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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Murray doesn't practice, Gray gets QB reps

Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray did not participate in practice Thursday, as expected, but Monday will be a key day in determining how far along the freshman is in recovering from his injuries.

Murray hurt his knee and sternum against Auburn and has not practiced this week. While his teammates were practicing, Murray stood on the sideline throwing and catching.

“He was throwing the ball gingerly, or carefully—nice and easy,” head coach Mark Richt said. “That did not bother him, but he couldn’t throw anything that resembled a route…it was just standing there nice and easy playing catch.”

Murray’s bruised sternum is hampering him the most, Richt said. The Bulldogs are on a bye week, so Murray will now have three days off to recover. If Georgia had a game this weekend, Murray would, “probably not,” be able to play, Richt said.

“We just ask him day-by-day,” Richt said. “He’s a competitor. He’s going to want to play if he can.”

Murray, a redshirt freshman, will receive treatment this weekend, and will be re-evaluated Monday.

“I’m hoping he’ll do everything Monday, which will give him and us more confidence he’ll be able to play,” Richt said. “He’s just not there yet. He’s improving pretty rapidly.”

If Murray can’t play against Georgia Tech, true freshman Hutson Mason would get the nod, Richt said. Mason has seen action in two games, throwing 9-of-17 for 102 yards with one touchdown.

“Hutson would go,” Richt said. “Hutson’s gotten to the point where he would go… he’s ready to run our system.”

Former quarterback Logan Gray, now a receiver, has taken snaps behind center in practice this week. Richt categorized Gray’s potential use at quarterback as, “more of an emergency.”

“We haven’t put Logan in the (quarterback) meetings or anything like that,” Richt said.

- Fletcher Page, blog correspondent


Anonymous said...

I really like Hutson Mason, but I would be scared if he started this game. He might be great one day, but he's not quite ready yet.

Anonymous said...

Let Gray go wild at QB, give him the same freedom Murray has.

Gray has always had potential but has been locked down

hannah said...

I have a mailbag question: I understand all the "did Cecil Newton shop Cam for $$" drama, but I need help understanding how this threatens Cam's eligibility. Will he be ruled ineligible only if the NCAA can prove he knew about the pay-for-play requests?

David Davis said...

I love watching Murray play. I can't wait until next year. Mason is good too, but I highly doubt he is the beast that Murray is. Here is to hoping for some good coaching this off season! Richt, turn this thing around!

I'm not on the fire Richt train yet. I have loved Richt for years, and I'm hoping he will be around for a long time. The only real problem I have with him is his lack of emotion, but I was extremely excited when he was upset about Murray getting hurt. It showed me how much he cares for the players. If the record doesn't improve next year, then I might jump on the train.

Grantham is another story. I understand it takes a few years to get the right players with recruiting, so I'm not really looking for a huge improvement in the defense until 2012, but from what I have seen this year, they are looking to be good. As a lot of sports writers have already said, our team is much better than our record indicates. GATA!!

Willb said...

I would hate for the most efficient season in Ga Bulldog history to end with only one regular season game left. Seriously he is having the most efficient season in history. Out of every Bulldog that has ever played Murray is above them all!

From Fran Tarkenton, Zeier, Bobo(he holds the record), Quincy Carter, David Greene, Dj Shockley, and Matthew Stafford!

Tech doesn't really have a very good def so Murray could possibly pad his stats against them if he comes back and were obviously not gonna play a very good bowl team so more stat padding there.

Check out all the Bulldog passing records and how close Murray is to them right now. He could have two games left this season so he could break some more records. For fans looking for something to get excited about for next year? How about what could be the greatest QB in Ga history for three more years!

Bulldog passing records:

Here's Murrays stats: