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Friday, September 3, 2010

Ogletree suspended (updated)

Georgia safety Alec Ogletree has been suspended for Saturday's opener.

Ogletree was arrested Friday and charged with "theft by taking," a misdemeanor. He was booked at the Clarke County jail at 2:07 p.m., according to jail records, with bail set at $1,500. He posted bail and was released at 4:51 p.m.

A short time later, Georgia announced his suspension for a "minimum" of one game.

"Certainly it’s an unfortunate sequence of events.” head coach Mark Richt said in a stateement. "I’m disappointed in the situation and will continue to gather information as the case is processed through the proper legal channels. In the meantime, Alec is still responsible for a poor decision and will serve a minimum one game suspension as a result."

Georgia athletics director Greg McGarity said Richt made "the right decision."

Ogletree posted a brief statement on his Facebook page around 5:45 p.m. on Friday:

"Thanks You to everybody that is standing behind me on this..... Everything will be ok on this end and this is the first and last time you see me in the news or watever for something bad."

Ogletree becomes the ninth Georgia player to be arrested this year.

He also becomes the third player suspended for the opener as a result of an arrest. Tailback Washaun Ealey is sitting out after his arrest last week on three misdemeanors stemming from hitting a parked car. Receiver Tavarres King is also out for the opener after a July alcohol-related arrest.

“This what occurred back in June. So you’ve just gotta sit back, look and see exactly what happened," McGarity said. "Mark made the right decision. So we just move forward. I’m sure these kids’ll learn from their mistakes and move forward. There are little bumps in the road.

"But it’s just something we’ve got to focus on, just continuing education. Things along those lines. Nothing that can’t be corrected. We’ve just gotta keep working on it.”


Andy said...

We need to call Lankester Merrin.


He should be suspended for a year.

(or not)

Scott said...

im sick of mark richt suspending these kids for things that dont rate suspensions at other schools

Anonymous said...

Thou Shalt Not Steal.

I'm a dawg, but it's not the value, it's the principle. Kick off the team for a year with strict probation and no association with the team.

Quinn Arnau said...

Seriously they spend three months and sent an "investigator" to talk to him regarding a $35 dollar helmet. You can steal and he should be suspended but please there is obviously a witch hunt going on in Athens... what is the deal with the campus police??? Gross misuse of resources, this is insane.

quinn arnau said...

cant steal... i meant you cant and shouldnt steal. unless it is the football during the game, then he should steal it from the offense...

Anonymous said...

Why are ya'll freaking out so much? Yes, discipline is necessary, but gone for a year? Give me a break! If he pays back the 35 dollars, then what is left that he's done wrong?

Carter said...

Okay now they're just running-up the score for the Fulmer Cup.

Anonymous said...

Great one, Carter!

dawgjammin said...

Stealing is a serious offense. its what got Masoli and Cam Newton kicked off Oregon and Florida respectively and the MTSU QB Dasher kicked off the team for a year.

It doesn't matter if its a candy bar or a diamond ring. It is the principle.

In Feb on national signing day, who would have thought Zander would have been the first Ogletree to see the field for the dawgs...

Anonymous said...

Do we have any proof he stole it? Being in possession of it does not mean you stole it. Especially a $35 helmet. Have you priced real helmets?

Oberg said...

They issue arrest warrants for stolen scooter helmets?????

How much time do they have on their hands?????

I am ALL for personal responsibility, paying consequences for poor choices, and removing our team from the police blotter...

...but this situation sounds completely absurd. What is next - a statewide GBI investigation for pulling a tag off of a mattress?

Anonymous said...

Are they going to continue to have the "Perp Walk" before the home games?

Anonymous said...

That is a bold-faced lie that there are 3 Bulldogs suspended for the Opening Day Game, after our 8-5 season last year during which David Hale reported 39 arrests / suspensions from February 2007 to March 2010.

Alec Ogletree thief suspended 1 game at least. Excuse me, he is arrested for being a thief and does NOT deny it. You people have more excuses than a pregnant nun. Suspended 1 game because South Carolina is game 2.

Tavarres King duped a teammate into driving his truck with 7 teenagers so that 6 could drive around Athens for the sole purpose of getting drunk in his truck. We lost a very promising running back, Dontavius Jackson when Vance Cuff provided his valid over 21 years old Driver's License to Branden Smith who had it on his person and had Branden Smith's Driver's License suspended for having it on his person ( Did Branden Smith buy the alcohol with Vance Cuff's DL ? ) Tavarres King got 1 game suspension because South Carolina is game 2, Vance Cuff Zero and Branden Smith Zero. By the way, does this begin to sound like DISCIPLINE ?

Washaun Ealey, # 9 RB in the nation, failed to appear in Court as ordered, for which a bench warrant & license suspended was issued know to Coach Richt. He had been speeding and improperly registered his vehicle for failure to pay ad valorem tax. Then, he drove his roommate's car anyway at 3:20 a.m. On returning to the dorm, in front of 3 University employees who stopped and discussed it with Washaun Ealey, Ealey hit another person's vehicle and had zero remorse about the damage, claiming as he ran off I've just got to go. Suspended 1 game because South Carolina is game 2.

Zach Mettenberger 2 guilty counts of sexual battery on a little coed, a college student in a sorority, who he never met. Kicked off the team. When you are kicked off the team March 7, excuse me you are suspended for this game. In addition, Coach Richt announced this LSU recruit was suspended for this game.

Montez Robinson 3 counts of assault and battery on a little coed, a college student at the University of Georgia. Suspended for this game. In addition for the 3 offense of the same charges against the same person, Coach Richt kicked him off the team. But, like Zach Mettenberger not before he suspended Montez Robinson for this game too. In fact, twice.

Trent Dittmer arrested downtown Athens after punting in the G-Day Game beating up a citizen and public drunk. Kicked off the team. That is not worthy of discussion that he is the 6th UGA Bulldog suspended for this game, not the 3rd as you INACCURATELY report.

Coach Richt is Accountable for his Recruits, just as he is for losing to 8 teams in 9 years who were not ranked in the Top 25 Final AP Poll the year he lost to them including for example to a team who even with their win over Coach Richt only won 4 games that season Vandie.

Coach Richt is accountable for all this bad press caused by the recruits he continues to bring here. Coach Richt is accountable by his OWN WORDS TODAY AGAIN for NO DISCIPLINE on the field or off the field, in being forgiving and not laying down the law as detailed herein since March 7 2010.

Coach Richt is accountable for Christian LeMay, just as he is for 10-10 vs SEC East the last 4 years, when there is only 1 top team in the entire 20 games.

Season Opener and this is what we have to talk about


Rdawg said...

I am not a fan of the blog updates. If you are going to add info to a story, please either start a new post or use a different color text for the update.

Not a big deal, but wanted to pass along my thoughts.

Love the blog either way!