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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Richt: Effort not the issue

Mark Richt isn’t quite buying that effort was the problem in Saturday’s loss to South Carolina.

Plenty of Bulldog players have theorized that – pointing the finger at themselves – but Richt thinks that’s a symptom of “not knowing what to say” when asked about the loss.

“I just think they’re frustrated," he said. "And then when they get these things thrown at them, what is the right thing to say. I don’t know. We calculate loafs in the game. And (this) was not a game where we said, ‘We loafed.’ So I don’t think it was a lack of effort.”

If anything, Richt added, it might have been not substitution enough in hot weather. And the fact his team was beat physically.

“We got knocked back. That was the biggest problem,” Richt said.

This was brought even more to Richt's notice as he watched the TV copy of the game, which he does regularly.

He noticed an image of one of their players who turned down an opportunity to lay into somebody on a key play.

“That’s not Georgia football,” Richt said.

Some other quick notes and nuggets from Richt and player availability on Tuesday:

- Richt on the importance of the game: “I don’t know how big a game can get. But this is big. We know that. Our coaches know it. Our players know it.”

- Nose tackle DeAngelo Tyson, who played every snap at South Carolina, did so even after getting treatment during the game for a knee sprain. He also admitted he got tired.

The reason Justin Anderson and Kwame Geathers, two bigger nose tackles, didn’t play was because South Carolina was in a three-receiver set almost the entire game, and in Georgia’s nickel package, Tyson is the nose.

But Richt said they were working on changing their personnel package, so the bigger nose tackles will be in there.

Richt also said the defensive line has to “drop anchor” a bit more. There were too big a seam for the linebackers to try and make plays.

- Richt reiterated that Aaron Murray would be given a bit more leeway in the offense, and felt the freshman quarterback was ready.

“We’ve gotta let him shoot a little bit more than we have lately,” Richt said. “Could Murray match (Ryan) Mallett. I don’t know. Of course Joe Cox did last year.”

- Asked to evaluate the run-blocking, Richt called it “fair.”

“And I say that, if I had a bunch of freshmen linemen I’d say it was a pretty decent day. But I expect more of our group,” he said.


Anonymous said...

Was that a shot at Joe Cox?

Anonymous said...

A shot at Joe - hardly - more like a compliment IMHO.

If anything I guess it could be construed as a small shot at Mallet.

dawgy said...

So we've got more players and more talent than SC and got physically beat because we did not substitute enough?

I'm lost.

UGA69Dawg said...

"Drop anchor" heck they should have just layed down and maybe Lattimore trips. The DL and LB's didn't even slow him down. CTG and CRG shame on you guys for expecting one guy to go all the way on a day like that. Especially when their center was having his way with him. We're lucky he didn't have heat stroke.

Anonymous said...

how in the hell does that happen? Not getting the D- line rotation going? All we heard from these coaches in the summer was that the line would be rotating constantly. Then in the first real game of the season Tyson goes every snap. Nothing against Tyson he is a heck of a player but he cant do it alone.

Anonymous said...

Keep saying it, “Wait until next year.” You are going nowhere until you get rid of Richt. Look at the QB roster in 2010, 4 FRESHMEN, no Soph, jr or sr. So you redshirt 1 or 2, then what, how many recruits do you think you will get over the next few years. You will not when a NC with Richt, not disciplined enough as a coach, may win the SEC once a decade. All you will be doing is hiding behind the SEC SKIRT like VANDY! Unfortunately the SEC Skirt isn’t as pretty as in the past.

BuckheadDawg said...

I agree with UGA69Dawg and Anonymous above...leaves me speechless to think that in the sauna that is Columbia that we had 0 substitutions at a position as critical as the NT. Even if Tyson is in the best shape of his life there is no way to believe he can be at his best for every snap of that game. I honestly don't care what package we were in. Tyson needed a break and didn't get one. Seems to me like poor coaching was as big a factor Saturday as our ineptitude in the tackling department.

NCDawg said...

