequent few games will also be regarded as critical to the program. Colorado, Tennessee and Vanderbilt because Georgia will be favored. Kentucky because it will dictate the tone for the rest of the season. Florida for obvious reasons.

Akeem Dent: Very quietly, the senior linebacker is off to a good start. He’s second on the team with 20 tackles, and has a couple sacks. Pretty good, considering he had toe surgery two months ago.

Cornelius Washington: Remember when he lost his job to Darryl Gamble? In fact Washington has started all three games, though still sharing time with Gamble at the outside spot. Washington is second on the team with 11 solo tackles, and is getting a lot of pressure on the pocket.

Kwame Geathers: The freshman nose tackle played against Arkansas, after not doing so at South Carolina, and with Justin Anderson potentially out awhile with turf toe, Geathers’ time figures to only increase.


Offensive line stability: After three down games, the tinkering is under way. Tanner Strickland and Chris Davis are in a competition at right guard. They could also get a push from Clint Boling, who shifts over when Trinton Sturdivant plays.

Pass protection in general:
The absence of King and fullback Shaun Chapas hurt against Arkansas. But when Mark Richt spread the blame everywhere, it didn’t sound like he was trying to cover up for anybody.

The secondary: Georgia ranks 10th in the SEC in pass defense, and last in third-down conversion defense. That tends to happen when you keep having coverage breakdowns. The youth is showing: Bacarri Rambo and Shawn Williams are sophomores, Jakar Hamilton is a junior college transfer, and while the cornerbacks are a bit more experienced, the nickel backs are sophomores and freshmen.

National analysis of Georgia: Never mind the Richt-on-the-hot-seat columns. I’ll get to that later. But now I’m seeing talk that Richt is “standing by his quarterback” despite some “growing pains.” (This was on USA Today site, but there have been similar mentions elsewhere.) Wait, what am I missing here? Murray, while not setting the world on fire, has not been one of the disappointments, given the expectations. He’s fourth in the SEC in passing, and sixth in total offense. And even if he was struggling, what are they supposed to do, turn to true freshman Hutson Mason? Murray’s been fine. So far, he ain’t the problem.

Bulldogs in primo time slots: The past two ESPN noon starts might be Georgia’s last nationwide exposure for awhile. The next two are on FOX cable stations. The following games, against Tennessee, Vanderbilt and Kentucky, are yet to be decided, but ESPN and CBS can’t be salivating about any of those matchups. Tennessee-Georgia could get picked up by ESPN just because of the history. But the bottom line is the Florida game is likely to be the first time this season Georgia has either of the top two slots (CBS or ESPN’s night game).


Blair Walsh: The one thing the Bulldogs thought they could take for granted this season, and so far still can.

Murray: See above rant.

The tight ends: Yes, they’re not making any catches. So why aren’t they stock down? Because the consensus remains that Orson Charles, Aron White and even Bruce Figgins still have the skill, they’re just not getting passes thrown their way. At some point that has to change, right?

Justin Houston: He went from a three-sack game to zero against Arkansas, but he did have some pressures. He remains a developing force – but the Bulldogs could use him to just be a force.

Mark Richt: The coach is either blissfully unaware of all those columns being written, or he’s blissfully ignoring them. As I wrote in today’s papers, it’s full-speed ahead, stay the course for Richt and his coaches. If they’re panicking or worrying, they’re doing so in private.

Mike Bobo’s playcalling duties: Richt said there would be no change the day after the Arkansas game. So despite the clamor of many fans, Bobo is still the guy.


Anonymous said...
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Ginny said...

Stock down- fans

NCDawg said...

It's not a good sign when half of the "stock up" players have not seen much playing time, and their stock is up for what they might do rather than what they have done. The Dawgs did not drop off that much when AJ was out last year; do not expect a miraculous improvement when he returns.

It's really not that bad. It's not like we lost to J'ville St. or Vanderbilt - yet. Rational people said there would be some serious breakdowns with a new defense. The O line has been a disappointment, but I think Richt saw problems with the line this summer ("I wish they had more practice time together"). Murray has been much better than expected.

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan. I'm a homer. I love me some Georgia Bulldogs football.

If we beat Florida and GT and lose the rest I'll be happy.

Anonymous said...

Stock Down ^^^^^^^^

Is this what we have come to?

Anonymous said...

All Stocks UP for UGA!!!!!

