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Monday, September 27, 2010

Marcus Dowtin expresses frustration

(This note comes courtesy of correspondent Fletcher Page.)

Junior linebacker Marcus Dowtin says he’s frustrated over a lack of playing time. Dowtin has been rotating at inside linebacker with Akeem Dent and Christian Robinson. Of those three, Dowtin has seen the least amount of snaps.

Dowtin doesn’t think the coaches are comfortable with him on the field at all times, he said.

“Yeah, I would say I feel like they don’t trust me,” he said. “What their reasons are, that’s between them. But you know, like I said, I’m just asking that they keep coaching me and eventually one of those days give me a shot to do what I can do.”

Having recorded six solo tackles with five assists on the season, Dowtin was visibly frustrated leaving the locker room following Saturday’s loss at Mississippi State.

He was quick to point out that his attitude was not for selfish motivations. He is unhappy with the team’s 0-3 start in the SEC.

“I mean, I would say everybody is frustrated because we’re not where we’re supposed to be at,” he said. “Even the coaching staff is frustrated trying to find the right way to go about things. I would say I’m right in saying I’m frustrated.”

Frustration is the word Dowtin kept repeating, and he refrained from saying he was angry or upset over the lack of playing time.

“I would just say my competitive nature just makes me a little frustrated,” he said. “My competitiveness and the skills that I have that I believe in probably have made me a little frustrated. I wouldn’t say I’m pissed off. I mean, that’s something I can’t control. There is no need in me getting pissed off because that will just make the situation worse. All I can do is listen and try to go about it the right way and hopefully they’ll call my name.”


Anonymous said...

"All I can do is listen and try to go about it the right way and hopefully they’ll call my name.”

Then why even make the comments to the press in the first place? Seth, was he asked how he felt about his lack of playing time or something? If not, all of these "frustration" comments seem a bit ridiculous.

Randy Powers said...

I would guess this is a case of sound fundamentals with Dent and Robinson winning out over yet-to-be-fulfilled promise of Dowtin. IMO, Dowtin has been his own worst enemy in that respect and now finds himself in this position.

Lawson Bailey said...

I am not saying he should be playing more but he should know the reason he is not on the field. If the coaches have not shared what he needs to improve on to see the field it is just another example of the lack of "coaching" that continues to plague the Dawgs.

Anonymous said...

I am sure there are a lot of kids who are puzzled about lack of playing time.

I will never understand how Washaun Ealey was still on the field after his fumble, lack of blocking... after the missed blocks last week, there he was, a starter. And Murray was sacked on the second play against MSU. I am sure Carlton Thomas and Caleb King do not understand.

Anonymous said...

Wining would cure 99% of the frustration I am frustrated too.

Curious comment about not being told why he is not getting more playing time ????

BullyMack said...

Hey Dowtin, note to self: Don't air the dirty laundry in the press. Not now, not ever. I can only imagine he was prodded into saying something as Seth noted that he was visibly frsutrated after the game. Keep it in house kid. Aint' nothing good going to come out of making public statements like that. It won't win over fans and sure as heck won't win over the coaches to your cause. Maybe the inmates are running the asylum after all.

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for both he and Nick Williams. they should be seeing more snaps. They have the talent and the other guys aren't getting it done... give em a shot.

Finally Had Enough said...

He is a play maker and a hitter, I say play him. Nick Williams should be in there too. He is quick and fast and loves to hit. At this point the Tuba player in the band might be a good option, how much worse can it be? Find out who wants to make plays, not just play! Having stars attached to your name in recruiting certainly doesn't guarantee stardom........making plays does!

BulldogBen said...

Bullymack: How is he airing dirty laundry or how can this be equated to "the inmates running the asylum"?

The entire Bulldog Nation is frustrated. Pretty sure that includes the players as well. I for one am actually glad to hear it. We've really heard very little out of Athens outside of Richt and Bobo's subdued ho hum "gotta look within and keep workin".

It'd be nice to hear the coaches get pissed.

You ever seen Saban or Meyer after a loss? It isn't pretty. Heck, at least Mack Brown apologized to the Longhorn Nation after getting beat by UCLA.

BullyMack said...

