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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mailbag time

As I stare out on yet another beautiful day in Athens, I belabor the fact that it can’t be sunny and in the 70s all year long. And I hope we’re not about to pay for this in the winter.

Before I delve into Ye Olde Mailbag, I thought I’d pass along a story that was sent to me by my predecessor in this job. The New York Times, continuing its tradition of fine journalism, reports that in a recent study only two-thirds of men washed their hands after leaving the bathroom at a recent Atlanta Braves game. This was the lowest rate of any place that was surveyed, including a couple New York City subway stations.

Then again, who knows what the results would’ve been if they’d surveyed any SEC football game.

(I will also refrain from naming the SEC athletics director whom I once noticed leaving a press box bathroom without washing his hands. It’s possible that his last name rhymed with Boley, but who knows.)

Now, having properly disgusted two-thirds of you, on to the mailbag:

Seth, is it just me, or is the NCAA one of the least professional organizations around. Doesn't it seem a little asinine that we never seem to have any idea when they are even going to consider an issue, much less make a ruling? How do they expect people to make plans around their random BS?
- Michael

I know people inside the Butts-Mehre Building have been pretty close to exasperated at how the process was dragged out. But I know they also understand the reasons why: The NCAA moves slowly almost all the time.

It does not have a huge enforcement staff, but starting in July they were suddenly inundated with a slew of major cases related to the agent probe. But as they proceeded in their investigations, they did it the slow, lawyerly way, not wanting to make any mistakes out of a rush to get players cleared or suspended by the start of the season.

When things have had a chance to die down, hopefully by next spring, I think you may see some of the conferences speak to the NCAA about measures that could expedite these cases. That could involve beefing up the enforcement staff, or having a more set timeline, or an overhaul of a lot of the agent rules – as Mike Slive suggested in July.

Where does Gamble #50 fit in on the stock assessment? I saw him lay 3-4 good hard licks on some folks but I dont know his overall numbers for the game? I vote to add him to the rising stock group.
- Bic Dawg

Darryl Gamble is indeed off to a solid start. He’s been a bit overshadowed by Justin Houston, and Cornelius Washington and Gamble are still rotating at the other outside spot.

Since the BCS determines our national champion, why do all media outlets put so much emphasis on the AP poll. Since the AP poll is no longer a component of the BCS, it seems so irrelevant. Yet, everyone seems to treat it as if it has the same relevance it used to have.
- Gary Merriman, Tallahassee, FL

It's a fair question. The AP actually voluntarily pulled itself out of the BCS equation, because it was uncomfortable with the conflict of interest. So it’s not like the BCS saw it as less relevant. I think a lot of people also see the AP as a transparent, independent ranking – with every voter’s ballot made public, unlike the coaches or Harris polls.

And most importantly, the AP still bestows a national title, and has been doing so for longer than anyone (since 1936). So while the AP may not be a factor in the BCS equation, a lot of people still see it on close to, if not equal, footing with the BCS championship.

You could solve all this by just having a playoff, but hey, let’s not open that can of worms.

Got a question regarding Boo Malcome. Is he expected to redshirt this year? I've heard that he runs the ball well but I guess we do have plenty of depth at the position. Still, might be nice to get him some reps. Or is pass-blocking holding him back?
- LeRoy Fung

Boo? Well, the plan is to redshirt Ken Malcome unless injuries force him into the lineup. The same goes for Michael Bennett at receiver. They don’t want to burn a redshirt on someone for a few carries. And while the Knowshon Moreno situation is still fresh in everybody’s memory, the coaches have said that Malcome has been a bit slower to pick up the offense.

Have you asked Richt about using two timeouts on 1st drive of 2nd half? Slowed a lot of momentum and seemed like poor coaching
- WJKent28 (via Twitter)

Richt and Mike Bobo were both asked about that after the game, and a day later. They blamed substitution confusion, and said that would be fixed. Clearly, it was not a good thing to use two timeouts early in the second half – and follow each without a good play.

