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Monday, September 13, 2010

Stark-vegas game time, and other notes

Time for some night action. In Starkville.

Georgia will finally play a game under the lights, on Sept. 25 at Mississippi State. Both schools announced that kickoff for the game will be at 7 p.m., and be televised by Fox Sports Net.

Georgia’s first three games all have or will have been of the noon variety.

Also, Saturday's game against Arkansas will be carried on ESPN.

Some more notes for your Monday:

- Georgia is holding an abbreviated practice on Monday night. It will only involve kicking, according to a release.

- Guess who’s tied for first in the SEC in least amount of penalty yardage? Yup, the Bulldogs, who along with the other Bulldogs. Each has been whistled just nine times for 55 yards.

Well, that’s one area of improvement, at least.

- But guess who’s last in the SEC in first downs, with just 28? I'll give you a hint: They went from scoring 55 points in their opener to six a week later.

- Mark Richt told a radio station (WSB in Atlanta) this morning that they now think that A.J. Green’s appeal will be heard on Wednesday morning.

The process follows the same one as Mississippi’s Jeremiah Masoli, though it’s taking longer. The appeal is heard by an independent committee made up of representatives from other schools and conferences. Therein lies some reason for hope for Green and Georgia, since the same committee (possibly made up of different members) gave relief to Masoli - though it didn't help his team beat Jacksonville State.

- Depth chart notes for Georgia: Green, listed as "TBD" this week, is not listed at all anymore. Caleb King is listed as the starter ahead of Washaun Ealey. Darryl Gamble is still first at OLB, ahead of Cornelius Washington, despite Washington actually starting the past two games. (But Gamble played as many, if not more, snaps than Washington.)

- CB Vance Cuff will wear No. 31 to honor Quintin Banks on Saturday. Last Saturday it was Akeem dent, and in the opener it was Kris Durham.

- Depending on where you look, Georgia is either a 2-point favorite on Saturday, or a 2-point underdog. (The site that reflects the Nevada gaming commission odds is favoring Arkansas, a bunch of other online sites are starting Georgia out at minus-2.)

Either way you look at it, they basically view it a toss-up.

- For all the “Mad Men” fans, would “Don Draper’s Taxi Driver” not be a good fantasy football team name? You have to be quite the professional to keep your eyes on the road, and ignore all the stuff going on in that backseat.

Pretty solid episode on Sunday, and I'm glad Peggy fired Joey. The spoiled, smug little brat had it coming.

- And speaking of AMC shows, I have now made it through the first season of “Breaking Bad.” All seven episodes of the inaugural season, so short it reminded me of a typical British sitcom. In any case, I am now awaiting the first few discs of season two in the mail.


Left to Right said...

Even if the AJ appeal is heard Wednesday, it very well may not make a difference for this week's game.

From the Sept. 3rd USA Today (The Nation's Newspaper!):

"The NCAA staff received the waiver request [re. Masoli] from Ole Miss on Aug. 13 and received the final piece of information from the school on the evening of Aug. 30. After considering that final piece of information, the NCAA staff issued its decision the morning of Aug. 31. The appeal decision was given three days later."

Anonymous said...

I haven't started on Mad Men yet, but Breaking Bad is fantastic. The end of season 3 is nuts.

Freehawk said...

At practice, what are they kicking? The coordinators?