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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ealey not to blame for final sack?

To the naked eye, and YouTube, the Arkansas sack on Aaron Murray - which may have decided the outcome - was easily blamed on Washaun Ealey. The Georgia tailback appeared to whiff on a block, allowing Jake Bequette a clear shot.

But that's an unfair rap, according to Ealey's coaches. They say the tailback was told to cut low, as he did, and it was simply a coverage sack.

"(Murray) had two guys (to throw to) underneath, and they basically covered those guys," offensive coordinator Mike Bobo said. "It was a quick-gain protection where you're cutting up front, and Ealey had cut the guy, and the guy got up. It was basically a coverage sack."

Bobo added that it was a three-step drop for Murray.

"You wish he might've saw (Bequette) out of his vision and he might've made him miss," Bobo said. "But there was really that you really could've done."

Ealey is actually getting better at his pass protection, according to running backs coach Bryan McClendon.

"If you see him from last year to this year he looks like a brand new guy," McClendon said. "I just think coming from that offense he was in, in that wing-T, coming out of high school, I mean if it was a pass route he was either play-faking or getting out on a route. He just never had to do it. He just never had to do it until he got up here."


CLTDawg said...

I'm sorry, but am I high? Did I miss something on that play? Bobo said he cut him, and he got up? What play was he watching? Because it clearly wasn't that sack.

What he should have said was - "he tried to cut him, but Bequette pushed him down and then ran around him and almost killed our QB. There was really nothing AM could have done to avoid it." There, fixed.

These kind of comments are just so disappointing. If I can see it, and you can see it, and the rest of the world can see it...what the heck is the problem with Bobo? Just disappointing.

Bobo gotta Gogo said...
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Gadawg7781 said...

CLTDawg, I don't think you are high, but I can't say the same for Bobo.
Ealey tried to cut him, but Bequette jumped over him and nearly decapitated Murray. If that's the way they are Coached to block, then maybe they need to try something different. I suggest hitting him between the numbers where he's at least slowed down a little bit.

A said...

Listen...The coaches get paid big money so blaming them is fine but to call out a player is just stupid. What if he did wiff...big deal. Do you think he actually set out to wiff. He got beat. It happens but the kid is playing his heart out for free so shut the hell up. Ealey ran his heart out the last two games and if anything he is guilty of trying to help us win to hard. You honestly watch the SC game and tell me if he or Lattimore ran harder. Lattimore had blocking and nobody to tackler him. Ealey hit what little hole there may be with a vengence and I for one am happy to call him a dawg.

Ben Dukes said...

Ealy definitely had an error in his technique. When he went for the cut block, he didn't really drive into the guy's legs. He showed his hand too early. On a proper cut block, you run directly at the man, showing him a chest-high block, and just as you get to him, you duck down, driving yourself into his legs. This will chop him down. But, Ealy turns to the left a bit and commits a major blocking sin - he takes his eye off the man he's blocking.

He's not coached to do it, but in the moment he did.

Murray held the ball for between four and five seconds. I can't see much from the replay, but it looks like Charles was running the seam, which was probably defended by a deep-middle safety.

I don't see the two short-route options Bobo mentioned, unless he's counting Ealy, who was in no hurry to get off the ground, and definitely wasn't looking for a pass.

Anonymous said...

If that is the blocking technique being taught at Georgia then things are worse than I thought.

Ozam said...

LOL.....great post by CLTDawg (although my first thought was..."what am I drunk")

These types of comments are no different than when Richt tried to defend our directional kicking.

UGA's fan base will stick behind the team for a lot longer than the coaches can hold their jobs so please do not insult our intelligence.

Anonymous said...

Another example of how this coaching staff just honestly believes that they can try to keep us in the dark and feed us B.S.

If the running backs' coach were a running back, he would know how to coach the # 11 running back in the nation when he said he wanted to go to UGA. Instead, he tried to redshirt him until the 3rd quarter of the 5th game with no running game.

We still have no running game.

Now, the play call for 3 deep routes, 1 guy who is supposed to block and then catch the ball, and another also unable to be coached by this staff to get open short.

None of them knew what to do on that play.

Not 1.

I have been a Bulldogs' football fan at Sanford Stadium, on the road at JAX and on the road at bowl games since 1959.

We are where we are, and I have been pointing it out for years now that it is coaching. I am not into rumors at all. I am a graduate here, as others in my family. I was very unsatisfied with all of us here last year when we first called for Willie and Bobo, and then shut up once Willie was let go.

1-5 in the last 6 SEC East games

2-6 in the last 8 SEC games

3-8 vs Top 10 Final AP Poll teams assumes SC & Arky not Top 10

17-21 vs Top 25 Final AP Poll teams assumes SC & Arky are Top 25

8 losses in 9 years teams NOT ranked Top 25 Final AP Polls

Why not just go ahead and say it that the reason he is viewed as great is because he is a Christian

You are not going to lie about his record for 10 years and get away with it - these results will catch up with those who care more about Coach Richt than they do about The University or The Football Program which was the # 11 football program in America All-time in 1-A wins before we paid Coach Richt 3 million a year.

There are now 26 teams whom Coach Richt does NOT have more wins than after 2005.

He is less than mediocre after 2005.

His “coaching staff” has been less than satisfactory, or he would not have fired all the defensive coaches last year and now face certainty that he will fire all the offensive coaches – all within 1 year.

If you have some positive spin on this besides Coach Richt saying that we must support him with his record for 5 years and for 10 years against Top 10 against Top 25 and against non Top 25 teams, then you are unable to say out loud that we are 10 wins 11 losses after the 2005 season against SEC East teams. And, the # 2 worst team in the nation in Arrests / Suspensions after the 2005 season. The coaches are ACCOUNTABLE for whom they bring in and what they do when they are here.