Ben, you are right. Maybe I was a little harsh and frustrated too. But really, it's not the time to be complaining about playing time. It's just fodder for bloggers and the like to continue use as ammo on the team, point out divisions or make up conspiracy theories. IMHO the players need to keep their heads down and get ready to whip some Buffalo arses this weekend. That's the only thing that's gonna make anybody feel any better. After more thought, t's a little sad that the maybe the only way he thinks he can be heard is through the reporters. I think the kid has all the talent in the world but obviously something is holding him back.

Anonymous said...

So it continues coaches blaming players for holding the ball too long, and fumbling, and loafing on defense and not tackling.

Players firing back, you are PLAYING FAVORITES coaches.

Coach Richt is NOT on any hot seat.

B.S. to that. Get out of here you NON dawg fan saying that.

We ONLY allow positive posts around here.

Helps with the recruiting, you know ?

Hurts us when you do that, you should know that.

Yeah, right the RECRUITS are that stupid that THEY ARE NOT THE ONES WHO TOLD ME THIS. They don’t know we are 1-5 last 6 SEC East games, 2-7 last 9 SEC games, LOSING RECORD to SEC East after 2005 season to-date. # 22 actual in wins on the field after 2005 to-date.

Coach Richt is great.

We are going to go undefeated vs The SEC East and win The SEC East. We might only lose 1 game all season long, and it a FLUKE loss.

I don’t know what the big deal is. So what, we lost 3 games. We will go undefeated the rest of the season and end up 10-3. I mean we have a freshman QB and with his 27 yards on 24 carries in SEC games alone, he is going to be special, if he doesn’t have his brains beat in from this year’s senior Offensive Line.

Next year, then we can win the national championship.

Coach Richt got rooked out of it in 2002 and 2007. 2011 is our year. I don’t care if we lose 15 seniors and another 4-5 juniors after this season. National Championship baby.

So what if there was only 1 other ranked SEC team in the Top 25 Coaches Poll in 2002. The SEC was not down. Look we played a great team in the bowl game – Sugar Bowl – no less when we played 5-loss FSU.

# 19 Final AP Poll rank Hawaii that is who we played in the bowl game – Sugar Bowl – no less in 2007. Oh, LSU beat 2 Top 10 teams Ohio State and Virginia Tech and Coach Richt 3-8 vs Top 10 Final AP Poll teams, did NOT even PLAY a top 10 team 2007. Still got jobbed, right ? 5 SEC teams in the Top 15 in 2007 and we didn’t even make it out of our own Division of our Conference. 14-game season 8 of the 10 here for Coach Richt. 140 wins, instead in 30 games we have LOST 21 to Top 25 Final AP Poll teams and 9 LOSSES now to teams NOT EVEN RANKED in the Top 25 Final AP Poll . 30 games LOST. 2 in 2007 to likes of a sorry vols team and a 6-6 didn’t even play in a bowl game South Carolina. And, Coach Richt got JOBBED you say ? Really ?

I know we have had a few arrested. But, it’s not like any of them have murdered anyone yet, have they ?

I think we should move the Spring Practices to Valdosta so the players don’t have to drive all the way down there to take Spring Break.

Lawrence is a hard name to spell. I mean it’s got what 1 way to spell the name, ever ?

Date of Birth, why would you ask me that ? I am supposed to know that ?

Can you just write the questions down and let me take them to the team counselor and get a consensus on what the answers might be please ?

It’s 3rd down. 17 yards to go. Running play sounds right.

We hold them on 3rd and 4. They drop back to punt. We lazily go 2 yards past the line of scrimmage and just stand there. Not a rush. Not a return on either. We send Logan Gray back to fair catch the punt.

We have been killed on sacks. We don’t sack them and they do sack us, and I mean they sack us sack after sack after sack after sack after sack after sack after sack.

Anonymous said...

Dream team. We have 15 percent of the top players in the state of Georgia committed to us. The really exciting recruit had sex with a 14 year old in North Carolina in a classroom and can’t play still this his senior season. Can we really afford to bring him here ?

Fun. Party School # 1 in the nation. Fulmer Cup # 1 in the nation. National Championships as a Party School and as a Football Team for our Arrests / Suspensions.

Arrests / Suspensions are on the players, loafing on plays is on the players, taking a game off and another and another then going in and saying coach I don’t feel good is on the players. Telling a new recruit just hitting our campus after signing as injured that being a running back at Georgia is a GRIND is on the players. Getting sacked on every play is on the players. Fumbling every game for 5 years in a row now, is on the players.

But, it comes to a point when it is so pervasive that it is NOT on the players any more. And, we achieved that last year.

