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Friday, September 10, 2010

Emptying the notebook ...

Akeem Auguste is a safety for the South Carolina football team, and a very good one. He is also, shall we say, prone to a few brash statements.

This is what he told reporters in Columbia earlier this week when asked about Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray:

"I saw him try to make some throws," Auguste said. "He's still a freshman, though, in my eyes. He's still young, still got a lot to prove. We'll see if he can prove it against one of the best secondaries in the nation."

Well then.

A few other leftover notes, as I prepare to duck in my car and drive to Columbia:

- Todd Grantham, in preparing to square off with Steve Spurrier, had nice things to say about the Ol’ (or Head) Ball Coach.

“First of all, he won at Duke,” Grantham said. “That’s not a knock. If you look at him, he won at Duke, then really he got Florida back to where it is now, and then he was so successful there he ended up taking on a new challenge with the Redskins. Now he’s back in college football at South Carolina. I think he’s an excellent coach, he knows what he’s doing, and he’s good for the game. He’s been very successful, and we’ll have to play very well to beat him.”

This isn’t the first time Grantham has been on the opposite sideline from Spurrier. In 2002, Grantham was the defensive line coach for Houston when his team lost to Spurrier’s Redskins.

“I remember I had five D-Linemen active, and I was like, There’s no way anyone can get hurt. And a guy got hurt on kickoff return,” Grantham said. “So I was down to four after the first play, so I do remember that.”

- After all the talk of rotating to end, DeAngelo Tyson said every snap he played in the opener was at nose.

“I guess that’s what coach G wanted me to play,” Tyson said. “Like I said before, anything I need to do to help our team win, I’ll do it. If that’s with me playing nose, then that’s what I’m gonna do.”

- The real reason Caleb King struggled (other than the one touchdown run) in the opener: He didn’t shower three times beforehand, which was his superstition.

“I was in a rush. I thought it might be okay,” King said.

The twisted ankle didn’t help either. Watch to see how much King is affected by it on Saturday. If I had to guess the order of tailback carries, by amount, it would be Washaun Ealey, King and Carlton Thomas.

- Georgia redshirt freshman Kwame Geathers, a backup nose tackle, is a native of Georgetown, S.C.

One cousin, Carlton, is a freshman on South Carolina’s basketball team. Another, Clifton, was a starting defensive end for South Carolina last year, and left early for the NFL. (He was released last week by Cleveland.)

“Every once in awhile, Cliff probably throws a little trash talking in,” Geathers said. “But Carlton not yet. I’m pretty sure it’s coming though.”

- Lastly, a follow-up on the A.J. Green suspension: In response to my open records act request, UGA has declined to release documents pertaining to the ruling. The school, after consulting with legal affairs, cited FERPA. (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.) and that the documents would “directly identify one particular student.”

Why would these documents not be released, while the initial NCAA interview letter was, with the name redacted?

At the time the first letter was released, the player in question had not been solidly identified,” said Mitch Clayton, the Open Records manager for UGA. “At this point, based on information that has already been disseminated, releasing such documentation would directly identify one student.”


Randal Burgess said...

So King showers three times before games and the Volunteers, never.

I've learned a lot going into Week 2...

Coach Powers said...

It is, in fact, "Head Ball Coach" per the Evil Genius himself.

yearofthedawg said...

Click Clack, yo.

Did Kwame get game time last Saturday? I saw him on the sidelines with his helmet on many times but never noticed if he got in the game.

Anonymous said...


I'm pretty sure he played about 8 or so snaps at the very end of the game.

M'ville Dawg said...

Re: Geathers

My understanding is that he only plays in the base 3-4 defense. He's off any time their in the Nickel, in addition to the fact that he's still learning. ULaLa's offense probably meant less base.

Andy said...

Seth, I'm glad you picked us to win over at the Dawg Post. I think you are right on, however, I think we win by 10.

For those of you who haven't seen it, here is Seth's piece. No subscription required.

Michael said...

That's a pretty squirrely response from UGA. Nice effort though Seth. Thanks for keeping us updated.