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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Baker dismissed after arrest

Freshman linebacker Demetre Baker was dismissed from the Georgia football team on Sunday, shortly after his arrest in Athens for DUI and two other charges.

Bulldogs head coach Mark Richt announced the suspension Sunday evening of Baker, a Florida native who had yet to play this season, and did not make the trip to Mississippi State.

“I’ll just say that Demetre was fully aware of the possible consequences that resulted from this kind of situation,” Richt said.

Baker was the 10th Bulldog football player arrested in 2010, and the third since August. Richt was asked if Baker's dismissal signaled a zero-tolerance policy.

“I think all of our guys understand that they need to behave. I’ll put it that way,” Richt said.

Richt said he had not personally spoken with university president Michael Adams, who said last week that every program had been "challenged" on the arrest issue.

"I think they’ll deal with it," Adams said on Sept. 18. "You’re dealing with 19-year-olds. We have more in the general student population than I would like. We’ve had too much in the football program. We expect coaches and the A.D.s to provide role models and leadership for their players. And I told the whole athletic association that.”


Edward said...

Too little too late.

I hope Gary Patterson, Brian Kelly, Mike Leach and Will Muschamp like sweet tea and Waffle House. And, if they don't I imagine there are $3-4 million reasons why they could learn to...

LADAWG said...

Your an idiot. Why would we want Gary Patterson,Mike Leach or Brian Kelly? Our coach is our coach. All programs have ebb and flows. None...I repeat none of those coaches hold a candle to our coach. Grow up and support your team. I highly doubt you even went to Georgia.

CSA said...


I'm simply playing devil's advocate, but at which point do you decide somebody else is better than Coach Richt?

What series of events need to occur so that you no longer support him?

Lawson Bailey said...

Lets see if this dismissal makes any difference although it feels a little like putting lipstick on a pig.

I want NO part of Mike Leach anywhere near Athens.
Chris Petersen- might leave for an SEC job
Gary Patterson- would leave to get into a BCS conference
Will Muschamp- Mack Brown is not leaving anytime soon, but unknown as a head coach and LSU will hire him if they fire Miles
Kriby Smart-burned that bridge with the higher ups and large donors
Kyle Whillingham- would leave Utah

I hate the argument of dont fire Richt, the guy who replaces him might suck. If McGarrity decides to keep Richt so be it. It wont be because he is afraid of what the new guy might do.

Edward said...


Surprised your typewriter was able to post on these here interwebs.

I am an idiot, and you are a genius. We need more seasons without a battle-tested QB like 2006, 2009 and 2010. We need more meltdowns against inferior talent (Kentucky '08, 09). We need more games where we come out flat and without any passion (Tennessee '07, '08, '09, Florida '08, '09, Ga Tech, '08...). We need more "internal searches" and "back to basics" seminars.

Teams have ebbs and flows. Typically when the talent and heart of a team dissapear it has less to do with your opponents cyclical success, and more to do with the man/men in the mirror.

Patterson, Leach, Kelly are all innovators that are winning at programs unacustomed to success. We should snatch one of them up before someone else does.

I hope you like your black and white TV. The rest of the world operates in HD these days.


Anonymous said...

Obviously HD doesn't work enough for you to see Brian Kelly is at Notre Dame now, not Cincinatti. He all but threw himself at the feet of the ND administration begging them to hire him. Yeah, he's leaving a higher profile job that he desperately wanted for us...right. Gary Patterson may, Kyle Wittingham may, Muschamp definitely would, but the last UGA player turned coach worked out great if I remember. Mike Leach is a piece of...well, I'll just say I won't be renewing my tickets if we hire him. As far as this insane obsession with Chris Peterson, he would be stupid to leave...a national media who fawns over BSU, easiest schedule in the world and a zealous fanbase. Why is the Ga job better again? Tougher schedule, less media fawning...tell me when I hit what makes the UGA job better.

Anonymous said...

Edward, wtf do you like Waffle House? It's founded and owned by a Techie, Bro.

Mike said...

Some ironic comments in an interview Hale had with Baker back in May....

DH: So when you're not playing sports, what do you like to do for fun?

DB: Usually I like to go out and have dinner or hang out with some friends. I was there and saw the downtown (in Athens) and it's a little bit wild. But you don't have to worry about that. I'm not that type of person. I usually stay indoors, try to keep small business and be careful with how I conduct myself. I don't want any trouble because it's easy to get into and hard to get out.

Read more:

LADAWG said...

Edward...Get your facts straight.

Leach has never won a big game and his offense is a gimmick, they were never in play for the Big 12 championship. Defense wins games. See Saban.

Gary Patterson...see above. how did that BCS game work out?

Brian Kelly....great job at Notre Dame. Really impressed by the way they handled Stanford, Michigan, and Michigan State.

If you want an innovative offensive coach that understands defense, why are you not talking about Chris Peterson or Chip Kelly? Probably because your HD is actually running off cathode ray tubes.

How is it that McGarity hasn't called you for advice? Surely a man of your vision and football intellect would be highly valued for your counsel.

I forgot...your a jaded fan that probably grew up in Moultrie, went to Valdosta State and you pull for the dogs because it the chic thing to do on Sat. Why don't you accept that CMR might...just might have a grasp as to what it means to coach in the SEC and what it means to prepare these young men for life. If your such a fan...take your vitriol out on your boss at the gravel pit and be a big boy and support CMR and the team. If you must have a say in what CMR is doing, either graduate from Georgia or how about donating a few million so you can be thanked properly for your support. See you in Colorado.

Edward said...

My mistake on the Kelly - meant Chip, who will do well at Oregon until one of the LA schools bounces back with a vengeance. Certainly not a Brian Kelly fan. At least I can admit when I'm dead wrong.

LADAWG - are you Richt's wife? Shouldn't you be pouring water on the sidelines?

Texas at Texas Tech 2008, remind me again who won? Guess that's not as big a game as Georgia has won in the last few years, right? How'd that blackout work out for us against Bama the same year?

Check the TT record against Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas over the past five years. I'd bet it stacks up nicely with that of Richt's record against Florida (1-4), Tennessee (2-3), South Carolina (3-2). Say what you will about his record, but know that he was beating more talented teams with his "flaky" "gimmicky" approach. Richt has struggled to get over the finish line against the likes of Kentucky, Vandy and Tech with far superior talent to any of those teams.

And as for my whereabouts, and degree - I'm nothing but a high school dropout that knows crappy football when I see it.

Todd said...

Every coach goes through hard times. I want to see how Richt responds to this huge challenge before I'm ready to pull the plug on him. After what he's done for the UGA program, we owe him that. If he can't pull the team out of this mess, then maybe it's time for a change. But I'd be very careful for what you wish for. Remember, Dan Hawkins (from Boise State, no less) was supposed to be a big hire for Colorado and look how that's worked out so far.

Michael said...

4 out of the last 5 years in the crapper is not an ebb and flow.

That's just a flush.