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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Green appeal set for Friday

A.J. Green's appeal to the NCAA to have his four-game suspension reduced will now be on Friday, Georgia is saying.

Claude Felton, UGA's associate athletics director, said Georgia hopes to get a ruling on Friday, but there's no guarantee.

Meanwhile, we wait to find out the status Green's appeal, there's more news about the man who purchased Green's jersey.

Chris Hawkins is facing trial on felony cocaine trafficking charges, as well as a misdemeanor charge for marijuana possession. Hawkins, who lives in the Raleigh, N.C., area, was stopped in Madison, a half-hour drive from Athens.

This is according to ESPN's Mark Schlabach, who also reports:

1) North Carolina defensive end Robert Quinn introduced Green to Hawkins (via Facebook). Green and Hawkins never met face-to-face, something Hawkins told me last week.
2) Hawkins, when stopped by police in Madison, was driving a U-Haul rented by NFL running back Willie Parker, a former teammate at North Carolina.

I'm not sure any of this has a direct bearing on Green's case, but it's interesting nonetheless.


Wes said...

By the time we hear from the appeal board, AJs suspension will be up. The NCAA is the biggest joke in sports. It's sad that Bud Selig and company seem far more compitent. I do have to say that Green associated himself with a very sketchy individual with the charges he faces and his involvment in so many violations. We needed AJ more in this game than any other this season in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I used to think AJ's sentence was harsh. Now i'm beginning to wonder if he got away with more than he should. My opinion of him is definitely not what it once was.

HunkerDown said...

So I guess all that hope about getting A.J. back for Arkansas is out the window.

Even though the correct punishment should have only been for 2 games.


Anonymous said...

I'd do anything to just read about football. Seems like there's a regular season going on or something.

Anonymous said...

Seth, the title should this should actually read "Moron Green jersey-buyer". Hah.

I am not calling AJ the moron, but this Hawkins guy. Although what AJ did was pretty stupid too.

Anonymous said...

Everybody needs to give green a break! He didn't know anything about this guy! This kind of thing could of happened to anybody! If I sell something on ebay or elsewhere I don't do a damn background check! The reality of what aj did is so simple it is crazy how big of a deal it is becoming! Other athletes are committing real crimes and were talking about this?

Anonymous said...

The current NCAA is serious about violations. Players need to listen up when you hear what the NCAA did to Southern Cal and the impact on Bush.

Do you think he would have gone to a coach and asked permission to sell a jersey for $1,000. How do you determine the value! What do you think the coach would have said. Yeah, you can try to be kind and defend this but you are wrong in doing so. It is a violation.

Green hurt his fellow collegiate peers,his team, his coaches, and the University who has him under a scholarhip. Seriously think about that.

Now how do you think a real agent and the NFL team is going to view a player that plays 16 games out of 24 (more or less in two seasons). The NFl is tight about how much money they want to put into an asset (aka a player)with this kind of history. They know the rules. It is about discipline.

If he oomes back, he needs to be a first team AA. That is a big hill to climb with writers.

When you are a freshman or sophomore you should exercise a little better G2 than this.

darb said...

Wow, where has UNC been hiding all of these people? I wonder if the basketball program needs a "once over" too. All of a sudden Chapel Hill looks like The "U". I am just waiting for the hookers to surface and it will all be complete.

Robert said...

Ha! Arrested in my hometown! Schlabach's hometown too, he and Heather live down the road from my parents.

Todd said...

What the hell? So the NCAA speedily rules on Masoli's appeal but they take their time on Green's appeal. Either they plan to reject the appeal or they just don't care. What a pathetic organization. Maybe it's time to clean out the NCAA offices for some fresh faces who actually care.

Anonymous said...

With this arrest, there is a good chance the investigation is reopened.

We may not see AJ play at all this year.