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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The ol' mailbag

It's time for my favorite part of the week. But first, the mailbag.

(I kid, I kid.)

Robert Burnham checks in with four questions:

Does CMR know each play Bobo will call before they run it or do they just go over the overall game plan?

From my understanding, they go over the gameplan together during the week, then Bobo makes the calls during the game, and Richt occasionally steps in. Richt has said he does so in critical situations, (whether to go for it on fourth down, etc.) but not necessarily with a play-call.

Do you think he will start to do Bobo's job or put more influence in the offensive scheme?

If he does, he will almost certainly not announce it. He doesn’t want to publicly undermine Bobo. And there’s no indication yet that Richt has involved himself more.

Are the running backs taught to just fall down after they have their first contact with a defender?

Yes. The offensive tackles are also taught to allow blitzing linebackers to go through as long as they, prior to the play, ask very nicely.

Can the running backs coach make them watch film of Trent Richardson/ Mark Ingram to show them how it should be done ?

On a serious note, I’m not sure it’s fair to question the toughness of the tailbacks. Especially the 5-foot-7 Carlton Thomas. The run game issues have been a combination of all issues.

Since you weren't here last year, Seth, you might be surprised to know (Rantavious) Wooten is on the team, given how much PT he's gotten this year.
He proved he could make plays when given the opportunity last year. Maybe a play-maker could have helped in all the quarters where we couldn't find the end-zone the past 3 weeks.
- Carter (via The Blog)

Actually I am aware of his presence, having interviewed him a couple times in the preseason, when it seemed like he would be a factor. Then he got hurt, and you’re right, he hasn’t been heard much since. He’s in that group behind the new big three (Green, Kris Durham and Tavarres King, and perhaps Marlon Brown). Wooten and Israel Troupe seem to be competing for snaps at that backup speedy receiver spot.

Seth, while listening to ESPN radio the other day they made an interesting comment about how a coach going through a spat of multiple straight losses needs to change his attitude and talk toward the players - or the players will begin to think the coach is 'same old, same old' and lose their faith in and respect for the coach. Do you see CMR beginning to change his attitude and the way he is talking to the players? Demetre Baker aside (CMR HAD to kick him off of the team and most likely everyone else who gets an alcohol-related arrest), is CMR taking a more firm stance with the team and other coaches?
- Anonymous (via The Blog)

As I’ve said before, I think it would be out of character for Richt to change mid-stream and become a more stern, drill-sergeant type. Then again, the program has never lost three in a row. But for now, “stay the course” seems to be the mantra.

I was at the Miss St game, and despite a dozen announcements before the game asking State fans not to ring their bells during game play, the bells were being rung all around me and when our offense had the ball near their student section, the bells could clearly be heard. Is this a penalty that could be called against Miss St, and if so, why are refs choosing not to enforce it?
- Parkair

I’m honestly not sure if the refs are allowed to call a penalty for crowd noise. The SEC could fine them, but they haven’t yet. Mississippi State A.D. Scott Stricklin tweeted earlier this week that while fans overall did a good job of obeying the new cowbell rules, there was still some work to do. Not that this is a problem Georgia has to worry about for another few years.

When are you going to be in Boulder? are you going to the 'tailgate'?
- ChuckSnipes (via Twitter)

Flying out Friday, coming back early Monday. Sadly, I don’t think I’ll have time to tailgate, because of pregame work stuff that needs to be done. But I’m looking forward to being back in Boulder, where I visited a couple times in the early 1990s. It seems a town that has a lot in common with Athens – fairly liberal and artsy, a lot of bike-riding (including pros), and a smaller town dominated by the big state university. The weather’s a lot different, though.

- With the offense lacking playmakers why not let Boykin get a shot along with Smith? At least as a decoy.
- Jonah Murphy (via Twitter)

I don’t know about using Brandon Boykin, but I would expect to see a bit more of Branden Smith. The reason you didn’t see much Smith last week was he missed a few critical days of practice (waiting to get cleared after the concussion), and those days happened to be when they were installing some offensive plays. Smith has been cleared all of this week.

Will UGA allow Demetre Baker to finish out the semester on paid scholarship?
- Eric Jackson (via Twitter)

Yes. Associate A.D. Claude Felton said it was his understanding that Baker is enrolled through the end of the semester.

How does Colorado's offense/defense rate compared to teams we've faced so far? Any similarities?
- Sean Rester (via Twitter)

Todd Grantham said Colorado’s offense is multiple, with tendencies of all three SEC teams Georgia has faced already. Richt said the Bufffaloes are schematically pretty similar to 2006, when they visited Athens. Defensively, Colorado has been stacking the box lately, playing three tackles on the line. They rank seventh in the nation in run defense.

