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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Richt postgame

Mark Richt started off by heaping praise – I mean HEAPING – on Marcus Lattimore. The South Carolina freshman tailback will go down as one of the greats, according to the Georgia coach.

“I think history will prove he’s one of the best,” Richt said. “He’ll be one of the best in our league for years to come, and probably play on Sundays too.”

Lattimore rushed for 182 yards on 37 carries, and had two touchdowns.

“It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what the story of the game was: No. 21 for them, Marcus Lattimore, was certainly the most dominating player in the game,” Richt said. “Coach Spurrier did a nice job of planning for that young man to carry the ball, and just keep feeding him.”

But the lingering sight of the day won’t be Lattimore gaining yards, it will be Bulldog defenders not being able to bring him down.

“We didn’t miss a lot of tackles. He was getting the yards after contact,” Richt said. “We weren’t really knocking him back. And not to say he didn’t break some tackles because he did. But for the most part what was happening was the yards after contact. Even if you get a guy down, he may go down but he still gets the three yards after contact.”

As for the other side of the ball, Richt felt quarterback Aaron Murray had a good day. Enough that he agreed it was time to open up the offense.

“We need to,” Richt said. “Even in the second half we were inclined to just call whatever the heck we thought we needed to call. I think early on you’re trying to, let’s make sure we can run the ball, be his best friend, all that kind of stuff. And call things that maybe don’t’ take an awful lot of thinking as far as progressions and that kind of thing. And try to get him off on a good note. But he’s handled everything very well and I think he’s prepared to just run the system as we have it.”

Richt also said Washaun Ealey’s fumble was “big.” And almost as important was that the Gamecocks returned it outside the 15.
On Ealey’s fumble.

“Instead of if they had recovered it on maybe the 1 or 2, we might could’ve kept them back in there and maybe just got the ball right back and gone ahead and score,” Richt said. “Yeah it was huge. Huge for momentum.”

So what now? Georgia is off to an 0-1 start in the SEC, with a ranked Arkansas coming in next week.

”Obviously we’re not in the lead. We’re in last place in the East right now,” Richt said. “But it’s one game. We are gonna play a very good Arkansas team. An SEC team. We have a chance to even our record and a chance to play a top 25 team, which can help, if you get a victory like that, it can get you back in the race. But there’s just so much ball to be played this season. I would think a one or two-loss team could certainly win the East this year. It’s early, but it seems like it’s shaping up to be that kind of year.”


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Richt better hope that kid is gonna be all-world, or else he'll have to deal with that says about his team. Hope this isn't a head in the sand moment...

Chris said...

Normally, had the offseason changes not been made, I would be furious at this point. But, since the right changes have been made, I'm still not giving up. The defense looked much better vs. SC of last year. If you consider that Garcia has supposedly improved since last year, and then consider that they only scored 17 points. Not bad.

2nd half adjustments look like they were made and the defense (for once) wasn't the problem in this game.

My only argument is that Coach Richt is now saying that Murray is capable of running the entire offense. He didn't know this before? I know the argument is that SC was the first real test for Murray, but I still think that Murray should've shown something in practice that proved he was ready to open things up.

Rick said...

One of the "best for years to come"? Cmon Richt, I like you and all, but you have got to hold your players accountable for all the missed tackles that helped him get extra yards.

In spite of SC running the ball down our throats, our D only gave up 3 points to them in the second half, ON THE ROAD.

Richt has to stop this nice guy shtick and get MEAN, get ANGRY, place the blame on Mike Bobo's terribly predictable offensive play calling. We scored 3 points in each half because of his garbage. I don't buy the notion that SC's defense is all that great. Sure they're good, but not good enough to hold our level of offensive talent to 6 points. Bobo is a complete and utter failure and he should have been removed years ago. Nobody has feared our offense for 5 years.

Oh and another thing. It seemed like the coaching staff told Murray not to run as often as he did last week. I think it really affected his decision making and caused some inaccurate passes. The kid can run SO LET HIM. Don't force him to withhold his natural ability just because you guys don't coach with any b*lls.

Another coulda, woulda, shoulda loss for the dawgs.

Georgia will never be an elite team if we don't stop playing it safe and pissing our pants in high profile games.

Oh and I'd like to thank the O-Line for not showing up today.

Anonymous said...

We stink.

No Offensive Philosophy said...

Would be interested to hear which game y'all think today's was most similar to:

Tennessee '04
Colorado '06 (til we pulled ahead at least)
Tennessee '07
Ok State '09
Tennessee '09

Just another phenomenal example of Bobo having an absolute boner for "balance" and running away from whatever seems to be working. End the Bulldog neoptism - get rid of Bobo, Ball and McClendon.

When was the last time we had a receiver or running back break a tackle? We have become Possession Receiver and Soft Running Back U.

And, I second the thought about our O-Line - totally vacant. Pathetic performance. Searles is no longer impressing me AT ALL.

the 3rd richt said...

Yeah, I agree with you guys. Looks like Bobo left his balls in his wife's purse again. D did step up in 2nd half but the O line looks like shit along with play calling. Not fond of the hot seat talk but Bobo's seat should be warm or Richt's will be shortly if not.

Todd said...

We are predictable. Period.

Anonymous said...