Everybody wants to be like Bama and Fla but the only resemblance is our whiney ace fans. Shut the heck up. The Dawgs have what it takes to win out this season and stand a better chance of that by having a supportive fan base. Either pull for the Dawgs or go pull for someone else like a bunch of fairweather weasels. There is alot positive I have seen in the last two games. More positive than negative. Id rather lose to two good teams early than do what Bama did in 2008 lose to FLa and Utah. And Bama lost to La Monroe in 2007 and went 6-6. So all you who want to be like Bama you might get your wish. I could play better as a Dawg when I know my fans have my back and not just win Im winning.

Anonymous said...

Right on anon 11:50! Fans need to start being fans again! Stand behind your team now when were 1-2 not just when we go on an 9 game winning streak and were 10-2! Look at what bama was doing a few years ago! There records were a lot worse than ours! Your not always gonna be great! look at when bama and tenn are down. They were and are in the case of tenn doing worse than we are now!

I. Lee said...

The play calling has to be taken away from Bobo. It is so predictable and ineffective. How long is Richt going to let this guy hang out there?

Anonymous said...

Im not convinced Richt doesnt know what plays Bobo is calling. I cant imagine Richt didnt know about the last posession and what plays were called. So if playcalling is an issue (which Im not convinced it is) then the buck stops with Richt not Bobo. All in all if every player executes it shouldnt matter much which play we call unless we just dont have the personnel to be able to execute. I think we do have sufficient talent and we will see them mature alot over the next games. I think our team grew up alot last Sat in just 15 minute span. Hopefully that will carry over. Change two plays this season and we are undefeated. None of which was coaching related.
What will all the naysayers think when SC and ARK thump Bama? Very Very possible.

CSA said...


I appreciate your blog now more than ever. After these two past losses, I can't stand to read the doomsday rhetoric from the AJC and their commentators. Even some of the other blogs have bought into the idea. It's kind of sad to see, but people just need to realize it's a game. These are kids. In the end, you're not a fan if you still don't have some pride for the team and the university.

Anyway, keep up the great work Seth, and tell those boy to HUNKER DOWN!

Otto said...

So the TEs are covered by safeties and jump ball is not ok when UGA clearly has a size advantage (Charles also has decent hands) but, a jump ball with Cox and AJ was ok?

Anonymous said...

Was I the only one who saw the sideline dead?
Seth, can you suggest they give more towels to the players on the sideline.
Sounds a little dumb, but it was what Mack Brown did for his teams when the sideline didnt have much energy and will tell you it works. So I watched on Saturday vs ARK and anyone with a towel would waive it after or before most plays and the crowd would react to the prompting from the players.
for some reason, you put a towel in a players hand and they will waive it anytime they want the crowd involved and the crowd responds. Thats straight from Mack Brown

Willb said...

Check this out. I thought it was interesting. Gives you an idea of how successful ga has been under mark richt. I was surprised to see we were number one.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering who does very e here see as being future nil draft picks? Not just next year. Of the top of my head I would say.

Aj green
Tevarres king
Orson Charles
Clint boling
Cordy Glenn
Ben jones
Branden smith
Brandon boykin
Justin houston
Baccari rambo
Deangelo tyson

Anyone think of anyone else?

Joeski said...

I think what bothers me most about most of the folks that complain about Bobo's playcalling is that they conveniently focus on the calls that they don't like, and don't bother to credit him for calling the plays that resulted in the 14 points in the comeback that put us in that position in the first place!

I believe in Coach Richt, and I knew going in to this season that we could very well be in a really bad spot with a brand-new defense and a redshirt freshman QB. I thought it probably was gonna be even worse when AJ got suspended. Regardless of what he does, teams do have to gameplan for him. I know that it's just a game, as important as it may be to us individually.

But the bottom line is I am a DAWG; we're a faithful lot, and we'll stick with ya through thick and thin. Now is not the time for us to be screaming for Richt's job like a bunch of spoiled, fair-weather fans-- particularly when he was the one to spoil us.

Now is the time to rally 'round our players and stay behind them 100%. I hope y'all will join me.

S FL Chapter of the Bulldog Nation said...


I couldn't agree with you more! I'm sick of loosing, but I'm equally, no I'm far more sick of hearing the BS about our staff!!

UGA Fans...SUPPORT YOUR TEAM!! Don't cut and run at the first sign of adversity. Have faith! Have heart! Have intestinal fortitude!!!



Anonymous said...

The last two are clowns. Yes support the team but do not be afraid to point out that we are performing like kentucky for a staff who is paid in excess fo $6M a year.

CB said...

I think UGA/UF has already been set by CBS for the 3:30 time slot.