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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dissecting the AP poll

In this week's poll Georgia was as high as No. 13, and that was on three separate ballots. Send your fruit baskets to Doug Lesmerises of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, Greg Archuleta of the Albuquerque Journal and Rob Long of Fox-1370 Radio in Baltimore.

The Bulldogs were unranked on seven ballots. I won’t name them, other than to say one of them was the reporter that had James Wilder choosing Georgia last month.

Other notable voters:

- ESPN’s Craig James had Georgia barely on his ballot, at No. 24.
- ESPN’s Chris Fowler and Kirk Herbstreit each put Georgia at 17.
- Coley Harvey, my colleague at The Telegraph, had Georgia at No. 21. (Coley covers Georgia Tech, and yes he had the Jackets at 14.)
- Andy Staples of put the Bulldogs at 16.

Unfortunately, the coaches still don’t make their votes public. And that’s a bigger deal because it actually figures into the BCS equation.

Also, because there should be an investigation into who gave Tennessee a vote in this week’s poll. I’m betting it wasn’t Lane Kiffin.


Chris said...

Seriously, how can you not rank The Dawgs in the Top 25?? I'm not asking to be Top 20, but you have an axe to grind if you keep UGA out.

simpl_matter said...


I like this dissection, interesting reading. Maybe a Tuesday regular feature (provided the dogs stay relevant)?

Sounds to me like the reporter might have a secret bone to pick with UGA...maybe a dawg slept with his sister...

Irwin R. Flecther said...

Just going back to something I pointed out earlier...I think the ESPN analysts are directed to vote in a manner that best suits ESPN.

Just look at Fowler and Herbstreet. They both have GA Tech in their top 10!!!! the preseason. UNC gets crushed by the NCAA and beat by LSU and that matchup in week 4(?) becomes a dud. Also, neither had the Dawgs ranked in the preseason.

Now look at the Week 1 ballots...

Herbstreet- Georgia 17 (from unranked). GA Tech 25th(!!!!!!!) from 10th!!!!

Fowler- Georgia 17th (from unranked). GA Tech...UNRANKED!!! from 9th!!!!!

Oh and for good measure, Herby put South Carolina in at #13 from unranked.

Atta boy, Herbie!

That is really unexplainable.

Anonymous said...

tech didn't play that well in their opener. maybe that's why?

dawgfan17 said...

What about UF still in the top ten after their wonderful performance? Can anyone who watched that game really say they are deserving of a top ten ranking? Rankings should be based upon what you have done on the field, not as a projection of where people think you belong based on potential and remaining schedule.

Andy said...

Scout is reporting AJ is playing Saturday. I don't know how substantiated it is, but I trust Dean Legge.

My word verification is skedeful.

Anonymous said...

Where can I find the votes by each voter?

GreenDawg said...

Alright Seth I've got some questions for you. It seemed to me that the glaring omission from the offense on Saturday was the option. Stafford ran the option effectively in his time here and even Joe Cox had his moments with the play. So it seemed to me that it would be a larger part of the offense this year, especially with the quality run game we're projected to have and the wheels on Murray. So, do you think Bobo is taking a page out of the 'Ol Ball Coach's playbook and is going to spring the option on him this week? Is this something they practice each week? And is South Carolina any good at defending the option?

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just me but I think C James is a total dbag!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with simpl_ -- this should be a feature on the reg. I dig it.

Dawgfan17 said...

greendawg, my guess is they will use that qb read play where Murray puts the ball into the rb's stomach then decides, based on how the D reacts, to hand it off or keep it for himself. The best example of how well this was used was Stafford's freshman year against AU where he had close to (or over) 100 yards rushing. My guess is they won't use it much because it does expose the qb to some hits that we can't afford Murray taking but they will use it as a weapon from time to time when needed. As for true option I think they may be too worried about getting Murray hurt. Might be something we see next year when Mason is a bit older and you have LeMay on the roster.