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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Murray vs. Garcia

My stories are filed, and I'm prepared to go home to my cable television.

(Which was finally installed, but without channel descriptions. Supposedly they're coming tomorrow to fix it. Considering the horror stories a lot of you posted, I guess I got off lucky.)

First, though, I wanted to leave you all with one final note, which you'll hear a lot more about a month from now. Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray and South Carolina's Stephen Garcia are from rival high schools in Tampa, Fla., and Murray said they've met and spoken a couple times.

“I’m just excited to play at South Carolina. It’s pretty cool that it’s against another Tampa quarterback, so it should be pretty exciting,” Murray said.

Murray was a sophomore at Plant High School in Tampa when Garcia was a senior at rival Jefferson High. But the two didn't square off then: Robert Mavre (now at Purdue, after starting his career at Miami) opposed Garcia.

"It was the big Mavre-Garcia game," Murray said.

This year it'll be the big Murray-Garcia game. Murray is being thrown into the fire as a redshirt freshman. Garcia was too, though later in the season, started every game last year and enters this year as one of the SEC’s most experienced signal callers.

“There’s a lot of hype about him this year. I’m excited to see what he can do," Murray said. "He definitely matured over the past couple years, on the field, and continually got better, so it’s looking like he should have a good season.”


Anonymous said...

I'm stuck over here in the land of the Cock and have to listen to 107.5 The Game for my sports radio fix. Those guys want to drink the Garcia kool-aid but don't seem to know what to make of the ol ball coaches attitude towards him.

Andy said...

Seth, since you run the show now, would you mind ditching one of the two blogs (the gray background or the white background) and just run with one, please? It has always frustrated me that when I text my brother to see my latest fascinating, insightful and sarcastic comment, he always lands on the color of blog it wasn't posted on (and then believes me to be drunk while at work at 2:30 in the afternoon).

I would have asked David ages ago, but I was scared of him and his continual jinxes.

Seth Emerson said...

Andy, I'd love to, it's a hassle having to post on two blogs. But one has to be on the Macon site, and another on Columbus.

Andy said...

To Hell with Columbus, they're basically Alabama anyway!

But, I see, that makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Um, Seth, it's Marve not Mavre.

Anonymous said...

If Garcia does have a very good season as out-spoken Aaron Murray predicts for this season, and it starts against UGA in Columbia in game 2, Coach Richt will be 10-11 over the then last 5 years vs SEC East foes. I point out that there has only been 1 team in The SEC East we have played the last 4 years, and yet 50 percent of the games vs SEC East UGA foes the last 4 years have beat Coach Richt.

Unranked South Carolina is a slight pick in this game, and of course UGA was NOT RANKED in the Top 25 Final AP Poll last season.

Is this all we are going to talk about is South Carolina and jibes like the Reigning National Champions are not from the state to our West ? What ? No discussion on our new mascot – Lindsay Lohan ? How's your cat ?

Anonymous said...

WTF are you trying to say

"I point out that there has only been 1 team in The SEC East we have played the last 4 years, and yet 50 percent of the games vs SEC East UGA foes the last 4 years have beat Coach Richt."

Go away moron..........

Anonymous said...

Ok, ok, so Evil Anon still plagues us post-Hale and his diatribes still don't make any sense.

On the plus side, his shortened-up posts look fabulous. Slim-Fast?