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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Reaction time

A few quick thought after the A.J. Green news:

- An Independence Bowl jersey?

- Selling a jersey is one thing. But selling it to someone whom the NCAA defined as an agent is what took this to another level. It’s not clear if the recipient of the jersey was an actual agent, or working for one – the wording of the NCAA release was careful on that note.

- A few have asked, so just to be clear: The four-game suspension includes the opener, when Georgia sat Green, and the next three games. That's according to Georgia.

- Sometime in the recent weeks, this investigation obviously took a turn away from the infamous Miami agent party. Mark Richt said at one point in the preseason that he wasn’t worried about anybody having to miss time because of the NCAA inquiry.
What changed? Did the NCAA come into town to speak to Green about the Miami party, then stumble upon the jersey sale?

Georgia is appealing, so we’ll see. But for the sake of comparison, when Alabama’s Marcell Dareus had his suspension knocked down from four to two, it was announced simultaneously with the initial suspension. In Green’s case the four games have been announced pending appeal.

- I’m not sure this is quite the death knell for Georgia’s season, or even its chances at South Carolina. Yes, the task just got that much harder for the Bulldogs. But you’re still talking about a receiver, who may touch the ball 5-10 times a game, rather than a star quarterback or tailback.

Keep in mind, last year Georgia was 2-1 without Green, with the loss being the Kentucky game, when they scored 27 points. Green also had to leave the Auburn game, and Georgia won anyway.

Even without Green, the Bulldogs are better off personnel-wise for this week than they were the opener. At least they get back their No. 2 receiver in Tavarres King, and one of their top two tailbacks in Washaun Ealey.

Having said all that, if you were looking for an excuse to pick South Carolina, now you have one.


Andy said...

While I still like our chances against SC, I think we will miss him more than you think, Seth. AJ would make the SC defense think twice about stacking the line with 8 or 9 guys.

With that said, I think we will beat SC with a solid running game and getting in Garcia's face on defense.

The bigger issue to me is if we can get the suspension down to two games. Four is unprecedented for this kind of infraction, and after the shootout we had with Arky last year I don't see us beating them with the best WR in the country on the bench.

Anonymous said...

What is the status of the SC players who are under investigation? If they get cleared be prepared for UGA fans to march on the NCAA.

jferg said...

I can probably speak for everyone on here. We are not and were not looking for a reason to bet against the Dawgs.

We still roll and maybe bigger than before. These type of things have a way of galvinizing a team and playing as a "team".

Anonymous said...

Number of touches is a poor way to measure the effect of a guy like AJ. Even when he doesn't get the ball, he affects the D's alignment on virtually every snap, so his effect will be felt dramatically in the run game.

Anonymous said...

He wasn't an agent, nor was he working for an agent. He was a memorabilia collector, which the NCAA "defined" as an agent.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:19, you're exactly right.

What a joke Seth. I've been holding back when others have piled on, but I can't this time. That's the sort of comment I expect from my girlfriend - not an educated fan and certainly not someone writing about this for a career.

AJ's presence means less in the box. It means T. King will be single - rather than double-covered. It opens up the intermediate routes for tight ends, etc.


Anonymous said...

I think we still win without A.J. The team will pull it together and we've got more than enough talent to win.
On the A.J. matter though, I am a bit disappointed that he sold it to begin with. He's going to be rolling in cash come next spring, why risk it for a $1000.00? Just a dumb move IMVHO.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking this might help us with aj staying his senior year but the more I read about how he was doing this for his family he should go for the money now! If for whatever reason this drops his draft stock too low ,maybe he should come back. The difference between a top five pick and late first to early second round money is huge.

tls said...

"Having said all that, if you were looking for an excuse to pick South Carolina, now you have one."

I don't really understand how this contributes to your article or analysis of the situation. There are countless ways to discuss the impact of losing one of the nation's best receivers for the next three games-- your way was, in my opinion, purely inflammatory.

Readers are here to (hopefully) read an unbiased, insightful, and honest opinion regarding UGA football. This sentence, whether you had intended to or not, will read as an insult to many Georgia fans. Perhaps not as insulting if you hadn't just come from South Carolina, but irksome nonetheless.

It's the little things, man.

Hairy Munson said...

AJ is a top 5 pick regardless of how this plays out. Unless there's a lockout or AJ pulls a Pollack/Greene move and returns...He's gone after this year. However, I really like the youngsters coming up. Gray really impressed me, minus his drop in the endzone. He'll only improve. Also, I think we've barely scratched the surface of Marlon Brown. Not to mention the TE's coming back.