I was not too concerned about the SC game. I figured a split in the first 2 SEC games, we have a new defensive scheme, and the game was close. As Richt said, everything is fixable. Until I read Grantham's post-game comments, (paraphrase)"We need to tackle better, we did not execute, we need to work on fundamentals." I swear it was Martinez channeling through CTG.

Anonymous said...

Richt is 9-11 in his last 20 sec east games. 5 of those 9 wins came from Kentucky and vandy. 14 of those 20 games Richt had Stafford And Moreno on his roster. the performance Saturday had nothing to do with playing a freshman qb. Uga's avg score in the 11 losses is 33-17. Our coaches fail to show up in half of the big games we play. Regardless of the level of talent on the field.s

Florida 1-3
Tennessee 1-3
USC 2-2
Kentucky 2-2
Vandy 3-1

With a number of NFL top draft picks the only team we have a winning record against is vandy. That is not getting done my friends.

Anonymous said...

Did you watch the game? Murray looked like a FRESHMAN. Even the Senior players are just not on the same sync, I am also concerned about not having QBs from different classes, it will make for a problem recruiting QBs down the road, if Murray and the others don't pan out over the next 4 yrs.

Ginny said...

Here comes the Anons. It's so easy to spew garbage when there's no name attached to it.

Anonymous said...

Dog! Dog-gone dog. I thought effort was the issue. Like no effort to have a roster of players, a game plan, and adjustments to the plan during the game.

Now what do you think SC had in mind to a game plan. Hey Lat do you think you can rush for 180 on 37 carries. Yeah coach is that our plan. Yep for now, but I'll let you know after the first drive and their first drive. they are not substituting their NG and Gs are not doing good. Stay with the plan.

Anonymous said...

If you have a better team with more and better players and get beat physically and get knocked back - isn't that a symptom of "loafing"?

These comments just frustrate me.

And yes the Arky game is HUGE. If we lose this game all bets are off for this season and we're looking at a downward spiral like hasn't been seen ... almost ever with Georgia football. The good news is that Arkansas is more of a passing team and we do actually seem to do better against the pass instead of the run.

Todd said...

So here's how you scout UGA - run a 3 WR set all game and make them line up in the nickel. That way they won't sub the nose guard and we can run it down their throats all game against a tired D-line.

Anonymous said...

I think Coach Petrino in so many words said "we can stop you guys becasue effort is not an issue for us with our defense" and "we can gash you underneath with the short quick hitting routes because you can not rush us quickly enough from the outside with my laser throwing QB" and "for fun your corners can not stay with our 3 wideout set when we want to go deep which will be often". Response: run hard, run at will, and do not give up the ball. Let Mallett and Lattimore see what a rushing offense is. Anything less than 400 yards on the ground will be deemed "effort was not the issue".

Ozam said...

The only adjective I can think of to describe the situation is "frustrating."

If you would have told me five years ago the program would be on such a negative trend I would have said no way.

But the record is pretty clear and our first SEC game has done nothing to convince anyone things are "different."

I want to be mad that the Dawgs were outcoached and manhandled, but that just may be where we are as a program.

So sad...but unfortunately true.

Anonymous said...

Accept the fact that through Goof, Donnan and now Richt UGA sucks and forever will. It is not exactly about the coaches. It is Athens, it is sucky UGA fans it the toxic athletic program and school in general. The sooner UGA fans lose their delusions of grandeur the less bitter they will be.

Left to Right said...

Looks like sock-puppeting is in full effect in these comments.

Anonymous said...

For the first time since I have followed Georgia Football I am hearing words like "fraud" and "timid" used to describe the team.
Greg Mcgarity: "Where's the bottom?"
Georgia Football is not "in the hunt".

Anonymous said...

10 wins 11 losses vs SEC East since we last went to the SEC championship game in 2005.

Anonymous said...

Ginny the problem is with the offense scoring 6

Birmingham Dawg fan said...

Mark Richt sucks! Mcgarity has to know it's time to put fuel in the jet and go get us a high energy winner out of Austin Texas. Will Muschamp will save us and bring back that hard working, go hard or go home attitude we lost with The Richtster. It will never get better Mcgarity, fire his ass for the love of God. Fire his ass!