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Monday, September 20, 2010

Mr. Brightside

The anger is strong in the land of Bulldog fans, as Darth Vader would say. Two straight losses have popped the angst meter up to, well not 11 on a 1-10 scale, but let’s say a 7, or maybe 7.5?

Well, filled with angst is no way to start your week. So here are a few tidbits to brighten you up:

- The schedule is about to get easier. Three of the next four opponents have losing records, and the one that doesn’t, Colorado, is the subject of a New York Times story today on how much the program is struggling.

- A strong finish to the season is still possible. Florida is looking vulnerable, Auburn and Kentucky haven't been convincing, Georgia Tech hasn’t been a world-beater. And then there's Idaho State.

- A.J. Green is only out one more game.

- Aaron Murray is coming along pretty well, and is only a freshman.

- Blair Walsh has been pretty good.

- A lot of other problem areas can only improve, right? … Right?

Or if that doesn’t help:

- You live in Athens, one of the most beautiful small cities in America. Or, if you don’t live here, hopefully you at least get to come here a lot.

- You aren’t Tyler Colvin. I mean, ouch.

- The fall TV season is about to start, which means more “Dexter,” “Two and a Half Men,” “Modern Family,” and … OK, that may be about it. No more “24” and “Lost,” which some of you may be happy about.

But the main thing is “Dexter.” Cannot wait.

Speaking of which, “Man Men” appears to be gearing up for a good finish. Sunday night’s episode was more about the women on the show, along with the very interesting dynamic between Don Draper and his daughter. Time-wise, it’s also zipping along so quickly – now in 1965 – that I’m half expecting the next episode to have the ad agency asked to help Michael Vick improve his image.

Wait, where was I? Oh yeah.

- You aren't New Mexico, which ranks 119th out of 120 programs in FBS in scoring offense ... and 120th in scoring defense.

- You aren’t one of the various Canadian media outlets that reported former NHL head coach Pat Burns had died, only to be called and have the story refuted by … Pat Burns.

So there you go, Bulldog fans. It could be worse, and it might get better. Now, go have a good week.


Jeffrey said...

Good job seeing the positive, Seth. For a bit darker take (but with hopeful thoughts), check out

BulldogBen said...



"GAME'S OVER!"- Bill Paxton, Aliens

Peter said...

Seth, check this out. Kind of puts a good perspective on things. Dawg nation, you should check it out too.

Peter said...

forgot to post the link... Damn Mondays...

Anonymous said...

speaking of manmen. I would just go to youtube and type "highwayman" turn up and enjoy.

This season reminds me alot of 2007hopefully with same outcome. #2 ranking.

Robert said...


Anonymous said...

Is it just the folks I talk with or is anyone else out there think that Richt should tack on an additional suspension to Green if not outright drop him from the program? I had a couple of folks mention it to me on Friday evening BEFORE the game against ARK and several who mentioned post-game too.

I certainly see both sides of it, but the bottom line is that the Green situation has been a major distraction. It was pretty stupid, downright selfish and pretty much tarnishes his reputation at UGA.

Their reasoning is that Green is going to leave for the NFL anyway so why should we help out his draft positioning after his absence has shot the season to hell.

I do not necessarily think we should do it and if Richt boots Green and the Dawgs finish 6-6, the hot seat predictions become moot and Richt will be out a job.

Anonymous said...

"...his absence has shot the season to hell."

Out of curiosity, what about what his presence last season did for the team? Folks seriously believe that he should be kicked off the team because his absence has hurt the team? What?

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or is anyone concerned about the defense? We gave up 31 points Saturday. Our secondary continues to be completely out of position.

Anonymous said...

It's 3 games into a new defensive system. Chill about the defense. Offense is where the problems really lie...

AppleDawg said...

There is little reason to think that we will end the season strong this season

Our D is still an inconsistent disaster. Our O is so bad at times that it makes everyone throw up their hands. Our OL is beyond average. Our RB's are good but never are game-changers.

Joeski said...

Seth, you forgot Archer and Justified.

And y'all depress the hell out of me. It's a game, boys. There are going to be highs and lows just like there are in real life... but in the long run, it really doesn't matter all that much.

Get a grip and snap back to reality.