Richmond_Dawg said...

ANY idea on the chances of the appeal being successful?

BullyMack said...

What a crock of BS but AJ let his teammates and coaches down big time. If he sits 4 and then leaves this I have to ask, does he still go down as one of, if not the, greatest WR or just another player looking for early cash and leave Athens with nothing to show for it like some recent era ex-Dawgs and leave us fans wondering what would have been? I have to say my perception will change a little if his season fizzles out. I can't put him above a player like Terrence Edwards who bled red and black and did it the right way. This is such a drag in one of the worst off-seasons with my beloved alma mater and Coach getting dragged through the mud.

David Davis said...


I am surprised you are still here. How do you take this awful criticism? As I have said before, you are doing a great job. Thank you for being here and putting up with the lame comments and the vulgar words (which you requested that some people stop). I understand and sometimes appreciate the bias because it is human nature.

Anon 7:17: "I expect that from my girlfriend..." Really? Most of the girlfriends that I have experienced have no idea what 3rd down conversion is. I would be surprised if they even came close to the definition of single- or double-coverage. A little harsh.

The attacks are almost as ridiculous as AJ getting suspended for four games. If you can do a better job, start a blog. Most of us will stay here and keep reading Seth.

It's the little things man.

Anonymous said...

My sentiments exactly, BullyMack

Trey said...

BullyMack, its easy to be self-righteous and pretend you would "stay in school" when you are having 50 million thrown at you. Why do you think 5 star athletes come to school? To make it to the bigs. The reason all those guys you mentioned stayed, is because they were never ever going to be 1st round picks, except for Pollack of course, and he probably wouldn't have gone first round had he left junior year. Don't get me wrong the David's were two of my favorite players, but Greene never started in the bigs because he didn't have the arm and was too slow. Terrence Edwards never saw the field in the NFL if my memory serves correct. So there is your reason those guys stayed. I love how people act like they would turn down millions to play for free. I guess Jesus was just "showing off" when he walked on water.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:19: I think what Seth was trying to say is that the teams are very even, and that something like AJ being suspended could give the advantage to the other team.
I think you were a bit overly sensitive and maybe taking out your frustrations on Seth (who is doing great!).

meansonny said...

You know what they say, "opinions are like a-holes. everyone has one".

Nothing like being the sounding board when the Bulldawg nation learns that our clean as a whistle and most talented player has blatanlty violated NCAA rules.

I'm a Dad. And I know that I get tired of hearing "I'm sorry" so many times. A few seasons ago, this team was plagued by injuries. This season is on the verge of being plagued by apologies.

meansonny said...

Regarding AJ... he was never in contention for a top 5 pick. I don't think he was in contention for a top 10 pick (those are very rare for WRs in the NFL).

If my team was so sorry that I'm picking in the top 10, I'm not going to burn a draft pick on a WR who will touch the football 5 times a game. Seriously, folks. Only way AJ cracked the top 10 was if he added punt returner to his resume.

meansonny said...

Regarding the importance of AJ...

We can catch the ball without him. Our 2nd highest receiving total last season was without him against UK.

He's a special playmaker in traffic. But we've got guys that can make plays all over the field. Tavarres on the go route. Orson on the skinny post. Aron on the deep outs and goal line. Marlon on the curls. Kris on the screens, crosses, and slants.

And don't forget about Caleb or Shaun catching the ball out of the backfield.

Wooten and Branden Smith are flat out playmakers.

Logan and Israel providing depth as needed.

As much as I love AJ... I'm pretty sure we can pick him up this week for his mistake.

Michael said...

Normally I am a pessimist, but I see this very differently.

WRs really don't win games. As Seth noted, they touch the ball 5-10 times. Yes, they also draw coverage, but is there any WR out there that gets double covered? Not really.

If we beat SC, it will be for these reasons:

1) Our defense shows it is back to 2002-2005 style.

2) We run the ball very well with our OL, King, and Ealey.

3) Aaron Murray continues to be Aaron Murray, not Joe Cox.

Yes, AJ would have made #2 and #3 easier, but there are other issues far more important than AJ (like our OL showing up).

Michael said...

Regarding the way this article was written:

Was the line about needing a reason to pick SC probably not the best thing to write? Yes.

