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Monday, September 6, 2010

NFL Bulldogs

The NFL kicks off this week, and as usual Georgia has a ton of former players on rosters.

You know about the major ones (Matt Stafford, Champ Bailey, Hines Ward, Jon Stinchcomb, etc.).

Here’s an update on some others:

DT Geno Atkins, who led the NFL in preseason sacks, made Cincinnati.
DT Jeff Owens was cut by Philadelphia.
WR Michael Moore was cut by Detroit.
CB-PR Prince Miller was among the final cuts by Baltimore. Miller was set to be the Ravens’ punt return man until they traded for Josh Wilson from Seattle.
LB Rennie Curran is slated to start for Tennessee.
G Vince Vance was cut early in the preseason by Chicago.
G Max Jean-Gilles was re-signed by Philadelphia after initially being cut. He’s on the team’s 53-man roster as the season starts.
RB Kregg Lumpkin is now with Tampa Bay, after being waived by Green Bay. Lumpkin looks to be a third-teamer behind Cadillac Williams and Kareem Huggins.
DE Jarius Wynn was cut by Green Bay after playing 11 games for the Packers last year.
DT Corvey Irvin was cut by Carolina.
CB Tim Jennings made Chicago after spending the first four seasons with Indianapolis.
C Fernando Velasco made Tennessee as a backup.

Some other notables:

TE Leonard Pope is in line to start for Kansas City.
DT Marcus Stroud is with Buffalo for the third straight year.
TE Ben Watson will start for Cleveland, after spending the past six seasons with New England.
WR Mohamed Massaquoi will also start for Cleveland, and is regarded by some experts as a fantasy football sleeper. At least I hope so, since I drafted him in both my leagues.
WR Reggie Brown is in the mix to start at receiver for Tampa Bay.
S Sean Jones won the starting strong safety job for Tampa Bay.
RB Danny Ware made the New York Giants for a fourth straight year. Ware is a third-teamer behind Brandon Jacobs and Ahmad Bradshaw.
DT Kendric Golston is entering his fifth season with Washington, and has a chance to start at the nose if the team benches Albert Haynesworth.
LB Will Witherspoon is in the mix at one of the outside spots for Tennessee. He spent the past four seasons in Carolina.
DE Demetric Evans is starting his second year with San Francisco. He’s a backup.
S Paul Oliver is on San Diego, in the mix for playing time at safety.
DE Charles Johnson should start for Carolina.
LB Dannell Ellerbee made Baltimore but appears to have been benched because of his “head getting too big,” according to The Baltimore Sun.
CB Asher Allen won a starting spot for Minnesota.
DE Chris Clemons is set to start for Seattle.
DE Phillip Daniels is slated to start again for Washington.
OLB Quentin Moses is beginning his fourth year for Miami and should see playing time.
RT Dennis Roland could start for Cincinnati, which is upset with former No. 1 pick Andre Smith’s work ethic.

If you have any questions about anyone else, ask away and I’ll try to find out for you.

UPDATE: To answer some of those questions I've already received ...

- S Reshad Jones is a backup with Miami.
- RB Thomas Brown was cut by the Browns in July, and hasn't hooked on with a team.
- Owens was placed on the Eagles' practice squad after being cut by that team. Miller is "likely" to make the Raves' practice squad, according to the Baltimore Sun.
- DE Kade Weston will miss the season after New England placed him on IR.
- S Jermaine Phillips, released by Tampa Bay, is a free agent.
- As I said at the outset, I skipped over the obvious guys, but I'll go ahead and name them so you believe I know they exist: Knowshon Moreno, John Kasay, Richard Seymour.


Todd said...

Wow, great list of Dawgs making it in the NFL. I hope Owens and Miller get a shot elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Owens- Miller -Moore, all on practice squads.

zpm1575 said...

Hmm....what about Jermaine Phillips? Is he still on Tampa Bay? FYI, Jeff Owens was resigned by the Eagles to the practice squad.

Anonymous said...

Reshad Jones looks to be the backup at FS with Miami.

Anonymous said...

Same thing that plagued Ellerbe while he was at UGA.

Anonymous said...

Kickers don't count?

Anonymous said...

Knowshon get cut or something? Maybe I just missed his name. Any kickers? Anyhow great list! I have been looking for a list like this! I didn't see Thomas Davis name either. He's hurt now.

GH said...

What about Kade Weston? I thought he was drafted by NE.

Anonymous said...

That's not our Chris Clemmons.

Anonymous said...

The Dolphins' Chris Clemons went to Clemson. Why is he on this list?

