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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Spurrier's dig at Grantham

In the lead-up to Saturday's game, Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham had nothing but kind words for South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier. Grantham pointed out that Spurrier won at Duke, was "good for the game" and "we’ll have to play very well to beat him.”

Well clearly this was intolerable for Spurrier. So after the Gamecocks won 17-6, running Marcus Lattimore up the gut all game, Spurrier had this to say:

“That little inside play (we ran), the NFL doesn’t run that play. That’s a new scheme I guess. I’m sure they knew we’d run it. But they certainly didn’t stop it much.”

Grantham had coached in the NFL from 1999 until last year, when he was hired at Georgia.

Some may find it strange that Spurrier, who had two unsuccessful years coaching Washington, would be bringing up the NFL. But I guess it's Spurrier saying welcome-to-the-SEC to Grantham.

Another new Bulldog defensive coach had a slightly better day: Scott Lakatos' secondary "held" South Carolina QB Stephen Garcia to 164 passing yards. I put that in quotes because Garcia did uncork a 40-yard pass to Alshon Jeffery, and didn't really need to do much with Lattimore gaining all those yards.

Lakatos was quite familiar with Garcia: He was Connecticut's secondary coach in the Bowl when Garcia was overwhelmed by the Huskies.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I think Grantham has stated that he wanted our defense to get after the QB, and we have so far, but all that attention towards the QB opens up the running game, and that is what happened yesterday. There were a few times I noticed our d-line run right past the RB without even an attempt to make a tackle, as if their total focus was getting to the QB. That hurt. As for Lakatos, his guys didn't exactly have a good game, either. I saw numerous missed tackles and poor angles taken by B Smith, J Hamilton, Rambo and Cuff. Rambo even decided he wanted no part of Lattimore at the goalline. And Christian Robinson seemed to have grease on his hands and jersey, since Lattimore repeatedly slid right off of him. It's really hard to find any aspect of the defense that played well yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that Justin Houston was very good. He was about the only one, though.

Anonymous said...


Can you do a fleeting thoughts blog and grade the game. I know most of it will be bad, but i enjoyed reading Hale's thoughts after the game and the grades he gave out. I would like to read your opinion on the game and what was bad and what was good.

diving duck said...

Grantham would whoop Spurrier in a theoretical fight. Let's take our solace there.

Ant123 said...

We had three big problems. Our D-line and LB's did a poor job against the run. Our tackleing as a team was poor. Our "dominate" Offensive Line was anything but dominate, especially in the run game.
Could you ask the coachs about these problems and their take on correcting them. Thank you.

Greg said...

What about the horrible play-calling. Is nobody going to mention THAT?? Sure, the Defense sucked yesterday, but we only scored 6 points! It seemed as though Mike Bobo was using a playbook from 1979.

UGA69Dawg said...

Seth I would like to welcome you back to "As the Dawgs Turn" You covered us before so I know that you know UGA fans are the biggest drama queens in the SEC. We start each year with unreasonable expectations even when most of us know the problems that we have. Then when those problems occur we act as if it was all news to us. I say all that because we all knew 1. we were installing a new scheme on D, 2 we lacked a major component of that scheme a Nose. 3. When said Nose was lacking and the opposing coach ran it up the gut on us with a stud that once he cleared the front 7 (which he did with amazing regularity) reeked havoc on our under sided DB's (which we also know the DC wants to change). If I was a small DB and I had to clean up after the front 7 for umpteen plays in a row I might get a little tired and of being a BB bouncing off a battleship myself.

The O Line is another matter entirely, they were suppose to be our strength and in most pass blocking situations they were but they were weak weak weak in the run.

Our O coaches are marginal at best and that has not changed. We run a Pro style O and for it to work you have to perform on a high level every play or you can't score. We didn't do that and we didn't score. All of the DC in the SEC know what we are going to do but if we execute they can't stop us but if we mess up even a little they can and have. It is a nerve racking offense to watch because you know that college guys are going to lose focus.

Anyway welcome back to the Wonderful World of "We Suck Fire Everybody."

Michael said...

That's a lot of smack talk from the OBC when he only mustered 3 pts in the second half, and 17 pts total.

What happened to the Fun n' Gun, Coach Spurrier?

Also, the running game itself was almost 2/3rds from 2 drives: the first, and the last (when the D was worn out).

Don't pat yourself on the back too hard there, visor boy.

Bic Dawg said...

Well said Michael, 3 pts second half. No points for yardage in the game of FB. Besides when has Spurrier ever had a RB? When has he ever wanted one? That is pure accident right there. Not coaching. Granted. I will be pulling for SC throughout the rest of its schedule except for KY and Vandy. But give Latimore credit. He fell fwd. Ours fall backwards.
DBs if you want to leave your mark it will be by hitting hard and tackling and not so much for your speed. DB is no place for a pretty man. You've got to be an animal. Lattimore was getting hit with one yard gain and managed 5 more from poor effort tackling. How about 185 pushups everyday this week for the D?