Have you heard anyone throw any support behind the S&C program in response to all the public criticism lately?
- Mgrove3 (via Twitter)

Well, I don’t think there’s been enough public criticism of it (yet) that anyone has felt the need to jump out and defend it. But there have been more whispers. Greg McGarity, in an answer he gave me about all the factors that go into a football program, mentioned strength and conditioning first. That may have just been him listing all the factors, not necessarily with a negative connotation. But I did find it interesting.

Did AJ Green really say he owes UGA fans another year?
- Sean Womble (via Twitter)

Not really. In our interview session we didn’t get to that question, but he later told that he would think harder about it. But again, I seriously doubt when push comes to shove that will be a major factor. I’m sure Green loves college, and feels a bit guilty, but he will have too many other people pulling at him to make the best decision for his future.

Why are we not seeing more of Caleb King in games? Nagging injury? Attitude problems? Etc?
- Phil V (via Twitter)

Nagging injury. King really felt he was capable of playing on the ankle, but he was overruled two straight weeks. He finally got in at Mississippi State after Washaun Ealey’s fumble. I haven’t heard anything about attitude problems with King, but let’s just say there’s a lot of frustration on the team right now – as there always is when you lose.

In your opinion, how bad does it get before an in-season firing of Bobo or is that altogether off the table?
- Christiana Smith (via Twitter)

That’s just not Richt’s style. The pressure on Willie Martinez was worse last year, and he waited until the end of the season. Plus, I think we need too see how Georgia does with Green in the lineup before we bury the Bobo playcalling era.

We’re still hanging out tonight, right? I’ve cleared my schedule, and have reserved my favorite taxi driver.
- Don Draper (Manhattan, N.Y.)

Yeah, I guess. But don’t stick me with babysitting your crazy daughter again.

Was that you listening to a Lady Gaga song on the treadmill next to me the other day?
- Anonymous

Uh … no. I have no idea what you’re talking about.


Anonymous said...

Now I want to listen to Lady GaGa while I watch Mad Men

Taylor said...

I really hope that people (coaches included) aren't really hoping that AJ is going to turn things around all by himself. Because if he does,...then we truly have a terrible TEAM. Also, if he does, what does that say about next year? I really hope that one person (especially a receiver) doesn't have this big of an impact, no matter how gifted he is.

Ginny said...

Taylor- It wouldn't surprise me to see AJ have a career game against Colorado. With that said, I think more than anything, his playmaking abilities will give the team a boost of confidence that is surely missing right now. That could mean more than anything he could really do on the field.

I also have to disagree with you on whether or not one player should make that much of an impact. I'm thinking Tim Tebow. There's a reason why so many people would say that Tebow "willed his team to win." Florida literally won some of their games last year solely because of his abilities.

AJ Green is a man among boys.

Willb said...

Aj green is one of the best bulldogs to ever play! If there has ever been one receiver that could turn it around for us it would be him! Red zone problems! 6"5 wr! This year murray might need green a little more than he does next year. Also look at Murray, he has been great with all things considering. What more could you ask? Now were giving him a wr that would start on most nfl teams today! Also I imagine it gives the whole team a boost of energy knowing he's coming back. Even the def will play better with him back I think. Most people would agree we wouldn't be 1-3 with him playing. As much as I love NFL football i am kinda hoping for a lockout just because of aj green.

Look at all the talent that 08 team had! Stafford, moreno, green! I could name many more but just look at those three! As far as nfl prospects go we had the best qb, rb, and wr in the nation! Hopefully in a few years we will be saying we have Murray, orson Charles, and crowell!

devildawg said...

So, I know this is too late for the mailbag, but have you heard any serious thoughts of putting Bobo back in the box? It sure seems like seeing things from above might be more helpful for our play calling than being near the players on the field... it least it seems like one of the clear things you can modify, and see if it helps

Taylor said...


Green is a great player. Having said that, and the reason I put "especially a receiver" in there is because whereas Tebow touched the ball on every offensive play and either kept it (ran) or threw it on a great majority of their plays, how many times does AJ actually have the ball in his hands in a game? What's the most catches he's ever had in a game? (I don't know) Even if he caught ten passes, which would be great (and probably close to a high), that's still only ten. It's hard to lift an entire team on your shoulders if you only touch the ball at best ten times, whereas again, Tebow touched it on every play. There is no doubt, though, that he will (or at least should) bring the team some much needed confidence. And my point still remains that if UGA just can't get it done without him, then where does that leave us for next year (assuming he goes pro)? Either, it doesn't look like UGA is near the team Denny Green thought they were.

HunkerDown said...

If I was A.J. Green I wouldn't give the NCAA another year even if he does feel guilty about screwing the Dawgs over.

By suspending him for four games they have pretty much guaranteed him leaving.