Seth Emerson said...

Thanks, fixed the Clemons note.

lions qb said...

Matthew Stafford. #1 overall pick. Easily overlooked.

Big B said...

Must be a typo regarding Rennie starting in Tennessee. Don't the Titans know he is too small and too slow?

Anonymous said...

How about Brannon Southerland? I know he was a Jet for a short time. Playing anywhere now?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this info, Seth!

Michael said...

I believe Michael Moore signed a practice team contract with the Lions.

Anonymous said...

Let’s look at The SEC.

Vandie and Ole Miss are the only 2 teams who lost; both everyone figured would be 2 of the worst teams in The SEC.

On the other hand, all the other SEC teams won and won big. 10 SEC teams.

LSU beat ACC they said Champion ACC team is a huge big deal. LSU is not one of the top SEC teams. They just aren’t.

The warm-up week is over for The SEC. The rest of the conferences will long since just keep on keeping on with their soft easy schedules.

Virginia Tech everyone said was a Top 10 team in the nation. Excuse me. Frank Beamer hasn’t done a thing; he looks like a Dufus on the sidelines; and, Lou Holtz blasted him for his Special Teams over the last many years. Virginia Tech ? All that program ever has done is play cupcakes. Just imagine if Georgia were 0-22 vs Top 10 programs not at Home, all-time, as he is. Virginia Tech was GASHED by Boise State’s running game. They also gave up touchdown after touchdown after touchdown in the air. Despite several Boise State turnovers, Virginia Tech’s and the ACC’s football season was OVER in the first few minutes of the game, 17 to NOTHING. We were only 1 first down away from winning that game, Frank Beamer moaned after the 22nd loss away from home vs Top 10 programs all-time. Give me a break. Chris Petersen out-coached Frank Beamer including final thoughts on the game afterwards.

Neither of those teams is any good. Don’t give me this Virginia Tech is the best football team in the ACC.

Or that Miami of Florida is back. Or Florida State is back. Not now. Not after the 2 best teams in the ACC BOTH LOST this weekend. North Carolina whom everyone said is going to win the ACC CHUMPionship and Virginia Tech who is always the top-ranked ACC team EVERY SINGLE YEAR # 11 or # 15 or # 18 in the nation with 3 losses beating NO ONE. They both LOST. Waaah.

Southern Cal looked like crap. Oregon State, they said, is going to win the PAC-10 and they LOST to the TCU horned frogs. What does that leave us with in the PAC-1 this season ? What ? Oregon ? Congratulations, look for Oregon to break into the Top 10. It is the only PAC-1 team and who do they have to play ? Go ahead. You an say it. No one.

Boise State better hope that Virginia Tech beats all the lousy ACC teams, like they always do.

Anonymous said...

Let’s see now, with North Carolina supposedly the best team in the ACC this season losing to an SEC team not considered 1 of the best SEC teams and with Virginia Tech who always is the best team in the ACC losing to an also ran Western Athletic Conference, what did we learn about the ACC ?

ACC football sucks.

AJ Green made statements to the press he knew he was not allowed to make. He said he has never been to South Beach. I said he didn’t have to be in South Beach to be ineligible. If he had apparel on eBay, how stupid would that be that he or anyone thought they could get away with that for a few small dollars in the whole big picture. If he isn’t paying for his Insurance Policy, I believe that would be seriously stupid on AJ Green’s part. Now, from the beginning, I do believe that AJ Green did lie to the NCAA with this statement intended to deflect the frenzy that he has never been to Miami. As you can see, that means NOTHING. So, why issue that statement. Facts are that AJ Green has said NOTHING since he hit campus. Then, he makes this statement. eBay would be easy to run-down. Insurance Policy would be easy to run down. This is Tuesday and he hasn’t been mentioned as playing 4 days from now. Looking at the receivers this last Saturday, I don’t have to tell you that Georgia isn’t looking that great at the position without him.

Week 2.

Still MORE questions about this football program.

We will spend the day hearing about nothing but players who STILL are NOT PLAYING 3 kicked-off the team, 1 who transferred, 3 who were suspended and 2 of them coming back and the SEASON OVER for whomever loses.

We are

2 and a half point underdogs

3 point underdogs

across the board

South Carolina is an UNRANKED TEAM.

Georgia is ALREADY the 6th worst football team in The SEC in the polls.

Coach Richt goes to LOSING RECORD over the last 5 years vs SEC East teams with a loss Saturday.

