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Monday, November 15, 2010

Georgia Tech game time set, and note about Auburn discipline

Georgia has its first home night game of the season, and it’s against Georgia Tech.
ESPN has picked up the rivalry game, which will kick off at 7:45 p.m. on Nov. 27, the SEC announced on Monday.

As expected, CBS opted to pick up the LSU-Arkansas game for the 3:30. ESPN, with the next pick of SEC home games, then took the Georgia in-state rivalry game over Kentucky-Tennessee, which gets the 12:20 p.m. slot on the SEC network.

The Bulldogs have had plenty of night games this year – Mississippi State, Colorado and Kentucky – but those were all on the road. Every game at Sanford Stadium this year had started before 12:30 p.m.

A couple other notes:

- Regarding potential discipline for Auburn players following Saturday's game:

The two Auburn players who were ejected would automatically be out of the first half of the Iron Bowl. That’s an NCAA rule, not SEC.

As for Nick Fairley, SEC spokesman Charles Bloom said Monday that any discipline would be handled “internally” between the league office and the team.

You will recall that Georgia center Ben Jones was suspended for the first half of the Colorado game, following what was ruled - by Georgia and the SEC - an excessive chop block at Mississippi State. That suspension wasn't announced until minutes before kickoff of the Colorado game. Given the interest in Auburn's next game, and the two week lay-off, there could be advance word if Fairley is suspended.

- Meanwhile, for the third time this year, a player was named SEC offensive player of the week after playing Georgia. This time it was Auburn’s Cameron Newton. Earlier in the year, South Carolina’s Marcus Lattimore and Arkansas’ Ryan Mallett earned the honor after playing the Bulldogs.

It was the fifth time Newton has earned the award this year.

- Georgia canceled its planned Monday practice, as there's rain forecast for the Athens area. Typically, the Bulldogs hadn't practiced on Monday of bye weeks anyway.


Anonymous said...

The SEC has its own credibility issues to contend with as well as the NCAA. This situation is prime for SEC and NCAA to show whether or not it has any regard towards sportsmanship. Auburn has already shown its cares nothing for its integrity as an Institution. Also the defensive coach jumping up and down like an 18 year old with the fist bumping. He needs to go. But I am sure we will all be disappointed with the SEC and NCAAs ruling since they have dropped the ball with the Newton deal. This story is as old as 3 years and nothing has been done.
Richt, way to take the highroad. You may be the only SEC coach with any integrity. Ben Jones, way to defend your QB. Keep it up.

David said...

I'd prefer Ben Jones and the other O-Linemen defend their QB by blocking someone rather than getting beat all day long. Although after practicing against our D-Line all Spring and Fall it's understandable they weren't prepared for real competition once the season started.

Anonymous said...


Even when the OL held up fine against Fairley, he still hit Murray in the spine/chest/etc. late.
Maybe the UGA OL is too used to practicing against clean DL players... I think I can live with that.

Word verification: rings, aka the things I hope Auburn doesn't get this year.

Anonymous said...

The guy who covers the SEC,Chris Low, wrote in his blog about how many questionable hits Fairley got away with.I caught a little Regis and Kelly on break at work and even They were talking about the late hits in the Auburn game.Kelly said he hit the guy" 3 or 4 seconds"" after he threw it and they both shook their heads.The SEC should probably make Josh Davis sit out a half for the chop block and sit Fairley a whole game for all the late hits.Hit the quarterback as hard as you want if he's trying to throw the ball but picking him up and body slamming him after he has released the ball like it's Wrestlemania is illegal in football.That Is why the penalty is called roughing the passer.Don't think SEC has the gonads to do it with the Iron Bowl coming up.Oh well Auburn can add this year to their 1957 undefeated team that was on probation and their 1993 undefeated team that was on probation.Nice legacy Auburn.

Nick Fairley said...

you knew this wasnt really Nick Fairley since he probably cant read or write.

Preast said...

Didn't the SEC suspend a Miss. State player for a flagrant hit with the helmet earlier this year?

Anonymous said...

Just got a mail from somebody well connected........he says the NCAA will present its findings to Auburn tomorrow or Wednesday and it is not going to be pretty! he says sCAM and Dyer will be ruled ineligible.....then the axe falls.....

pj said...

Newton was offensive player of the week? Seriously? He's had better games this season; while his final stats were pretty solid, I thought he looked much less impressive Saturday. Did he have any plays that were auto-adds to his highlight reel?

Wouldn't Lattimore have been a better choice? He dominated a very good Florida defense and made some really nice, flashy plays doing it.

Oh, and apologies for what amounts to whining. My bad.