Is it something to get super upset about? No.

Do I think the people posting about it ARE super upset? No. I think they are just voicing an opinion and giving Seth some honest feedback.

Relax people. Hate the NCAA, or AJ for being so stupid that he did this. Don't hate on each other and Seth for this one. :)

BullyMack said...

Trey, What the heck are you talking about? I'm not being self-righteous and what players besides Edwards, one of our best WR ever, did I mention? Pollack? Greene? Are you tipsy? I know and completely understand why players leave and of course we should want the best for them. Heck Herschel went early. That's not my point my friend. What I'm saying is what a shame it is we will have mega-talented players who never or may never form a legacy of any real substance during their time in Athens or leave their stamp so to speak outside of a few plays they will show in the highlights before home games. I easily would have said going into this season AJ would cement himself as our best WR ever. Unfortunately, that window just shrunk by a pretty decent clip which is really disappointing. He let everyone down and regardless its another black eye across the ticker. I hope for everybody's sake he comes back with a vengence. I'd hate to see him leave all those records on the table and wish what could have been.

Xon said...


You can never read into people's precious little hearts over the internet, of courae. Except for those times when you almost can. Such as when people lace their comments with sarcastic and petty dismissals of the author's abilities to do their basic job.

"Hey, just wanted to let you know you're doing a super-crappy job and I hate the way you cover this team." Oh, very helpful, thanks so much! But, could you please say it on EVERY post, a few times a day, just so everyone will know your true feelings? It would be a tragedy, obviously, if a single soul who reads comments on this blog were to go to bed on a given night not fully aware that you don't like Seth's way of doing things.

This is not about you. A comments section does not mean that anybody wants to watch you preen and carry yourself like a little Kim Jong Il who just does what he wants and doesn't care about anybody else, because you're just that hard-core. You say these things and you live this way, man...on the comments of a beat-writer's sports blog. Good for you.

Anyway, Michael, believe me when I say that I don't get drawn out into "meta" commenting very often. This has gotten to that level for me where it is nearly unbearable and I will have to forego reading comments here to avoid it. This is not innocent "let's have a conversation" give and take. That is abundantly obvious, even over the ethereal plane of the interwebs.

Michael said...

I'm not saying where AJ will get picked in the draft. I'm not a draft expert, and who knows what happens this season.


meansonny wrote: "Regarding AJ... he was never in contention for a top 5 pick. I don't think he was in contention for a top 10 pick (those are very rare for WRs in the NFL)."

"The 6-foot-4 Green is rated as one of the top receivers in the nation. He is projected as a possible top-five pick in the 2011 NFL draft."

I've read elsewhere, numerous times, that AJ is projected top 5 by many draft experts.

meansonny said...


Mel Kiper is an expert.

Need I say more?
There have been 4 WRs drafted in the top 10 the past 5 seasons. 2 of them were punt returners. None of them have merited the high draft positions yet.

Blogging about being a top 5 draft pick 10 months before the draft usually means that you are a top 5 preseason talent. Not top 5 draft pick. Very different.

I'm not knocking your opinion. Just stating mine in reference to how teams draft players.

Michael said...

meansonny, I didn't post my opinion. I posted some facts.

You said AJ was never in contention for a top 5 pick. I posted a link to an ESPN article that said he was.

You say Mel Kiper is an expert. I am pretty sure AJ green was on Kiper's "big board" as a top 5 pick.

"There have been 4 WRs drafted in the top 10 the past 5 seasons. 2 of them were punt returners."

So out of 50 top 10 picks, 4 were WRs. That's almost 10% for a single position. That is hardly "rare."

Quentin said...

Unfortunately, your opinion is just that, your opinion... there are plenty of NFL scouts on twitter or whom have blogs that have been in draft day war rooms who say NFL teams typically grade the players and take the best available athlete. It isn't that NFL teams don't want to take wr early, it's that typical productive CFB wr's aren't what NFL teams are looking for (bad routes/size issues/character issues). AJ has the size and body style they look for along with the requisite skills...he would have/might still go that early. Same goes for Julio at Bama, though he is lighter on production

HunkerDown said...

Yeah, this is going to be like striking down Obi Wan Kenobi. The team will rally around this and smash the cocks into the dirt. Our defense is going to ruin Garcia.

And we will run the ball down their throats.

SC gave up over 400 yards to Southern Miss including 337 in the air. I thought their secondary was supposed to be good?