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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fleeting thoughts: Richt and Miami, and the NFL lockout

I hope everyone’s okay with not doing a breakdown and grades for each position for last night’s game. You all saw it, so it’s pretty clear what happened:

Aaron Murray and the receivers: good. The running backs: some good moments, some bad ones. As for the defense: big plays from Justin Houston and a few others, but on the whole, a lot of work to be done in the offseason.

There’s still a bowl to be played, but clearly most of the talk ahead is going to be about the program moving forward. Therein, a few thoughts:

- It took, oh, about five minutes after Miami fired head coach Randy Shannon for a certain former Hurricane QB to be mentioned for the job. Mark Richt played at Miami and grew up in Boca Raton, Fla., and was mentioned quickly as a “potential candidate” by the Miami Herald, as well as and

While Richt clearly has ties to Miami, he apparently wasn’t interested a few years ago before Shannon was hired. Richt is also earning a lot more money than Miami might be willing to pay, and he has moved much of his family to Athens. As he said a few weeks ago when his name was tied to the Colorado job, “Georgia’s my home.”

Then again, if Richt feels like his job is a little less secure than the last time the Miami job was open, that could be a factor. So until Miami makes a hire, you never know.

Richt is 96-33 in his 10 seasons at Georgia.

- Player-wise, all eyes are on Georgia's top juniors and whether they'll turn pro. I’m not sure the potential NFL lockout will loom as large in A.J. Green or Justin Houston’s decision, as some are hoping. Here’s why:

While a lockout could postpone the draft (and there’s no certainty of that), everyone knows there will be a season eventually. That’s why agents will sign players to deals, and give them cash, cars or down payments on houses, whatever it takes to sign them. And once a player decides he no longer wants to be eligible for college, he’s free to take whatever he wants from agents.

That’s not to say that a player might be scared enough of an abbreviated season that he would rather stay in college another year. But if finances are an issue for a player, I don’t think the lockout will matter.

At a minimum, expect Green and Houston to send their name to the NFL draft advisory committee to get an evaluation on where they could be drafted. And don't be surprised if a few other juniors, such as Brandon Boykin and Cordy Glenn, do the same thing.


Prince_Lightfoot said...

How about Shannon for OC@UGA?

Mike said...

Prince, come on Shannon played on the defensive side of the ball, we might replace Garner with him.

Anonymous said...

I think the U is going to come hard at Richt, and given recent history, he may go in search of greener and oranger pastures at his Alma mater.

Willb said...

I fully expect Green and Houston to leave early for the NFL. In Houstons case he was redshirted his freshman year so this could be his senior year.

I know Ga would be better if they stayed but we will also be ok if there gone to the NFL. Ga's most important player will still be here and he will be here for possibly three more years in Aaron Murray. Three td passes last night and none to Aj Green. That's not to say that Aj didn't help someone get open but Murray will still be very good without Green. Look at the first few games of Murrays career without Green. He was pretty good.

I think any SEC team would take Murray for next year over what there gonna have. He will be the best come next year. Mallet, Hartline, Mcelroy, Newton. All will more than likely be gone next year. That leaves Stephen Garcia. I would take Aaron Murray over Garcia anyday. Although they return Lattimore, and Ashlon Jeffery also at SC so they will be very tough. I wonder who will be the preseason all sec QB pick?

Again we will be ok if Houston and Green leave. Two positions we have talent at. At WR we have King, Marlon Brown, Wooten, and even Branden Smith. We also have four Tight Ends next year that would start on a lot of teams. Charles, White, Figgins, and the return of Lynch. Charles could move to wr if he needed to. We could also get a Jay Rome in recruiting.

At Lb we have already heard Richt say that the scout team lb.'s are the best he has seen in his days at Ga. I remember the last time Richt made a comment like that it turned out he was right. I will look for Jarvis Jones to take over for Houston. While Houston is great he is not a once in a lifetime talent like Green. He will be replaced much easier. Green made the whole offense better. Houston was very good but he obviously didn't make the whole defense better.

Man I hope we get Crowell! Ealey is a decent RB and it wouldn't be the worse thing to go with him next year but neither one of our rb's have the breakaway speed that we need. Ealey could definately be a 1000 yard back though but we need a talent like Crowell.

I wonder if Samuel L Jackson being there in the red and black helped with recruiting?

Anonymous said...

It's funny how these things happen. A good portion of our fan base is called for Richt's head and others are worried about him leaving for Miami.

