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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Green out for opener

So, after all that, A.J. Green won't play in the season opener after all, thanks to the NCAA inquiry.

Georgia passed out a statement minutes ago that read:

"University of Georgia junior wide receiver A.J. Green will miss Saturday's game against the University of Louisiana (Lafayette) pursuant to UGA Athletic Association policy and pending a ruling from the NCAA clarifying his status."

Green, the star junior receiver, did not participate in the pregame Dawg Walk.

So what's the deal? That remains unclear.

From speaking with associate athletics director Claude Felton, it seems UGA is holding Green out because it hasn't received word from the NCAA on its inquiry. This doesn't necessarily mean there is any danger of Green being suspended further; It also means there isn't.

But if Green played on Saturday, and were later to have been ruled by the NCAA to be ineligible, Georgia could potentially vacate the game.

So Georgia is essentially playing it safe, but that doesn't mean Green will be out of danger after today. Clearly the team hopes it gets a firm ruling from the NCAA before next week, at a minimum.

Again, a very murky situation.

In the meantime, Georgia is now without its leading rusher (Washaun Ealey) and receiver (Green) from last year. It also doesn't have the other projected starting receiver, Tavarres King.

Welcome to college football, Aaron Murray.


Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous! The AD and commissioner better be so far in the NCAA's *ss over this.

What happens if this foolishness is not done by next week? That becomes a very big deal.


aj shoulda robbed a frat house then went to ole miss to play qb if he wanted to get cleared.


Dawgfan17 said...

The NCAA needs to get off its rear and make a ruling. Either he was there or he was not. If it comes out he did nothing and has to sit out a game for no reason the NCAA is not only hurting UGA this week but the progress of Murray being ready for the Carolina game next week and any long shot Green had the Heisman. All the other schools seemed to have gotten a ruling, even if it was last second, how come UGA which only has one guy being investigated, can't get one.

Muckbeast said...

This blows.

The NCAA is such a freakin joke.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that he must be involved in some way or else they would have just let him play. If that's wrong then the NCAA is a joke. How can you not let a school know before their first game when this thing has been going on for months now. Unreal.

dawgjammin said...

my guess is the agents or runners that held the party in south beach might have given the players some other gifts or monetary assistance before the actual party took place. think about it....agents send a flat screen/xbox/blueray/cash to the players along with an invite to south beach. aj says he didn't go to south beach, but it doesn't mean he didn't receive any other gifts from the agents. through the NCAA investigating Bama/UNC and other players they could have discovered this....

just a theory.

it kind of makes me angry they are dragging this out though...aj's never done anything to give cause to the bulldog nation that he is a low character guy. quite, no arrests, not a trash talker, committed to UGA with out taking an official visit and never visited any other schools once he committed to UGA...

something stinks...