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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Halftime thoughts

- Bloody nose or not, I don’t think that first half is going to make some fans feel much better about Mike Bobo.

You can’t say there hasn’t been more imagination in the playcalling than there was last week. The problem is the kind of creativity. The direct snaps to Washaun Ealey aren’t yielding much, the end-around to Rantavious Wooten was a bust, and so on.

- The changes to the offensive line haven’t fixed the run-blocking. Ealey and Carlton Thomas haven’t moved the needle much, and Caleb King may be dressed but he hasn’t played yet.

- The pass blocking has actually gotten worse, and Murray’s scrambling has actually prevented more sacks. Plus, other than the long pass play to Tavarres King on the first drive, the Bulldogs still have no downfield passing game.

Does this offense miss A.J. Green? You bet.

- The defense hasn’t played too badly. The run defense has especially improved, and the tackling is much better. Arkansas has all of 12 rushing yards on 11 attempts.

But Ryan Mallett, when he’s had time to pass, has been spectacular. He has 232 passing yards at the half.

Georgia’s strategy has seemed to be to stop the run and hope good pass coverage and pass rush will stem Mallett’s damage. It hasn’t worked yet. Will Todd Grantham drop more players into coverage for the second half?

- But to me it still comes back down to the offense. It needs to do SOMETHING. The second quarter started to feel like the second half at South Carolina, when the ineffectiveness of the offense kept the defense on the field, and it eventually wore down.

As I said in the earlier blog, that 10-point deficit feels like 30 right now for Georgia.


Joeski said...

I agree. The bottom line is that we were told coming into this season that the offensive line would be an asset, but they have been PATHETIC up to this point.

Maybe they'll get it together later in the year... but you know what? That doesn't help us win SEC titles, or get closer to a MNC. Gotta be excellent for the whole year. I would be interested to see what coach Searles has to say about this performance next week.

Rick said...

Our offense is anemic.

Bobo's play calling is a joke.

With 16 points in the last 7 quarters, there is no way our offense can score more than 14 in the fourth quarter.

Another troubling loss for the Dawgs and more excuses from the coaching staff.

Game 3 and I'm already ready for the season to be over. Sigh.

KTM said...

I'm on the bandwagon to change our play caller. Bobo is not getting it done. Granted, our offense has some growing to do. But we've got enough working on offense to score more 1 TD in 2 games. We can run the ball when we spread the defense. We've found some money throwing the ball; nothing spectacular. But enough.

Rick said...

Or not??!!


Anonymous said...

If Richt was a true Christian man, he'd realize his by taking his salary he is stealing. If he had anything character at all, he'd resign this afternoon.


jlove said...

its not richts fault, shows how much you know about football.

bobo seemingly has gotten worse as a play caller as the play makers have left the team. either richt takes over calling the plays, or he fires bobo. either way, his job does depend on it - and i think mcgarity will demand it

Anonymous said...

3rd and 4, tied ball game with only a minute left on the clock.

I have an idea! Let's send every god damn receiver 20 yards down the f'n field.

Anonymous said...

This what happens when you get convert a ex quarterback to become your offensive coordinator. Let us go and get some real, creative and experienced coordinator.

Anonymous said...

Come on, Anon 4:18. Wasn't Coach Richt an ex-quarterback converted into an Offensive Coordinator?