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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Jarvis Jones comes in from the outside

Call it a bye week surprise for the media. For the first time since Jarvis Jones officially joined the Georgia football team, the transfer from Southern California was made available for an interview.

(Many of us had requested center Ben Jones, perhaps to ask about the blocking scheme against Georgia Tech. Or perhaps to ask about Nick Fairley and whether Jones was upset he was suspended for a flagrant hit while Fairley was not. I guess we’ll never know. But at least we got a Jones who plays football for Georgia.)

So on to Jarvis Jones. Here are the highlights of what the Columbus-Carver High product had to say:

- He regards himself as more of an outside linebacker, but can play either spot, and is willing to do so.

“Wherever they put me on the field that’s where I’ll play,” Jones said. “I won’t have any questions about it, I’ll do it to the best of my ability and just have fun doing it.”

On scout team, he said he’s been playing the role of the “dominant linebacker” for the other team.

Defensive coordinator Todd Grantham said Jones could play either inside or outside.

“He gives you flexibility,” Grantham said. “He gives you flexibility on third down, you can play with three outside backers in the game on some things.”

- Jones elected to leave USC after the sanctions that hit that program following the Reggie Bush scandal. Because he was an underclassmen, (he will have three years of eligibility), he had to sit out this season.

“It’s been great,” Jones said. “This group at Georgia really took me in. the players, coaches. Everybody here at this university has just wrapped up their arms around me and showed me the love I needed. And I’ve done the same for them.”

As for why he chose Georgia, after not doing so initially, he cited a desire to be close to home and play in front of his family.

“Georgia’s been doing great things even before I was born. Coach (Mark) Richt and his coaching staff, great coaching staff, coach Richt himself. … I just love Georgia football,” Jones said. “I know it wasn’t my decision out of high school, but over time things change. It did. I’m just to have the opportunity to be here and the opportunity that coach Richt gave me, the second chance to come here to Georgia. And I’m just gonna take full advantage of it.”

- A neck injury ended his freshman season at USC after eight games. (He had 13 tackles and 1.5 tackles for loss.) The Trojan doctors wouldn’t clear him for spring practice, but Jones and Grantham each expected the player to be 100 percent for Georgia’s 2011 spring practice.

As evidence of his health, Jones tried to make an impression in the opening days of practice by laying hits on Carlton Thomas and Zander Ogletree.

That didn’t please the coaches.

“I got in trouble, they wouldn’t let me hit,” Jones said, smiling. “They put me in a green jersey.”

- Grantham sounded legitimately excited to use Jones, especially if Justin Houston leaves early for the pros. The Bulldogs are definitely losing leading tackler Akeem Dent, an inside linebacker.

“I don’t see any hesitation in him,” Grantham said. “I see a guy that likes to hit. I see a guy that when he hits them, he does have an impact. He’s explosive. He’s got some speed to him and range. He’s gonna be a good player. I’m excited about him.”


TrboDawg said...

Hit??? I want a defensive player that hits AND wraps up AND drives his man to the ground... I'd be interested to hear Mr. Jones compare practice at UGA vs practice at USC(under Pete Carroll)

King Jericho said...

Keep in mind he doesn't have the disadvantage of coming here and learning poor fundamentals from our past regime. And fundamentals can be taught, a bloodlust cannot. Look for this guy to be the truth.

Anonymous said...

I saw him play in person at the USC vs. San Jose State game last year. He played on special teams but he was obviously very talented and fast. Actually did not know who he was until I looked in the progarm since they don't have names on the jerseys. It was only SJSU but he was faster than his own USC players too and they had some serious speed. NIce seeing someone from GA go out there and represent in front of those CA folks.

Lets hope he does not learn any bad habits from our coaches. Hopefully that was stopped after last years defensive coach changeup. Although this year does not look that much better to me on D.

UGA is just missing that "It". Hopefully Richt can find "It" because the talent IS there.

Joeski said...

Man, if Justin Houston will stay, have him on one side and this monster on the other... I promise you, it will be a beautiful thing for Dawg fans to see.

I like this kid... ALOT. Seen tape on him out of HS, and I remember thinking "dang, I wish he came to UGA, but I can't blame him for going to USC."

Mark my words: this kid will NOT disappoint. His recognition skills are superb, and he has the speed and strength to blow up plays.

My only concern is the injury: neck injuries have the obnoxious tendency to linger... lol, ask me how I know...

Willb said...

Another reason to be excited about next year! Seriously I know I'm looking way ahead but have you guys seen our schedule for next year? It looks pretty easy compared to this year. One more year for the 3-4 and more important an even better Aaron Murray! I can't wait for next year. The college offseason seems like it last forever!

David said...

Interesting article for those who think that the “talent is there” at uga.

Paul said...

I don't know. It bothers me that our coaches were not happy about him knocking around the first team guys. That's exactly what we should be doing. Practice should be faster and more physically demanding than the game. Then you won't have guys getting gassed int the fourth quarter.

Anonymous said...

Paul, I think the coaches were upset because he should've been recovering from a neck injury, not laying hits on people. Part of the reason he redshirted this year was to give his neck time to get to 100%.

PTC DAWG said...

He was redshirted because of Ncaa rules.....

We'll never know if his neck injury kept him from playing...from the sounds of him, he could have easily played.

Anonymous said...

NCAA said that underclassman from USC could transfer because they were hit with sanctions. I'm pretty sure he was eligible had he been injury-free.

Seth Emerson said...


The NCAA said USC juniors and seniors could transfer without sitting a year. Jarvis Jones would have had to sit either way.

Joeski said...

Actually, according to the AJC article, he transferred because he injured his neck and the USC doctors refused to clear him to practice or play, even though Jones got second and third opinions that said he was fit to play. (LOL, notice how the AJC misused 'relented'.)

It's not in that article, but I remember reading somewhere else that Jones said he was going to look at the redshirt year as a positive, and use it to make sure his neck was 100%...

Dawgfan17 said...

I am pretty sure the coaches were upset because of concerns with his neck not because he was hitting people hard. If Houston sticks around I'd love to see a LB core of Jones, Houston, Dowtin and Robinson. With the talent in the group and having it being the second year in the 3-4 they should be awesome. Hopefully also Geathers will progress enough to man the nose so Tyson can move outside fulltime.