Of UGA's incoming players for 2011 at the WR spot who can make immediate impact? Do you think Marlon can be that guy on deep?
- Jonah2285 (via Twitter)

It’s a legitimate concern, with A.J. Green almost certainly gone (barring a lockout), and Kris Durham graduating. I know they like Marlon Brown a lot, and he has a great combination of size, speed and blocking ability. But he hasn’t really done it in a game yet. As for incoming guys, having just joined the beat I asked Dean Legge over at, and here’s what he told me: “They do not have a game-changing receiver for the 2011 class coming in right now. They need to still find that, and I’m sure they’re eager to find that.”

Noticed the last two games there has been no dancing....Did coaches address that to the players?
- HunkerDownDogs (via Twitter)

We may find out Saturday. There were no chances to dance in the end zone at South Carolina, and do you really need to celebrate after scoring on Louisiana-Lafayette? I will say that the defensive players seemed pretty fired up every time they stopped Marcus Lattimore for “only” a gain of two or three yards.

Is it time for Bobo to go? He calls terrible plays, babies the QB, and seems to contradict the head coach.
- CBW (via Twitter)

I'll stay away from hiring and firing coaches for the time being. Obviously there’s been a lot of invective thrown Bobo’s way this week by some fans. I guess whenever things go wrong there always has to be a coach to blame. The past few years it was Willie Martinez, and for the moment it now seems to be Bobo’s turn. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Info on our injured fullback?
- AthensHomerDawg

Shaun Chapas almost certainly will not play this weekend.


BullyMack said...

Seth, I think we all have read here, and other places, around Signing Day that Ken wanted to go by Boo when he got to Georgia. Seems like it would be the other way around, so don't ask me but that's what that is about. I think everybody is pining to yell "Boooooooo!" when the young man starts to make plays tween the hedges.

Also, the rumblings about Bobo have been going on for a couple of years now in regards to his play selection, predictability and lack of imagination (screens, draws,and redundant play-action on pass plays on 3rd and 15+ yds. to go) in general considering the weapons we have had recently. Not to mention 1-2 plays for specific players when they are in the game that Ray Charles could telegraph, a la Branden Smith. Not saying he should be fired but I just thought you should know the context in which the unhappiness exists. He didn't do himself any favors last Saturday. Personally, I think he is way too hot and cold...we just want some form of consistency, that's all.

Anonymous said...

Ah the old bathroom topic. For what it's worth I was taught - when very young - to not pee on my hands - unlike some of our northern brethren.

King Jericho said...

@Anon 2:45
Good ol Grizzard.

BullyMack said...

Seth, also the dancing thing being referred to wasn't the FL endzone dance that "forever be in the mind of Urban Meyer." I think it goes back to the team cutting up and dancing and having a good ole time on the sidelines during timeouts of games, etc... I can think of Az State last year that was a very close game and some fans took a little offense, right or wrong, about the kids not seeming to be in the game in that situation and more worried about a "look at me, I can dance baby" attitude with the PA music considering discipline or lack thereof with penalties and off the field stuff recent years was starting to boil over. Instead of picking on the kids anymore about this past issue, can't we just wash our hands of it and blame the horrific Soulja Boy and move on?

opsomath said...

Re the Next Big Thing at receiver - I hear Justin Scott-Wesley coming in this year might be the fastest guy in the 2011 class. 4.3 speed for sure, and a good-sized, physical kid to boot. Not polished like AJ coming in, but a heck of a specimen. Any recruiting comments?

Richmond_dawg said...

horrific? more like supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Can you think of a home game in the past 10 years that was more enjoyable than Auburn in 2007? When was the last time we beat Florida? What is the common thread? A relaxed, confident team that was allowed to enjoy the game. Too strict = mechanical with no passion. Too loose = penalties and arrests. Have to find a balance, but I don't think forcing sideline stoicism is the way to go.

