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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Halftime stats and observations

Let's get to it:

- The key for Georgia was probably winning the turnover and special teams battles. It has the game's only turnover - Bacarri Rambo's interception, which led directly to the Chapas TD catch. Special teams has pretty much been a wash.

- Cameron Newton and company are going to score again in the second half, there's no way around it. They may score twice. They key for Todd Grantham's unit is going to be forcing at least one more turnover, and/or getting the kind of pressure on Newton they getting in the first half.

Physically, Georgia has looked pretty good on both sides of the ball. It helped that Nick Fairley has been battling shoulder problems. If he's feeling better in the second half, that may change.

- A.J. Green has 114 receiving yards and two touchdowns. But the rest of the receiver corps hasn't been involved: Orson Charles and Shaun Chapas each have one catch, and that's it.

But Georgia could win with another 100 yards from Green in the second half. Auburn's secondary is weak enough to keep trying. If nothing else, the middle of the field should start to open up for Charles and the other receivers, at least eventually.

- Aaron Murray is 7-for-12 for 137 yards, with three touchdowns and a sack. But the vast majority of his success came on the first three drives.

- The running game is there for the Bulldogs: Washaun Ealey (33 yards on three carries) and Caleb King (27 yards on five carries) have had holes.

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