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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Morning reading

Jakar Hamilton, Georgia's starting safety, has had a heavy heart for a few years. My story in today's papers on him.

ATHENS — It was Jakar Hamilton’s father, before everything fell apart for him, who got his son to play football. The son remembers a playful punch, but a warning that another one was coming if he didn’t stay on that field.

If not for his father, Hamilton said, “I wouldn’t even be playing football.”

This Saturday, when Hamilton goes home, he will have a long list of family, friends, former teammates and coaches clamoring for tickets to see him in the big game at Williams-Brice Stadium.

One person, however, will not be there.

Hamilton’s father, Michael Goodson Sr., is in a Texas federal prison, serving a nearly 20-year sentence for mail and wire fraud.

- The AJC's Jeff Shultz believes Georgia needs an answer on A.J. Green, but the NCAA isn't dragging its feet, there must be something more going on.

Only A.J. Green still has an issue.

He’s not free. He’s not suspended. It’s more like he’s in NCAA limbo.

Now, it would be very easy for me to fill the next few paragraphs with rumors about why Georgia held Green out of the season opener against Louisiana-Lafayette and why, when the team’s new depth chart came out Tuesday, his name was listed below the rest of the flankers, in italics, with an asterisk and adjacent to the notation, “Status TBD.”

- ESPN's Chris Low, in his weekly SEC power poll, ranks Georgia No. 2, behind Alabama. That seems kind of high if you're looking at the national polls, but Low is buying in so far to the defense.

- In case you haven't seen it, Mark Richt got some love from tailback recruit Isaiah Crowell after a 90-yard touchdown run last Friday. Richt was at the game scouting the Columbus-Carver High School prospect; Crowell is Georgia's top tailback recruit now that James Wilder is off the board.

(I hope this isn't a secondary violation in any way. ... Kidding, kidding.)

- Meanwhile, in basketball news, could Kentucky be without one of its major recruits? John Calipari always seems to find a way, but the New York Times is reporting that Enes Kanter got a whole lot of money to play for a Turkish pro team.


Anonymous said...

Seth, are you a Sons of Anarchy fan? If so will you be re4placing David Hale there as well?

Anonymous said...

I always wondered if David was a Sons fan - I think not, given what i recall. Probably for the best now - yikes.

Andy said...

Crowell was always our #1 RB target. I'm not saying we didn't want Wilder, but we have gone after Crowell much more than we did Wilder.

My word verification is hunbacew.

Anonymous said...

Well, Seth, if you're gonna start quoting Jeff Schultz on a UGA blog, you might as well go for broke and get Terrence Moore and Jim Rome's input too.

Rick said...

ESPN is reporting that A.J. Green indeed sold a worn jersey, but that it wasn't on Ebay and was for less than $1000. The article is currently on the front page.

Please let this be resolved soon.

Richard said...

Anon, nice one. Schultz, Rome, and Moore ... what a three-some.