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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Green update

Georgia is still waiting to hear from the NCAA on its inquiry, and doesn’t know when it will get any word.

Head coach Mark Richt was not available after Thursday’s practice. But associate athletics director Claude Felton said in an e-mail that the school has “not heard anything from the NCAA today.”

And, as far as the inquiry, Felton referred back to the repeated no-comments from Richt.

When asked whether the school expected to hear from the NCAA at game time, Felton said:

“The NAA has not given any indication when we will hear from them.”

Georgia received a letter from the NCAA on July 22 notifying the school it would interview a player as part of an “inquiry.” The player’s name was redacted, but junior receiver A.J. Green told reporters the next day that he had been asked by Georgia officials if he attended an agent-affiliated party in Miami.

Presumably this was the same party that’s at the crux of a probe that has also involved players at North Carolina, South Carolina and Alabama. And Green’s answer was that he had not been to Miami.

Green, Richt, and everybody at Georgia has given no indication they’re worried that the star receiver will not be able to play. But we may not know for sure until warm-ups on Saturday, or even until kickoff.

(Just ask South Carolina, which was still awaiting word on player eligibility a couple hours from its Thursday night kickoff.)


Anonymous said...

I fully admit that I'm just plain raging here... but the NCAA is just stupid.

I mean, what are they going to ponder in the last hour leading up to the game that they don't already know? Either make a statement on the eligibility of the players in question (for both Ga. and Carolina), or just say it'll be at least another week.

Matt said...

My biggest fear is that the NCAA is out to get football teams. What better way to screw a team then to allow the questionable player, like Green, play the first two games. Then later, they make us have to forfeit the game because we played ineligible player(s). Really retarded.

Either they did or didn't. Just announce it NCAA and get it over with. These kids are out there to play football, have fun, and eventually have a career in the sport.

Anonymous said...

Too much power without a balance...Obama and the NCAA

UGA69Dawg said...


I'm confused Dez Bryant was under investigation for lying to the NCAA last year when we played them. He played and was later suspended by the NCAA but they did not make OSU vacate it's wins while he was playing. Why would this not be the same thing. If they find wrong doing then suspend the player from that point on but not while they are screwing around with the thing.

Anonymous said...

I'm hearing the NCAA might have uncovered some type of fraction with AJ selling his jersey. This is why you don't want the NCAA hanging around...they can uncover a fly $hitting.

Rick said...

@Anon 6:32

Spew your Fox News rhetoric elsewhere. I COULD mention that it's woefully ignorant voters like you that got us into this mess in the first place, but I won't. This is a football blog so let's keep it that way.

Btw, anyone else get sick of the praise for South Carolina during the game tonight? (especially their offense) They were talking like the Cocks are SEC champion material. Hello THEY WERE PLAYING SOUTHERN MISS! Those morons at ESPN need to get a grip. Since when has a Conference USA team been known for their defense anyway? IF SC's offense could score against them then I'm sure every other team in the country could too. Just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rick I agree this is a football blog and should remain such - so WhoTF made you hall monitor - and if you think Fox spews nothing but rhetoric and Obama is the savior you are beyond help.

Now carry on.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:32pm????

How dare you violate the 11th commandment?

"Thou shalt not take the name of Obama in vain lest thee be smote down by the Lord."

Anonymous said...

Rick, seems like anyone that doesn't agree with you is either a moron, ignorant or just spewing rhetoric. It must be lonely being on that know-it-all pedestal by yourself.

Rick said...


Assuming that I support Obama just b/c I criticized Fox News is precisely a tactic they would use on that crappy network. Well done.

Oh and as to the same Anon posting 4 different times pretending to be 4 different people, yeah I'M the lonely one [/sarcasm].

Aww did the poor baby get angry cuz I called him ignorant for voting for Bush? Poor baby. A lot of good he did for us while in office right?

Go back to recess and let the adults talk please. Off you go now.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 9:23

Way to generalize things. The disagreement was between two posters but all of a sudden Rick hates everyone who disagrees with him? Really?

If you're going to attempt to be clever, at least try to make sense.

Ben Dukes said...

People who post as "anonymous" don't garner my attention. If you're afraid to attach your name to your words, you're of no consequence to the humanity.

Moving on from that, why use the headline "Green Update" to inform people that there's no news on the Green Situation?

Here's one: "Revolutionary War Update!!!" - We won.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ben sometimes I post anonymously because it is quicker. I get tired of having to enter the same information every time I post. If that makes me insignificant then so be it.