Coaches blaming the players, is on the coaching staff.

Players like Nick Williams blaming the coaches, that is on the players too, now Marcus Dowtin. Before that Logan Gray. The list is actually quite long to the beginning in 2001 with DJ Shockley's dad.

Selling for $1000 that which is only worth $29 and lying that you have not and never have been in Miami, to deflect the media frenzy to know what the NCAA investigation is all about, is on the players.

Using Vance Cuff’s DL to go buy 7 teenagers alcohol is on Vance Cuff.

Using it is on Branden Smith.

Even if he didn’t drink it himself and why in the truck with the 7, since they only wanted drive around Athens in a truck and get drunk.

That’s all on the players too.

Look around. It’s a lot of players.

Study the recruiting lists, and you find all our # 7 recruiting classes are all long since gone. Quit. Left. Transferred. Playing for other teams. Kicked off. Never did play here. The lost promise.

Players not given the chance while others, the privileged, got on the field and just didn’t impress. So, why didn’t the under-study get on the field ?

If it is 1 guy, that is on the player.

If it is 2 even 3, that is on the player.

Our QB who should have played vs Okie State last year with our QB with the flu and chronic sore arm, accosts a little coed of Valdosta State when he is relegated to NOT play Spring Practice with the # 1 unit but a guy who ALREADY said he was going to play WR instead ? I am not giving Zach excuses, that is NEVER done. Now, LSU has given him a scholarship you say ?

Michael Lemon beating Georgia tek last Saturday afternoon.

Dontavius Jackson just up and quits when Tavarres King is giving 1 game suspension because Dontavius got DUPED by Mr. King to drive HIS TRUCK so he would not get DUI. Mr. King 1 game suspension. Branden Smith NONE. Vance Cuff, NONE.

You have to get ARRESTED to get punishment, you know ?

When you have 10 players arrested, the AD arrested, the school given # 1 party status and wins the national championship for the most arrested / suspended football team in the nation AND you go 0-3 the last 3 weeks playing SEC teams who NEVER have EVER done anything, then folks that is on Michael F. Adam$.

You can skip right past the coaching staff.

Their blame in all this is clear as the nose on their faces, growing longer by the press conference.

Look at the game film in high school. He is great.

Coach why are we in this situation AGAIN ? Why no QB prepared ?

Anonymous said...

Played 3 SEC teams the last 3 weeks and their QB so much far better than our QB that all we can say is that our QB is going to be great. Root for the team. We’ll be better NEXT YEAR, yeah, that’s it : WAIT.

Just 3 games.

Just 1 year.

Is it ?

# 21 in wins (actually # 22 with Alabama vacating 21 wins) after the 2005 season to-date. You want to run that by me again how the # 21 team in wins after the 2005 season is SO DAMN GREAT ?

There was NO EXCUSE I was going to allow for this Year 10 of this regime to be less than 12-2. I gave us losses to Florida again and to Alabama in SEC Championship Game. But, lose to Kentucky to end last season and start off losing to the likes continued of Missy State and South Carolina and Arky ? Folks THESE are NOT POWERS.


We forgive too much.

Let 1 guy beat up his girlfriend and beat up her car at which time the punishment for both those arrests, was 2 games to start this season suspension.

He beat her up again. Then, Bobo and Coach Richt both go to the Prison to meet with him, pray for him and forgive him. We’re out of touch. Only then do we kick him off the team ?

Caleb King says running the football at UGA is just a grind. Caleb, how can that be when you only feel like playing about one third of the games ? How can that be a grind ?

You know I play football at UGA, right ? Not meaning to pull rank on you or nothing, but could you just put away your silly yellow pad and take me and my slut to a Marriott please ?

What am I doing with Red Panties on my Lap ? Good Lord Officer, you didn’t expect me to put them on did you ?

Missy State is 1 of the really good teams in the country, you can tell that because at game time, they had the same won / loss record as The University of Georgia Bulldogs.

If we had started out # 1 in the preseason polls, since everyone says they don’t mean anything anyway, would we be down to about # 13 or so this week ?

What is this we can’t even name a Bulldog Mascot ?

Hey I know I just hit a truck, but it’s not like it’s your truck you know ? I just gotta go. See ya.

This guy was talking to a girl I wanted to ask out myself even though she has turned me down 5 times in the last week already. I didn’t mean to beat him up that bad. I only hit like 312 times in the face.

