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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Aaron Murray pronounces himself 'pretty much pain-free'

Aaron Murray practiced for the second straight day, and afterwards said he was never worried about his playing status for Saturday.

“Not at all. I knew I was gonna play,” Murray said. “I don’t care if I had a broken leg, I’m gonna play in this game. I knew the pain wasn’t anything bad. I played the majority of the game against Auburn with it. It was progressing and getting better every day. … These past few days have been pretty much pain-free, and I can go out there and just play and it won’t affect my game at all.”

Murray bruised his knee, sternum and even cut his chin at Auburn. But he appears a full-go for the Georgia Tech game.

Murray wasn’t even wearing a brace on his knee, which was injured late in the loss at Auburn. As for the sternum, it turns out he suffered that injury on the first drive, then played the rest of the game with it.

The injury only started to bother him as last week went on. But he felt fine at practice Monday and Tuesday.

“I’m feeling good really,” Murray said. “No pain, nothing.”

Murray also got cut on his chin, and required a couple stitches. But that’s happened before, and said it was “no biggie.”

Offensive coordinator Mike Bobo didn’t appear concerned at all with Murray’s status.

“He’s cleared by the doctors. I think he’s gonna go out there and play football,” Bobo said. “He’s practiced both of the last two days and looked good.”

Bobo also thought the Auburn experience may have taught the freshman another small lesson in the growing-up process.

“I think he may have learned a bit about how to protect himself,” Bobo said. “He’d been hit a few times, but not as hard as he did the week before when we played Auburn.”

- Murray didn’t bite when asked if he was surprised Nick Fairley wasn’t suspended.

“I’m not worried about all the Auburn stuff,” Murray said. “I’m worried about getting ready for Georgia Tech this week.”

Guard Cordy Glenn had the same reaction Monday when he was asked about Fairley and the Auburn game. It appears the Bulldogs are under orders not to comment on the matter.

(And if anybody’s wondering why we media low-lifes are still talking about it, this week was the first time Murray and Glenn were available to talk, so you have to ask.)

More notes coming later.


Anonymous said...

Geez, I just saw on ESPN where Paterno said he is coming back another year.At least he stays up in the booth now so he doesn't have to do anymore of those runs across the field while the games going on because his Depends failed.

Rick said...

Anon, what the hell? Why the cheapshot against Paterno? Let's see how productive you are at that age.