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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

MSU releases statement on Newton

There seems to be news (or rumors) about Cameron Newton every hour. Here's the latest: Mississippi State has taken the unusual step of releasing a statement to confirm that it forwarded the SEC information on Newton's recruitment, along with an explanation of the timeline.

The statement in full:

Mississippi State University acknowledges that it contacted the Southeastern Conference office in January of 2010 regarding an issue relating to its recruitment of Cam Newton.

Shortly after the initial call, the SEC office requested specific information to include interviews with involved staff from MSU.

Due to MSU dealing with ongoing and time-consuming eligibility issues involving non-football matters in the winter and spring of 2010, the specific SEC request went unfulfilled. Some additional information was provided to the SEC during July of 2010. Once the NCAA enforcement staff became involved, Mississippi State University cooperated fully with its investigation. MSU is confident the SEC office has managed this process consistent with its established procedures and the university is committed to the conference’s ongoing efforts to ensure compliance with SEC and NCAA rules.

So does this change anything, as far as Georgia is concerned? Probably not.

Earlier in the day, Auburn head coach Gene Chizik reiterated that Newton "will be playing" against Georgia on Saturday.

That is still more than likely to be the case. But let's just say the situation bears watching over the next 72 hours.


Willb said...

We have to give up on the thought that Cam won't play this sat. It's like were saying we can't beat them if he plays.

We need to play against a player like Cam Newton so see how far our defense has come. We can shock the world this weekend with a win against Auburn with Cam Newton. We beat them without Newton and everyone will say Ga only won cause....

Wade said...

Does it bother anyone else that we are one or two plays away from playing in Atlanta?

It looks like UF's offense is clicking and they are favored at home against SC this Saturday.

Had we beat UF like we were supposed to, we could be on our way to losing in the SEC Championship game.

Thank the lord that basketball season starts on Friday.

ben said...

Anyone wonder what that MSU offense would have looked like this year with Cam? If this article's author's opinion is close to right.

And we aren't that far off from LSU and FLA, how far off does that make MSU and what would their record look like?

Wade said...

So, hypothetically, *if* these reports turn out to be true and Newton was shopped around to MSU and ended up being "bought" by Auburn, does that mean he was shopped around in his initial recruitment when he ended up at UF? Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Wade, I'm really trying to not think about how close we were to having a special season. A play here or there, a non fumble or 2, not spotting Florida such a 1st half lead and this season could have been SO MUCH different. It is what it is though and every inch counts. Just seeing how lucky LSU has been this year shows how a few inches can change the outcome of a season drastically!

Anonymous said...

The real problem is Richt, who refuses to eat grass and wear funny hats. I hope McGarity addresses this non-grass eating and lack of visors in the off season and we get some coaches in here that can chew their cud and sport game-appropriate logo headgear. This is what it takes to win in the SEC and UGA has got to adapt. It's just sad that with such great UGA Ag and consumer economics programs that we are getting out chewed by other grass-eating, tacky-hat programs!

WillyBeaman said...

He sure is looking more and more guilty everyday.

Anonymous said...

No, it does not bother me "that we are one or two plays away from playing in Atlanta".

That's the ole "one play away Ray" line from the early nineties.

We dug our own grave this season by not being prepared to play as a team.

#1. We didn't go #1's vs. #1's and figure out our our best lineup until we had already lost four games;

#2. We didn't properly prepare ourselves physically preseason. No two-a-days or true physical practices; and

#3. We didn't give our best lineup the game reps needed for proper timing and teamwork because we choose to give our scholarship players days off as "punishment".

We fell behind quickly in each of our five losses and never led in any of our SEC losses. In no way could you walk away from witnessing any of those games thinking we were the better prepared team.

So no, it does not bother me that we are not going to Atlanta.

We did not deserve it this year.

Anonymous said...

Hell will be paid as the NCAA looks like idiots here.

This is just like when the two kids from Clemson went to Danny Ford and wanted out since Pell took the coaching job at Fla. Ford said no and the kids said they would tell the ncaa they were paid. Ford said no as he did not pay them.

The kids told the ncaa and were promptly suspended. Nothing was done to Clemson.

So fast forward to the Ga - Clemson kick off game that fall and ABC/CBS? spent 10 minutes of the half time show on how the kids got punished but Clemson got off.

Well, the rest is history as the ncaa investigated Clemson and eventually went to Fla to get Charlie Pell and strip the Gators of their verfy first SEC title.

Auburn will be very sorry they ever recruited this kid.

Play the Game said...

"So does this change anything, as far as Georgia is concerned?"

Nope, Georgia always gets screwed over by NCAA investigations, whether the investigations are supposed to involve UGA or not.

BuLLdawg said...

"No, it does not bother me 'that we are one or two plays away from playing in Atlanta'."

Yeah, if WE had Cam Newton, we would be 10-0 instead of 5-5, which brings up the unsaid point did you see CMR talking again TODAY that he still wants to talk about what if we Won The SEC East 13-12 vs SEC East the last 5 years.

