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Saturday, November 6, 2010

First quarter blog

1:19 left in first quarter, Georgia leads 6-0

Georgia's offense hasn't been very good, but Blair Walsh has been. The junior just tied his career long with a 52-yarder, and it had room to spare.

Walsh is now 8-for-12 from 50 yards and out in his career. That seems pretty good.

Meanwhile, Aaron Murray continues to struggle on his passes. Growing up in Tampa, this might be the coolest weather he's ever passed in.

The running game has been kinda ... bleh. And A.J. Green hasn't caught a pass yet.

On the other hand, the Georgia defense looks stupendous. It's getting a hand on seemingly every pass, and it just seems a matter of time before it grabs one and has a long return.

7:53 left in first quarter, Georgia still leads 3-0, fans boo

Not halfway through the first quarter, and already fans are getting a bit antsy. Georgia's second offensive drive faltered twice - the first time it was bailed out on fourth down by an offsides call. The second time, it was forced to punt.

The Bulldog offensive line is surely getting an earful from line coach Stacey Searels, who can't be happy that his unit just gave up two consecutive sacks to a unit of I-AA linemen. Technically the second one wasn't a sack, as Aaron Murray was ruled to have gone forward once the pocket collapsed. But I know what I saw.

Murray looks like the cold might be affecting his throws. They're definitely more than a bit off.

Not a smooth start for the Bulldog offense.

12:00 left in first quarter: Georgia takes insurmountable 3-0 lead

Georgia's opening drive started with gusto, as the first three plays all gained at least 10 yards. Then it stalled on the back end, with a third down run failing - and fans booing as the field goal team took the field.

Blair Walsh kicked it true.

We saw some different personnel on that first drive: Branden Smith got a carry, Israel Troupe went in motion and caught a pass, and third-string tight end Bruce Figgins saw some action too.

In a side note, if you look at the Idaho State sideline, it looks like the Bengals brought 30 players here today. Maybe it's the uniforms, but I don't know, it seriously looks like that.

There's hardly that many people inside Sanford Stadium either. Lots of fans staying home. Media members too - the entire right side of the first press row is empty.

14:54 left in first quarter: Idaho State kicks off

The opening kickoff went short and away from Brandon Boykin, and was returned instead by Shaun Chapas.

That means Boykin, 22 yards short of the school record for kickoff returns, will have to wait to try to break it.

That wait could be a week. Who knows if Idaho State will get another chance to kick off again - and if it does, it might kick away from Boykin again. Idaho State may be two time zones away, but they've got the Internet.

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Gareth Bale said...

Is the student section in the lower level (near the band) empty? Looks that way from TV.