What's the word on Shaun Chapas' injury, Seth?

Michael said...

First drive of the game: Marcus Lattimore, 50 yards, TD
Last drive of the game: Marcus Lattimore, 56 yards, FG

106 of his 182 yards on those 2 drives.

Yes, he was great, but they still only scored 17 pts, and only 3 in the second half.

Our sucky offense was the player of the game, not Lattimore.

Michael said...

I agree that the Bulldog nepotism needs to end.

Bulldog alum coaches: crap.

Non-bulldog coaches: excellent.

We need to go out and get more Grantham quality coaches and forget about the stupid Bulldog connection.

I Miss Musa said...

Finkle and Einhorn

Bobo and Martinez

Bobo is Martinez. Not sure what the equivalent of brushing my teeth manically is, but I'm doing my best Ace Ventura right now trying to get the taste of Willie out of my mouth again. Didn't expect this out of the offense this year.

Our D held them to 3 points in the second half. That should be enough to win.

Richt - Lattimore tripled his output from So Miss on us. That doesn't mean he's good. It means we are allergic to tackling.

Anonymous said...

I've been supportive of Richt for the last years. My thought was that there was just something a-miss that would be improved the next year or with mroe experience. Be it the defense, young o-line, young QB,or whatever else happened to be ailing us that particular year.

I'm done now, though. Richt seat better be damn hot at this point. Even without AJ Green, our O should be putting up at least 21 pts on any D in the SEC. Its not that we lost, its the manner in which we lost...the manner in which we have lost most every game over the last 3 years. No passion, pushed around, flat, out coached...seriously 3 timeouts in the first 5 minuts of the 3rd quarter...thats inexcusable.

Then to hear Richts post game comments...its like nails on a chalk board. You think any coach in the SEC that is worth a cuss would have given his players a pass like that?

Our teams are unprepared, our game plan is straight up sorry, and I believe our recruiting has been suspect. Sure we get the hi-star players on the recruiting services, but they end up being a bunch of dough boys that get pushed around at will.

Looks like a 4-5 loss season on the horizion. UGA deserves better and should demand better.

Anonymous said...

“Our offensive line was in better shape than their defensive line,” Lattimore said. “We knew coming into the game [that] their ends were playing wide and that we could gash them up the middle. [Gamecocks center] T.J. [Johnson] did a great job moving that noseguard of theirs, and we just kept gashing them because they kept playing wide and couldn’t figure it out.

Anonymous said...

“Our offensive line was in better shape than their defensive line,” Lattimore said. “We knew coming into the game [that] their ends were playing wide and that we could gash them up the middle. [Gamecocks center] T.J. [Johnson] did a great job moving that noseguard of theirs, and we just kept gashing them because they kept playing wide and couldn’t figure it out.

Anonymous said...

our offensive play calling was horrible! y not let murray keep throwing the ball if the run wasnt working?

Cousin Eddie said...

Maybe we should go back to freshmen and sophomores on the oline, Sereals seems to be better coaching them than Jrs and Srs.

Haven't really been to convinced the rest O coaches are good at anything, yet.

UGA69Dawg said...

Seales can coach a pass blocking Oline but our boys aren't men enough to run block.

The nose position was going to be a weakness and we knew it. Now everybody in the SEC knows it.

Anonymous said...

Where was the leadership, fire, heart, etc. Murray seems to want to be that leader - and is capable of doing so, I believe. Key word = Believe. He sets the tempo for the O-line, and it seems that the D-line feeds off of him as well. Loosen the reigns a bit and let him shine. Instead it made SC, which is good, appear better than they are (and visa versa).

Anonymous said...

I'd personally like to know why we got away from running off tackle. Early in the game, Ealey was running the sweep for big gains, and then we just completely got away from it. We became obsessed with trying to run the ball up the middle. The only other problem I have on offense is our red zone efficiency. It's like we've become too reliant on Blair Walsh making field goals and forgot to put touchdowns on the board.

On defense, our tackling was absolutely horrendous. Jakar Hamilton needs to give his nickname "The Hitman" back because I saw nothing from him that warrants a name like that. Like it's been said before, we made Lattimore look a lot better than he is. I hope Tuesday's practice involves some tackling drills. The head-hunting mentality I got so excited about from the first game was just not there today. Arkansas will put up 45 on us if we play like that.

At least Tech lost though. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

Michael said...


Lattimore may think he's a genius, but then how come they only scored 3 pts in the second half, and even then only on the last drive when our D was totally gassed from the offense going 3 and out repeatedly.

Sorry, our defense TOTALLY "figured out" their offense.

They only scored 17 pts total, and 3 in the second half.

Sorry, that's stupid trash talk.

Give us a real offensive coordinator and we destroy SC today 35-14.

Anonymous said...

Yeah the fumble by Ealey was big, so was the fumble by Carolin'a Mike
Davis several years ago as he was about to cross the goal for a win.
And what about the int. by SG last year when Carolina was about to score and win late. USC has goofed and given more to UGA in the past than UGA has given, so quit whinning about the "fumble".

Greg said...

Anonymous said: "I'd personally like to know why we got away from running off tackle. Early in the game, Ealey was running the sweep for big gains, and then we just completely got away from it"