Would everyone please send in some monies for Michael Lemon because he is a bag lady and has a younger brother to take care of, and he is a really nice guy you know here at the Half-Way House Football Program we run nowadays oblivious to the world around us.

Can we all just get along, sit down and pray together please ?

Let’s just Forgive all these guys, and anyway it’s the police’s fault you know ?

And, the NCAA is being unreal. 4 whole games for what they normally would put the school on Probation for, take away all the scholarships and TV ban and then make us vacate all our wins.

Oh, we didn’t win any ?

Sorry about that.

$29 T-Shirt for thousand dollars. What’s wrong with that ? Anyway, I never have ever been in Miami, so there is nothing there to talk about – not when I have never been to Miami in my lifetime.

Got to admit though, having been there, he hasn’t missed anything.

The OL is the best in the nation. They have been blocking great. It’s the running backs who cannot clean up those 2 both pouring in at the same time confusing the poor running backs on which 1 they should block leaving the other a wide open shot at our QB.

Hey if I fall down near the end zone, can I just sit there – even if the ball is 2 inches from my leg. I don’t have to maybe protect the ball in case the officials make a bad call again and say I fumbled it. I can always go over to the bench and slam my helmet into the bench, which I can ride the rest of the way.

Anonymous said...

Suspend my license ? What for ? I am Vance Cuff, no he just looks like me. What am I doing with Vance Cuff’s DL ?

I don’t know my name or my date of birth and that is perfectly understandable now that the circumstances come out.

We can always watch Chuck Dowdle. He’s fun. Boy, things are really looking up NOW.

What do you mean coach that I cannot belly flop repeatedly after the play on some Florida player looking like we are mating on National TV ? I will be in the NFL soon and all will be forgotten.

Coach Richt really recruits those Top 5 recruiting classes every year.

And, that coaching staff of Coach Richt is just great, eh ? I mean we fired the whole defense and now there is no one left on the Offensive Coaching Staff. That doesn’t mean that Coach Richt cannot learn how to HIRE A COACHING STAFF or nothing. I mean, now, really, think about it : this way he gets to HIRE 2 coaching staffs, 2 complete coaching staffs. He is getting a lot of experience at it now at our expense so he can go back to Tallahassee and re-live the games against Duke, Weak Forest, Maryland, Georgia tek, Virginia, South Florida, Western Carolina, Middle Tennessee State, Tennessee at Chattanooga, Jacksonville State, Citadel, Louisiana Tech, East Carolina, Central Florida, UAB, Tulane, Rice, Syracuse, Troy, Memphis, and Western Michigan. No wonder his offense looked so good every week.

Interceptions that could have been thrown 4 times Saturday and we were BLOWN OUT by Missy State anyway ?

Penalties are we really committing them like this again ?

You’re kidding me. After the loss still hurting. And, some person says we have had another arrested. First reaction, yeah that would be pretty bad. Hope it doesn’t happen. No. God no. It really is true.

10 arrested the last 6 months. That doesn’t include the AD or Christian LeMay our best recruit coming here and after not being able to play at his high school. But, he can play here, for us ?

Fed up with it all.

I don’t mind losing to Florida every year.

I don’t mind having no hope against Alabama.

I can live with LSU fans wanting a new coach and they have been FAR BETTER than us.

But, don’t try or even think about giving me this crap that we are BETTER than any of them. Or any of the other teams across this great nation.

That I cannot think about an actual HEAD COACH. Not an Assistant. A real head coach. No OJT. Actual experience. We pay this guy for actual experience. To know how to deal with each of these situations. He doesn’t know. He tells you with his every decision, he doesn’t know.

Look again at my list, now widely spread across the Internet of Georgia as the # 21 team in the nation in wins after 2005 season to-date.

Don’t tell me there is NOT a COACH on that list that will have this program under control for this is not an elite football program.

Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to think that the belittled Anonymous poster from years past is actually a prophet. Like him or not, most of his points have been proven in the two columns that matter most...wins and losses.

CharlestowneDawg said...

I wish I had that much free time on my hands....

Randy said...

I wonder where Anonymous works and why he is not a head coach somewhere.

Randy said...

I wonder where Anonymous works and why he is not a head coach somewhere.

Anonymous said...

It's probably Jim Donnan.

PTC DAWG said...

Internet Coaches CRACK ME UP.

Hey loser, get a life, get another team, and get off these blogs with your verbose drivel.