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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mettenberger, Favre and so forth

Zach Mettenberger has enrolled at Butler (Kan.) Junior College, according to the Wichita Eagle.

Butler (the junior college, not the NCAA hoops runner-up) is known for being a haven for second chances and has won 10 national titles, most recently in 2008 and 2009. (Rudi Johnson played there before going to Auburn, and current NBA player Stephen Jackson began his career there after not qualifying at Arizona.)

"We did our research on Zach," Butler coach Troy Morrell told the Eagle. "We feel like he can be a great asset to our team, and it's widely known that he paid the price for what he's done and he's trying to move on."

- Here’s my story from this morning on Logan Gray. Kris Durham added some comments later that didn’t go in my story:

“Logan’s looking really well. He’s a lot better than I expected. Of course he knows the plays and the schemes and things like that. But he’s definitely a lot further along than I expected.”

- I know you’re sick of Brett Favre talk. So I thought I’d give you a break by giving you quotes from several Bulldogs on what they think of … Brett Favre. (Sorry).

Receiver Kris Durham had a live-and-let-Favre-live take on it.

“You know what? I love watching him play, because of his attitude, and his love for the game. But if he feels like it’s his time to go, then it’s time," Durham said. "If he wants to come back he deserves that. If he wants to retire, then he’s had a great career, you can’t say anything bad about the guy.”

Durham said he’s a Falcons fan, but laughed when asked if he remembered Favre’s rookie year with Atlanta:

“I was too young. What year was that, 1991? I was only like three years old.”

Receiver Rontavious Wooten is among the many who is skeptical that Favre is done. ("I don't think he's gonna hang it up." Wooten, as a receiver, also loves watching Favre play:

“I like how he gets the ball out, I like how he spreads it out. Of course you’re always gonna have that top guy, but I like how he throws it around. And his quick release, how he gets it out.

Tight end Orson Charles said he was surprised to hear Favre was hanging it up.

“I thought he was gonna come back a year," Charles said. "We saw he was gonna retire as we were going out to practice. But he’s old, and I don’t feel like he should keep taking that beating, because he still needs to be there with his family, and play with his little kids. So I think it’s a wise thing.”

But Charles laughed when asked if he thought Favre was REALLY retiring.

“We’ll have to see. Brett Favre keeps you on your toes.”

- It’s not exactly a shock that A.J. Green could be in the NFL next year. So it’s not surprising that Wooten misunderstood when I asked if he was as curious as everyone else about who comes after A.J. (I meant this year who the second and third receivers would be. Wooten thought I meant next year.)

“I don’t think anybody on the receiver is worrying about next year right now. We’re just …”

I interrupted him at that point, and we had a good laugh.


Anonymous said...

Could we get the players opinions about Brett Favre regarding the article that broke this morning. I'd be quite interested in their thoughts on the matter.

202dawg said...

OR, maybe he KNEW what you meant and was just being coy... :)

Nice one though Seth. BTW, i'm living in DC right now. Any hidden gems you would recommend as far as bars/restaurants/etc?

Noops Dawg said...


I noticed you haven't changed the e-mail at the bottom of the "about the author" section. It still goes to David's old address.

You should probably get on that so anonymous can start sending you long-winded rants in a more personal manner.

Seth Emerson said...

Good point, Noop Dawg. Lemme see what I can do.

Carter said...

I know our guys have to watch what they say, but it would've been great if somebody said, "Bret Favre is a selfish, manipulative attention whore. What a d!ck."

What do you think it would take for the mainstream media to turn on Favre?

Cojones said...

Seth- Like your easy-going interview style. Makes the reader feel as if he is there. Albany had to be fun. Had a connection there through a plantation to the Eastern Shore.

Have seen this mentioned before and would like to read a take on the players during the games whereby the reporting is through our faithful mascot. Call it "Russ's Corner or House", "UGA The Eigth", "UGA the Bench Info Sniffer" that will report the cheering comments made by those not in the game, what they say to each other when a player comes out of the game,etc..

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

PLZ, PLZ B Favre FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!

BZ said...

why did Dexter Morant leavt the team???