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Friday, September 3, 2010

McGarity, UGA still waiting on NCAA

Georgia athletics director Greg McGarity said his department had not heard from the NCAA on its inquiry as of late this afternoon.

The NCAA has handed down rulings in its agent probe at Alabama, and apparently at least partially at North Carolina and South Carolina. But Georgia still has not heard anything, and McGarity granted that it could go up until game time.

"Who knows. It’s one of those things where you’re just sitting by the phone waiting, and waiting," McGarity said. "So we’ll just see what happens.”

McGarity spoke after a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Sanford Stadium's Reed Plaza.

There aren't any outward worries at Georgia that star receiver A.J. Green, the player reportedly interviewed by the NCAA, would have to sit out any games. Green has said he was not at a Miami party that appears to be at the center of the agent probe.

But the NCAA has apparently not officially notified Georgia, with now hours to go until it takes the field in its season opener. So I asked McGarity if that was frustrating.

“Well, I think you always want to know," McGarity said. "But also, no one can put a time limit on the NCAA. There are a lot of things going on right now with a lot of institutions. So we’re just sitting around waiting until we hear something.”

This was McGarity's first week on the job. It's far from done, with the football opener on Saturday, but he said he had a productive week meeting with coaches (in the coaches' respective offices) and with staff.

“Just (understanding) the basic foundation of what we want to do as an organization moving forward. And a lot of these are already in place," McGarity said. "So it’s not like we’re reinventing the wheel. But (it’s about) our office being able to learn what people do. It’s a great staff. They’ve done a great job getting the stadium ready. And we’ll see how it works tomorrow.”


Anonymous said...

Whats even more frustrating about it is that we (AJ) shouldn't even be a part of this! It was a silly rumor that started somewhere and got reported on TMZ.

Its the kind of thing that doesn't make the NCAA look good.

Anonymous said...

McGarity is earning his keep from day one - poor guy.

Anonymous said...

I miss David Hale more than my dead mother