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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Halftime thoughts

Don't go jumping off bridges yet. They are, according to people I just spoke to, going to play another 30 minutes in this game. And it's only an 11-point difference.

But man, those 11 points seem pretty huge right now.

Barring a dramatic reversal on either side of the ball, Georgia is going to need a turnover, or two or three, to get back in this ballgame.

Is there a way to stop Marcus Lattimore? The freshman had 106 yards on 21 carries in the first half. His longest rush was 16 yards, but the yards-after contact for him is ridiculous. Maybe you stack the box, but Stephen Garcia and Alshon Jeffery have also hooked up five times for 59 yards, and could do more damage.

Offensively, A.J. Green is not walking through that door. Washaun Ealey (49 yards on 11 rushes) has been pretty good. But Aaron Murray (4-for-8, 32 yards) hasn't been able to create anything.

If I'm the Bulldogs, I'm calling more keepers, to try and get Murray to open things up with his feet. But they also have to figure out a way to pass the ball downfield.

Then you simply have to hope for a break or two, a muffed punt, something in Georgia's favor to reverse the tide. It's looking like it will rain for some of the second half, so maybe that'll create some squirts.

There's still time, and Georgia is a veteran bunch. But right now it's being dominated largely by a freshman.


Anonymous said...

can't wait to hear mark's post game comments about how their running back was good and he's cracking jokes. I'm tired of this crap. The dawgs let me down once again. mark does'nt want to do anything about his boy BOBO but his ass needs to go. This lame play calling is getting old. If i know what play they are running next then the other team damn sure does. Poor coaching once again. As much as i hate to say it but i think this is mark's last year. Aaron Murray is going to be great, let him do his thing to make us win. I'm sorry but IM PISSED

Anonymous said...

Fire Bobo! This is what you get when you hire inexperienced coaches.

simpl_matter said...

Anon at 3:10 PM & 3:33 PM

You've got some pretty high standards there, buddies. That was a new defense and a freshman QB (minus Caleb King or AJ Green) in their first SEC game EVER. The loss sucks but, I liked 75% of what I saw (-15% lazy arm tackles on D and -10% Ealey's lazy ball protection).

Lattrimore is a stud; I think we adjusted well, for the most part, to him in the second half. Who knew how good he was going to be?

We play this game over in three weeks, we win. We had our chances and Murray looked awesome. Anyone calling for heads after this single, well-fought game can burn your Georgia gear & suck it twice, respectfully.


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