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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ten things gleaned from the Richt press conference

It wasn’t the most eventful Mark Richt news conference. But it was the last one, at least of the regular season, so here are 10 things we learned. (Sort of like the headline says):

1. Richt is big on the importance of the game, especially in the context of the Bulldogs’ 5-6 record. It gives his team something to play for besides mere bowl eligibility.

“It’s great to have a game like this at the end of the season – particularly this season,” he said.

2. Richt also preached the importance of winning the Governor’s Cup, which is bestowed on the winner of the Georgia-Georgia Tech game. The current Cup, we’re told, is currently sitting in the office of a UGA associate athletics director. No word on whether it’s being used as a paperweight.

3. And since it’s the Governor’s Cup, the pregame coin toss will be performed by Gov.-elect Nathan Deal. Out of habit, Roy Barnes is expected to cut an attack ad that criticizes Deal’s performance.

4. The Warner Robins Little League team will lead the Dawg Walk before Saturday’s game. No word on whether they’ll also be asked to play third down-defense.

5. Georgia will also wear a helmet sticker during the game to honor the Georgia National Guard. No snarky comment on this one.

6. Even though quarterback Aaron Murray practiced on Monday, Richt said it’s “still not 100 percent certain” that Murray will play. But it sounded like there would have to be a major setback in practice this week for him to miss the game.

That said, Richt added that true freshman backup Hutson Mason has improved to the point the team would be confident in using him. While Logan Gray got snaps last week, Richt said it wasn’t with the idea of starting him if Murray couldn’t go.

7. Don’t count Richt among the people who think ill of Georgia Tech’s cut-blocking. Richt called the Yellow Jackets “the best cut-blocking team in the country,” adding “and it’s a legal block.”

Georgia coaches are trying to teach the scout-teamers to cut block the way Tech does, but simulating the speed of the system is difficult.

8. Richt said fullback Anthony Allen “is the big key” in the Yellow Jacket offense. Allen, listed as the B-Back in Tech’s triple-option, is the team’s leading rusher with 1,059 yards, and has five touchdowns.

9. Besides the Bulldog seniors, two juniors will also be honored before the game: LB Charles White and G Ben Harden. The two reserves will apparently be leaving the program.

10. As for other juniors who might leave early, Richt said he “never assumes” any will go. The coaches will sit down and talk to anybody exploring the NFL, and “go through the process,” the coach said.

So basically, if A.J. Green, Justin Houston or anyone else has decided to leave, they haven’t told the coaches yet.


CSA said...

The comment about the little league team running third down defense was actually pretty funny, thanks for the laugh, I needed it.

Saturday's game should be pretty interesting, I think Tech will stay in there, it won't be the 15-point blowout Vegas is predicting.

Anonymous said...

Besides LeMay, who else is coming in early? It look like we need to sign 27-28, so atleast 3 we need to come in early.

Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud on the Roy Barnes bit. Good one!

Anonymous said...

Lemay, Conley, Moore, and Terrance Smith if we can flip him from FSU

Anonymous said...

Charles White is leaving the program? Do you have any additional information on both of these guys leaving, Seth?

Anonymous said...

Charles White and Ben Harden are both 4th year juniors who are probably close to graduating and have got virtually no playing time.They were 2 recruiting misses.Donnan used to say something about you don't need players who eat the team food, ride the team bus, and then sit on the team bench.Coaches probably suggested it was time to move on.

Anonymous said...

"The current Cup, we’re told, is currently sitting in the office of a UGA associate athletics director. No word on whether it’s being used as a paperweight."

That is cold! Haha. Did you forget to take your laxative this morning seth?

meansonny said...

Seth, what's the scoop on Aron White?

Is he injured? Is he in the dawg house for something (Florida game perhaps)?

Does Aaron Murray just feel more comfortable with Orson out there?

Outside of 3 games, Aron has been pretty non-existant this season.