I return you now to your regularly scheduled discussion of how great we are with CMR # 16 in the nation in WIN % current coach at current school, and Georgia now the # 20 college football program in WINS over the last 5 years now this season.

For the record, there will be nearly

25 programs averaging 10-wins over last 5 years when 2010 is done.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Why do you keep repeating that over and over again. You're comparing schools like Boise State to GA for gods sake. There is no comparison.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

BuLLdawg,we got your viewpoint the first MILLION times you posted that.The second million times you posted it has started to pi$$ us off.

Joeski said...

I just love how the trolls frame the facts so that they suit their absurd arguments, rather than presenting them without bias.

For example: 25 programs averaging 10 wins for the past 5 years... except, you know, UGA has been averaging 10 wins for the past TEN years.

How many programs can say the same?? Oh, yeah, that's right significantly fewer. Somewhere between 3 and 5, if I recall correctly.

And we would not be 10-0 if Cam Newton played for Georgia, because UGA does not employ the Gus Malzahn spread offense (which, incidentally, Auburn used last year as well), so Newton wouldn't have been QB for us.

Look, I'm really, really sorry that all you trolls are so deeply and fundamentally unhappy with your lives that you feel you have to spout off half-truths and outright lies about the UGA football program to make yourself feel better, but, frankly, all you are accomplishing is revealing yourselves to be petty and small-minded fair-weather fans who understand very little about football to anyone who is capable of logical thought and has any experience with the game.

BuLLdawg said...

I have not done that over 10 years.

I did it over 5 years.

25 teams average 10-wins a season over the last 5 years now including this season, since our season have been OVER for quite a while now.

Like last year, our season was over quite a while before now then too.


by Joeski

"For example: 25 programs averaging 10 wins for the past 5 years"

Another Joeski QUOTE proving he is, has been, and forever will be a Richt Apologist.


by Joeski

"I say that because your statements skip over some very salient differences between Richt and Tuberville: UGA has never flown in a coach from another team to discuss Richt's job. The level of alienation between Richt and the fanbase isn't such that people are demanding his head, and he feels the need to offer a coordinator up as a sacrificial lamb, mid-season. Richt has proven that he can identify coaching talent, but if you were to level a criticism against him, it would be that he is too patient with developing it, given the environment. You are still making the assumption that Chizik is an upgrade over Tuberville. I feel fairly confident that a few seasons of 7-5 or 8-4 Tiger teams will disprove that fact"


Who is going to go 8-5 Joeski ?

BuLLdawg said...


Here is another of your quotes proving you are NOTHING but a Richt Apologist :

"Mr. McMichael, you are sadly ill-informed.
1) Richt isn’t known for being ‘lax’; If you were going to level a criticism, it’s that Richt will take too many chances, believing he can straighten out players with troubled backgrounds (M. Robinson, to name one.) Regardless, UGA does not have a significantly higher number of players that get in trouble than other major DI programs (go look up the Fulmer cup if you don’t believe me), it’s just that there is far more media scrutiny these days, particularly in the SEC.
2) Your comment that he coaches players ‘down’ is entirely subjective, and without merit. 3) EVERY team has delusional fans; calling UGA fans ‘the most delusional’ simply illustrates that you clearly have some animosity towards Georgia, and that bias is coloring your opinions. Back on-topic: Mark Richt is not on the hot seat. Period."


Here is your URL for Coach Richt in your


BuLLdawg said...

"I don’t think that any reasonable fan thinks that Richt is on the hot seat. Yes, UF has been the class of the East for sure (I mean, come on- the Gators won two BCS championships.) As long as the Dawgs are competitive against the Gators, it’s really unreasonable to expect anything else. No guarantees on the gridiron, after all. I will admit Richt has less leeway now than he had before, however; if UGA football backslides for a couple years, he would definitely then be on the hot seat."

How many do you want Joeski ?

huh ?

PTC DAWG said...


Joeski said...

For the record, I went into greater detail how BuLLsh.. er, BuLLdawg was wrong on every point he raised, but my computer decided to eat it. Rather than wasting another 30 minutes of time on this nonsense:

BuLLdawg, do you understand that none of those quotes of mine are untrue? That you just proved my point for me?

1) Chizik was 7-5 last year, and this year Auburn is undefeated because of Cam Newton, not Gene Chizik. Lay aside possible sanctions that would cause them to forfeit every game this year, what will happen when Newton is gone? It's logical to predict more 7-5 seasons than them finding a succession of Cam Newtons to lead them to undefeated seasons.

2)Fulmer cup: once again, you choose only the statistics to support your argument rather than honestly representing the entire picture. Instead of just looking at 2010, why not look at the 'all-time' standings? Oh, because they would show that UGA is right where other schools such as Penn State, Illinois, Alabama, UF, etc. are, and that doesn't support your argument.

3) While we may not be happy with the W/L record, the penalities have gone down this year, the Defense is better, and the Offense is performing acceptably. That is called 'improvement', and even if it hasn't translated to the record yet, it's reasonable to conclude it will.

So... yeah. You basically just proved that my characterization of you as being completely accurate.

Now please: stop annoying everybody here and take your lame schtick back to the AJC blogs.