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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Green update, and other notes

Georgia is hoping A.J. Green’s appeal will be heard Tuesday, which would also be the soonest it would hear a ruling on whether the suspension is lessened.

But head coach Mark Richt isn’t sure of anything.

“If we know anything, I think the earliest we’ll know is Tuesdsay. And we might not know by then.”

Asked what he thought the chances of success were, Richt said he was “hopeful,” but still had “no clue” which way it would go.

In the meantime, Georgia begins its preparation for No. 13 Arkansas still not sure whether it will have Green.

“It’s a pain right now,” Richt said. “It’s kind of tough because even last week we weren’t sure whether or not we had him as we began to plan. So you’re planning for a game with AJ and then you don’t have him.”

Some other quick notes from Richt’s teleconference:

- He didn’t have an update on fullback Shaun Chapas’ ankle injury.

- Tailback Caleb King, who didn’t play Saturday because of an ankle injury, should be fine by the end of the week. (Then again, King was supposed to be fine last week too.)

- Richt wants to get nose tackles Justin Anderson and Kwame Geathers in the game more. Neither was on the participation chart against South Carolina, whose freshman tailback Marcus Lattimore gained 182 yards, much of it up the gut.

- As for the offensive line, Richt felt the tackles and center played well, but the guards struggled.

“We’ve either gotta get better there or make some changes there,” Richt said.

- Trinton Sturdivant was in for three plays on offense.

“He’s feeling his way through still a little bit. I think his playing time will increase every week.”

- Finally, Richt repeated that the Bulldogs should “open it up more” offensively, feeling quarterback Aaron Murray is ready.


Pl0we said...

the boys at only in america have interesting analysis on the carolina game. Check them out an

Anonymous said...

Yippie he has this ipifiny AFTER we lose, that is, let Murray play...ugh maybe we need to clog the middle up...ugh maybe my OLine isn't blocking like it should...


We are doomed.

Daniel said...

Pl0we your blogger has a trending problem himself. Ill just leave this here.

Anonymous said...

I made a joke to some friends a few days before the season started regarding Rambo's comment about CTG's playbook being "...bigger than the Bible". Something along the lines of did anyone recall what happened when John Lennon said The Beatles were bigger than Jesus. Wish I hadn't have made that joke now. Because it's not really a very good one.

It's early yet and I'm still optimistic. But in a more guarded fashion. I'm ready to shed this bad feeling inside, hopefully this Saturday.

Dawgfan17 said...

Please let AJ Green back. A lot of the offenses problems will be solved with that. And on D, good scheme, terrible tackling. The fact that we only gave up 17 points with that kind of tackling shows how much better our gameplan was on D, that said if we don't fix our tackling it won't matter much.

dawgjammin said...

we play a very passive brand of offensive football... delayed draws, straight OLine thats seen this much action in the SEC should be able to dictate the flow of the game. the blocking schemes are flawed we run block like we pass block. what ever happened to putting a hat on a hat and moving the man in front of you downt the field. there's no leg drive, no pulling by the OLine, no real strategy. bobo's game plan is very vanilla. i'm not asking for the rich rod spread offense. i'm fine with a pro needs to be more aggressive and force the pace of the game that will break the opponents will...kinda like what South Carolina did to the dawgs on saturday...pathetic. BOBO gets an F.

Anonymous said...

Georigia Offense

# 94 NCAA Total Offense UGA

# 10 NCAA Total Offense Arkansas

Coach Richt said on the Coach Richt Show yesterday : ” I do NOT bother the players getting ready to play the games. They EACH have THEIR OWN WAY of getting ready. I do not get in their way pre-game, doing that. ”