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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Richt talks about Green, and what now

As you’d expect, head coach Mark Richt’s post-practice news conference was dominated by A.J. Green questions. Richt declined to comment on some things - like when he was asked if the penalty was too harsh.

On other questions, he was a bit more expansive.

On what he told the team:

“I just told them we’re gonna focus on this game and focus on who’s playing. Then we flexed and went to practice. We didn’t have a discussion. But I thought they practiced well. I don’t think the news affected them.”

When asked if he was surprised by the news:

“We all are very aware of what’s going on with AJ. Right now what’s most important for me is this game, so that’s what we’re gonna focus on.”

And …

“We’re gonna play whoever’s eligible to play.”

On how different the team will look the next three games:

“We are gonna appeal, of course, so we don’t know for certain right now. … If you kind of looked at us, what’d he miss, four games last year? … We’re still gonna run our system, we’re still gonna have guys that make plays. We’re still gonna run after people. It won’t change us a lot. … When A.J. is in there, those plays look a little bit different because of his abilities.”

And …

“We were gameplanning for him (being able to play). But the plan doesn’t really change. Like I said, last week Durham was in the game in a lot of the situations where A.J. would’ve been in the game.”

On Green’s reaction:

“He’s hurt. He’s sad. He’s sorry for what happened. He’s sorry for, you know, he’s sorry.”


Anonymous said...

I'm sad too. Sad he won't get to play SC again. Sad it happened to such a good guy.

Anonymous said...

What now?
What now? Well let me tell you what now. I'm gonna call a couple pipe-hittin' friends, who'll go to work on the NCAA here with a pair of pliers and a blow torch.
Hear me talkin' rich parasites?! I ain't through with you by a damn siht. I'm gonna git Medieval on you ass.

I meant what now, between me and you?

Oh, that what now? Well, let me tell ya what now between me an' you. There is no me an' you. Not no more.

So we're cool?
Yeah man, we're cool. One thing I
ask – two things I ask: Don't tell
nobody about this. This stuff's between me and you and the soon-to-be-livin'-the-rest-of-his-short-life-in-agonizing-pain, Mr. former owner of the TV rights for college football here. It ain't nobody else's business.
Two: Beat Florida. And leave town and when you're gone, stay gone. You've lost your Athens privileges.


Cojones said...

Seth- There's just something about the way you fit us in the room for interviews and statements that makes us feel as if we mourn with the coach and the team. I don't tire of your uncontrived technique and predict that you won't just be reporting our story , but will be able to convey our pathos in a manner befitting a long-time Dawg.

You may be from the Nawth, but I'll bet Mom and Dad snuck some grits on your plate early on. No one can identify with a team on short notice such as you have. David was correct- you have a great talent. To identify so closely with our pain and to use such few words in doing so is more than commendable. Glad that you are expending your talents with us and that I can greet you as a fellow Dawg in full spirit and with the accoutrements that go with the title. Which Dawg Chapter are you most near?

Anonymous said...

Brian Kelly better that mark richt? I was just looking at the power rankings of coaches on and Brian Kelly was way ahead of mark richt! He has never won as much and his team is right now not as good as ga! Why doesn't ga ever get any respect from any of these national news services? While teams like noter dame and Michigan are talked about constantly! Ga is one of the most popular teams in the country but you would never know it by watching espn and going to We don't have a single player in rivals power rankings! Except for special teams. Ga puts out a crazy amount of quality nil players but it just doesn't seem like we get any respect!

Anonymous said...

Cojones, please say that was sarcasm...?

Anonymous said...

Seth - I'm curious to here how the team is handling this. The one thing I most fear out of this situation is the team to take on a defeatist attitude. We can and should win this game with or without AJ. Obviously he's a great player but we have a bunch of great players and a great coaching staff. Have you been able to pick up any vibes coming from the team or coaching staff?

Anonymous said...

Why can't the names of the 'agents' be revealed? I know the NCAA is not a public agency but what about freedom of information and UGA, Bama, UNC?

dawgjammin said...

nice pulp fiction reference...

bottom line, he did the crime he has do do the time...the NCAA made the memoribilla rule after UGA players sold the SEC championship rings a few years ago. its hard to believe the administration/leadership/coaching would let this happen again. only time will tell how many millions worth of guaranteed money aj cost himself by selling a jersey for a grand... talk about the time value of money and making the right decisions.

i wouldn't be suprised if the appeal was denied and it was stuck at 4 games. the NCAA seems to be eager to send a message to players that deal with agents. between aj, the kid at alabama and the kid at unc, thats 3 of the top 10 picks in next years draft. violations by the best of the best.

it is a shame that the university can sell the same game worn jersey's on their auction site but the player gets no portion of it...

if i was a player of the caliber of aj, i'd keep all my jersey's and sell them the day i announce i'm going pro...

PTC DAWG said...

WE beat better teams last year without AJ Green, chittier D and ALL. Bring on the Clucks.