We are NOT a very well coached football team, and we don’t have the kind of unsquandered talent to move up in the polls, and HAVE NOT HAD since Jim Donnan’s recruits did so well in the NFL Draft and have been gone these last 5 years.

Anonymous said...

Tale of two 5-year periods for Coach Richt. First 5 years when he did so well with Jim Donnan Recruits. Second 5 years when already 18 teams Coach Richt does NOT have more wins than over the last 5 years. Lose Saturday and NOT ONLY is the SEASON OVER, but more importantly for Coach Richt, he LOSES 15 seniors and 4-5 juniors after the season.

I did NOT like our offense last week. I am pleased that Hutson Mason threw the TD pass on his first pass. He didn’t do anything thereafter. Caleb King is announcing how great he will be Saturday. He will NOT. Washaun Ealey has nothing but controversy and has not Started ANY of the last 6 Games in a ROW. The recipe against Georgia is WELL ESTABLISHED by a bottom dweller in the Sun Belt Conference. Make Aaron Murray beat you. You can make all the excuses you want about that, but the facts are that he goes down on 1 of those happy feat scramble before he looks to pass the ball or flings it up kind of throws we witnessed and THIS SEASON IS OVER. He did not show discipline back there, should have thrown several interceptions, and he is NOT READY. On the positive, we did throw 1 pass to Branden Smith, who should have been suspended for the game along with Vance Cuff.

91 wins and he will have a LOSING RECORD vs SEC East the last 5 years. The SEC East the last 5 years has ONLY BEEN 1 opponent for Georgia. 1.

I am certain the apologist will try to blame AJ Green for all this. Just as they tried unsuccessfully to state that Coach Richt’s RECRUITS have NOT BEEN as good as Jim Donnan’s.

We’re in trouble for what I saw of Mike Bobo NOT BEING OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR according to ANYONE. We witnessed Coach Richt doing that job instead of being HEAD COACH. His head coaching to-date has been using Jim Donnan’s recruits to do well the first 5 years and without them, to IDENTIFY that for the 9 years of the Coach Richt Era, he put together a group of LOYAL PRAYING buddies as a coaching staff who have done a sorry job of getting the kids up for the games, calling plays, making personnel decisions, and managing this football program which should be in the Top 5 football programs in America.

Instead, we are the 6th worst football team BEFORE SATURDAY, and if he doesn’t win Saturday – there will be NO EXCUSES for his LOSING RECORD THE LAST 5 YEARS then VS SEC EAST TEAMS, a loss to yet another UNRANKED TEAM, our season OVER, and we will not even be in the top half of The SEC in the polls.

Anonymous said...

South Carolina has a LOT BETTER OFFENSE than we have. It is made up of players from this STATE of GEORGIA who did NOT want to play in this FAILED OFFENSIVE REGIME of the Coach Richt Era.

Everything is on the line.

And, now we are considered to LOSE according to Las Vegas.


From what I see from the 1st week, The SEC has a LOT of very good quarterbacks, a LOT of great running backs, a LOT of great wide receivers, and a LOT of very good offensive lines – all FAR BETTER COACHED than our boys.

We are UNDERMANNED on Offense, and POORLY COACHED, which is why we are UNDERMANNED on Offense.

If we win this game against an UNRANKED OPPONENT who we are supposed to lose to, it will be because our Punting Teams are good, our Kick-off Return team is good, and because we have 1 of the best defenses in 30 years here this season. It will NOT be because of our offense, or our Kick-Off team.

All these people CLEARED and AJ Green is NOT CLEARED.

AJ Green, sir, why the statement that you have NEVER BEEN TO MIAMI ?

That ISN’T the ISSUE, now is it AJ Green, sir ? You did NOT have to be there for there to be ILLEGAL BENEFITS, so why issue this STATEMENT off the issue ? The issue is ineligible benefits and you sir, AJ Green, have NOT ADDRESSED IT.

This is where we are

WEEK 2 of the 10th season of the Coach Richt Era.

Auburn and Mississippi State.

Georgia and UNRANKED South Carolina.

Georgia tek and hapless Kansas.

Hapless Florida State and Oklahoma after us Saturday. Neither that great.

Michigan and Hapless Notre Dame and neither of them that great.

Hapless Miami of Florida and Ohio State who always loses to SEC

Hapless Pennsylvania State and Alabama after Oklahoma FSU

Oregon and Hapless Tennessee vols who always beat us anyway.

We got ourselves into this predicament the last 5 years after the Jim Donnan recruits went to the NFL.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please tell Jim Donnan to get off the computer!