Auburn game 2007:

BullyMack said...

Richmond-I agree, but what I was saying is some folks didn't care for it considering the discipline problems everywhere else. That's all. I'm not passing judgment. I was putting the question to Seth in context. Kids need to be kids. That game was awesome and will go down in the books. Speaking of, where do you think Aubie is getting their "True Blue" blue out, blue pants and helmet idea from this weekend? From getting their tail whipped that game I'm sure and the recruits reactions. By horrific I mean hearing that song on repeat and tailgating and all around town seeing people above the age of 21 trying to Soulja Boy the rest of the season...yes that sight was horrific!

Anonymous said...

"Also, the rumblings about Bobo have been going on for a couple of years now in regards to..."

Hold up. Mike Bobo has been the OC since 2007 (and two games in 2006). So basically what you're saying is Georgia fans were happy with Bobo in 2007, but not in 2008 and 2009 (when the offense was actually even higher powered)? Huzzha-wuzza?

As far as "babying" QBs goes, do what? If anything, the training wheels should have been *far* more screwed in on Stafford/Cox (especially Matt in '06). Are we just running with one game's worth of complaints and making it seem like that's Bobo's entire body of work? I mean, Georgia fans couldn't possibly be that incoherent, right?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:48, I believe there's an archive on the right of the screen. You can read about Arkansas last year if you want. Looks pretty similar to what's going on today.

Robert K. Burnham said...

opsomath, I am hearing the same things about Justin Scott Wesley, that he is the real deal. I also hear our other recruits are banged up and not playing much (Withcett and Conley)

Dawgfan17 said...

The NCAA doesn't move fast unless it is for AL, reduced Dareus suspension from 4 to 2 before there ever was an appeal, or for Ole Miss who got a ruling on Masoli's year long ban within about 2 days if I remember correctly.

Anonymous said...

I think most would agree that the *general* offensive gameplan during the Richt era (and especially during the time Bobo has been calling plays) is to pound the rock on the ground and execute the vertical passing game via play-action. I don't claim to be an offensive mastermind by any means, but the play-action is most effective when the LBs, and especially the secondary, start creeping into the box to stop the run.

That being said, did anyone else think we looked kind of foolish continuing to have Murray play-action? After the first few drives, the run-game was non-existent, and I kept seeing Murray fake the hand-off only to turn around and find all the targets blanketed. I might be overreacting here, but I think Murray (and our o-line) is talented enough to execute the 3-, 5- and 7-step drops without play faking. I would think Murray would have more time to work through his progressions when he's facing the field, as opposed to dropping back and then turning and facing.


Anonymous said...

Seth people have been dancing around it so I'll just come out and say it: The Seth Curse has taken over for the David Hale Curse and seems a lot worst. In the name of humanity please seek employment elsewhere as soon as possible.

Just joking (I hope)

Anonymous said...

Just to set the record, some of us were very unhappy with Bobo in 2006Here are the stats from the Tech Game

Passing 16/29 171 5.9

Running 37 84 2.3

Here are the stats from the SC game.

Passing 14/21 192 9.1

Running 26 61 2.3

Has anything really changed?

Bobo should have been demoted in 2007 or 8, take your pick.

GreenDawg said...

@Anon, Wait, what? Did you just put up stats from two games in different years with completely different circumstances and pretend like that counts as analysis? The fact is Bobo fielded the second best offense is the SEC last year with what most of the fanbase called an "incompetent" quarterback. I fully believe we win the Carolina game if Ben Jones and Cordy Glenn don't miss most of camp this year. Give the guy some time to work things out. By all accounts he's got more talent to work with this year than last. Let the line get healthy and let's see what he can do.

PTC DAWG said...

Has the sky hit any of y'all in the head yet?

Anonymous said...


NCT said...

I swear I'm not Howie-Mandelian, but when I'm out and about at bars or stadiums, I like to wash my hands both before and after. I'm just sayin.