Chances of Richt leaving for Miami are slim to none. The worst thing about this Miami situation is that as long as the position hasn't been filled, it will be just one more thing that our rivals will use against UGA in recruiting...and we desperate need to finish this recruiting class on a strong note.

ChrisDawg said...

I seriously think the big three of the recruits should all come to Ga. I think it would be best for them. Crowell will not hqve a better place to show what he's got with a big time qb. Also our tight ends will be juniors and seniors next year so Rome can redshirt and then come in and be Murrays big target. Then Drew can step right into Houston shoes and shine right away. Heck I think Clowney should think of going to Ga. Put him in Houstons position!

My biggest reasons to come to Ga for these kids: play early, and start. Play with the best qb in the SEC for three years. No other SEC team can say they have a qb like ga has for three more years.

Lawson Bailey said...

FYI, There will be a NFL draft in 2011 no matter what. It is guaranteed as part of the current collective bargaining agreement.

Matt said...

Here's why the lockout and CBA troubles SHOULD impact our early entrants.

Regardless of what happens, it's pretty much a lock that ANY rookie contract from this year's draft will be signed under a new rookie salary structure, meaning you will see a MASSIVE decrease in the amount of money given in rook K's....

So there will no longer be a 30 million draw for will probably be much closer to 10 Mill over 4 years or so. Still a lot of money, but not nearly as much as he was probably thinking of previously.

Houston as a late 1st may get a couple Mill tops. It makes that degree look a lot more appealing...

Willb said...

I really wonder who else would seriously consider leaving early. Right now dawgs in the draft.
Aj Green
Justin Houston
Clint Boling
Dent Gamble and Durham might be drafted.

Then you have Cordy Glenn, Blair Walsh, Brandon Boykin, Ben Jones, and even Drew Butler. Possibly all of these players would be drafted if they entered the draft but all of them other than Walsh and Butler could improve there stock drastically by returning for there senior season. Although I don't see Butler or Walsh entering the draft early.

We could have 3-4 players drafted or we could have 5-7 players drafted. Im hoping we only have the seniors drafted! With all these NFL players on this Ga team it's amazing how bad of a season we had. We might have four future NFL players on the offensive line. Then you have the freshman and sophomores on ga. There are a number of them that could be NFL players in the future.

Our weaknesses have tons of NFL type talent. Our offensive line and our secondary is filled with NFL talent. Even our defensive line could have some future NFL talent.

One thing that worries me is lately whenever a Ga player thinks there's a possibility of being drafted there gone. If that stays true this year we could be decimated by early entries in the draft. Although I have a better feeling this year that the lower tier of NFL type players will all stay. Boykin, Jones, Glenn, Walsh, and Butler. They should stay atleast.

Cojones said...

It's like looking at my Christmas wish list when reading some of these comments. Folks, Richt and company are busy telling these targets the same thing you can only wish for --or against depending on which side of the isle you project Miami's wishes. You can keep your fingers crossed, but it's all still wishing.

The recruits will decide in the manner the draftees decide--what's best for them. As much as we love UGA we can't open their heads and pour in our wishes nor what we know will be best for them. Hunker down with what we think may already be coming in Feb, but don't go astronomical on your wish list. Don't waste your time when it could be spent on UgaVIII.

What a nice beautiful dog we already have! The camera mode with him falling asleep on his feet when Tech was eating our ground game for Thanksgiving leftovers will always be good for a hoot!

Can someone explain to me why we can leave a nose tackle with three players pushing him aside to let the Tech fullback have 5 open yds before closing on him? It's a wonder anyone could have survived without major injury at that spot especially with the exhaustion that must have been in every play for the 3rd and 4th qtrs. I know Tyson and Geathers were bringing it, but comeon!! No one can push 3 men back into the play. When you play 3-4 do you have to stay in that set when the opposing team is taking advantage of your gaps by putting at least two players on the man in the middle? I realize that I am showing my football naivete, but I feel for their pain yesterday and today. It was hard to watch.

I guess the question is "Who the hell will we play in any bowl?". How about Miami? Some douche-bag Big 11 team that can travel down the Mississippi? Hope it's the former.

Muckbeast said...

I for one would enjoy seeing your ratings anyway... :)

DawgCPA said...

You deleted my comment?
What is your problem with the truth?

Carlsvegas said...

In reference to Seth's comments,with all the respect for you on the comment about Brandon Boykins possible entry into the N F L. When he was at Fayetteville Cty High School!I learned one thing about the family he came from! Education 1st & foremost!He will not go three years to put his education to the side! It want happen!!He will wait till his senoir year! Jack