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Saturday, September 25, 2010

First quarter blog (updated)

End of first quarter, MSU leads 7-0

While Georgia is still trailing, 7-0, here's the good news as the quarter ends:

- Georgia is at the MSU 15, after a long completion to Tavarres King.
- It should be tied, if Washaun Ealey doesn't fumble at the 1.
- The offense looks like it can definitely move the ball against Mississippi State, with success through the air and the ground.
- The defense had a good stop on the previous drive, after MSU quickly marched to midfield.

By the way, great pass and composure by Murray on the pass to King. The freshman hung in the pocket as it closed up. A week or so ago, he might've rushed the throw.

Caleb King did indeed get called off the bench after the Ealey fumble, and his first carry produced a 12-yard run for a first down. Funny how that happens.

4:30 left in first quarter, Georgia still trails 7-0

That Washaun Ealey fumble inside the 5 isn't as big as the one at South Carolina. So far.

Ealey finished off a nice 20-yard pass play by coughing the ball up at the 1, with the ball trickling into the end zone, recovered by Mississippi State. It was initially ruled down by contact, but overruled on replay, and clearly the ball was coming out before Ealey hit the ground.

That's now two key Ealey fumbles inside the 5 in the past three games. Will that force Caleb King onto the field?

On the good side, it was a nicely-drawn up play. But one does have to ask why a tight end wasn't sent up the middle for that kind of play.

7:00 left in first quarter, Georgia trails 7-0

Factoid to add to the previous update: Georgia's defense has now given up an opening-drive touchdown three straight weeks.

But Georgia's offense is off to a much better start on its second drive, marching into opposing territory. The running game has at least moved the ball, with Washaun Ealey getting one 11-yard run. And Aaron Murray hit Kris Durham on a key third-down pass to continue the drive into MSU territory.

Notice that Carlton Thomas got a carry before Caleb King? Maybe it was just a change-of-pace thing, but with the past two weeks as a guide, you still wonder about King's health. He does have his helmet on.

I think it's a good sign for Georgia that Fred Munzenmaier got an early catch. People have justifiably made a big deal about the tight ends not being involved, but the fullbacks, especially with Shaun Chapas out, have also been absent. Georgia needs to get both those positions involved to spread the defense out a bit more.

12:17 left in first quarter, Mississippi State takes 7-0 lead

Georgia's offense starts with a three-and-out, losing yards in the process. The defense follows up by allowing a quick, touchdown-scoring drive.

Suffice to say, not a great start for the visitors.

Georgia's defense looked utterly overmatched on the drive. MSU QB Chris Relf had a long gain on a keeper, and the option pitch for the touchdown came against a wide-open left side of the field.

Relf also had a completion over the middle early in the drive. Wasn't quarterback supposed to be a problem spot for the Mississippi State offense?

The Georgia offense didn't look too great either.

Aaron Murray was sacked on the second play. That doesn't bode well, a week after the line gave up six sacks. (Arkansas got a lot of pressure on Alabama QB Greg McElroy today too, for what it's worth.)

Georgia almost got bailed out on third down with a pass interference penalty. But officials consulted and ruled the ball wasn't catchable.

Here's my confusion on that call: While the ball was in the air, I didn't see any contact on Kris Durham at all. So I figured the call was illegal contact, which wouldn't have been affected by whether it was catchable.

Oh well, I'm not a ref.


devildawg said...

yeah, it was a bad call by the refs. i think sometimes they get excited by irrelevant questions and make mistakes like that. it's the human element. yippee!

in other news, UGA D is gonna need to stuff some people or this game is going to be miserable. At least the offense is looking better right now.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing Caleb King is NOT playing!! Carlton Thomas running ... Caleb King not in to block on obvious passing downs.

devildawg said...

SICK catch by T. King!