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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Florida Atlantic replaces Louisville on the '12 schedule

We now know the identity of the team that replaces Louisville on the 2012 schedule – and the steep cost to Georgia.

Florida Atlantic has agreed to visit Sanford Stadium in two years, and is getting $1 million, the highest guarantee Georgia has ever paid a school.

Georgia associate athletics director Arthur Johnson, who handles scheduling, said the cost was a combination of the price of business and timing.

“Obviously we’re a lot closer to that game than we were - less than 24 months away actually,” Johnson said. “It helped us get the other deal done, because anytime you make the kind of change we made, trying to find an opponent is tough.”

The deal with Florida Atlantic was basically done in conjunction with arrangement of the Boise State game to start 2011, and the cancellation of the Louisville series.

This year, the Owls are 4-7 entering their final game Saturday against Troy. The program, which began in 2001, is headed by Howard Schnellenberger – coincidentally, a former head coach at Louisville.

Florida Atlantic is also the alma mater of Rusty Smith, who started last Sunday at quarterback for the Tennessee Titans.

The amount of $1 million may sound like a lot, but it’s the going rate nowadays.

Plus, Georgia comes out pretty well for having canceled the Louisville series. It received $1.7 from the Chick-fil-A Bowl for playing Boise State, and Georgia estimates it receives between $1.8 million and $2.9 million per home game in ticket sales.

So consider:

- Originally it was set to host Louisville in 2011, bringing the estimated home game revenue of, let’s conservatively say $1.8 million. It would also pay Louisville $250,000 for the game, an amount it would get back for returning the trip in 2012. Estimated net gain: $1.8 million, not including travel costs to Louisville.

- Instead, Georgia now pockets $1.7 million for playing Boise State in Atlanta. Then it will pay Florida Atlantic $1 million to visit, but gains (again we’ll go conservative) $1.8 million for the home gate. Estimated net gain: $2.5 million.


Mitch Kimbrell said...

I think Schnellenberger was Richt's coach at Miami, so there's that minor, yet interesting storyline, too.

Anonymous said...

Rusty Smith is also the first Jacksonville, Fl native to start as a QB, not "the chosen one"

The D - Zone said...

Louisville has drastically improved since last year and FAU has dipped a lot lower than me and a lot of people would of thought... they keep sinking.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It's a no name cupcake and as a season ticket holder this sux. May be we need to cut our donation level and decrease our number of season tickets. At the price of tickets and donations I don't what bulls**t games

BuLLdawg said...

The point was that we said loudly we wanted to get where Florida and Tennessee are with 8 home games and give OUR FANS good home games.

We said as plainly as the nose on their faces that we wanted to increase Revenue for all involved in Athens Georgia.

If we look at this, what we did was send the # 8 team in The SEC to play Boise State in Game 1, when obviously there are a lot better teams from The SEC to send to play Boise State than us. For example, LSU, Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn - it's 2 games from now. The bowl game then that game. We are not going to get better during the Spring and Summer - but worse and the recruiting class has already long since filled up and doesn't not measure up.

Arrests / Suspensions over the next 10 months before game time, are a


Normally speaking the suspensions will be of KEY PLAYERS we can ill-afford to lose for Game 1.

Athens gets a BIG HUGE NET LOSS out of this. We, as fans, take a large hit on this too playing Florida Atlantic whatever that is. $1,800,000 is not what the gate actually does. Season tickets are required and the stands are empty from the beginning and empty out as the game goes past quarter # 1. Probably a pay-per-view, too, so fans at home in Atlanta will pay $40 to see the crappy game.

We are just not the 2005 football program around here any more.

AD Ears has sold EVERYTHING DOWN THE DRAIN he himself PROUDLY PROCLAIMED TO US he was going to do.

Are we going to increase the recruiting going to Atlanta ? No. Is Boise State a possible natural Rival for us ? Far more natural for all the teams in The SEC West I listed instead. Are we decreasing the recruiting not going to Louisville ? Yes.


This whole mess stinks to high heaven, when the nation wants Boise State to have to play a team like Auburn, a team like LSU, a team like Alabama, even a team like Arkansas. South Carolina has passed us bye bye as well. Why is Boise State getting off the hook getting to play LOWLY GEORGIA 2 games from now, after their loss ?

Aaron Murray is 6-6 as Starting Quarterback at Georgia - outperformed by the Opposing QB in all 6 losses, with no hope now of surpassing David Greene's record. A QB is NOT about STATS. He is about WINS / LOSSES only. The Field General has to check out of bad plays and there were a ton of them to check out of; he did not do it. He also is to confuse the opponents - get them to jump on hard counts and he is dead last in the conference at that too - to go with his 6-6 record beating not 1 single even reasonably good team this season.

4 years in a row we have not beat a Top 10 Final AP Poll team. How can you be a Top 10 program when in 4 years running you haven't even BEAT 1 of the legitimate Top 10 Final AP Poll teams ?

And, now we play Florida Atlantic paying them a million dollars of our $100 million we have.

Give up home dates, supposedly the OBJECTIVE according to AD Ears.

Give fans a crappy Florida Atlantic.

And, Boise State gets off scot-free against the # 8 team in The SEC Georgia Bulldogs.

In Game 1 with ALL OUR SUSPENSIONS / ARRESTS the whole entire next 10 months.

I'll keep a running count on that one for you.


Anonymous said...

Here , here Bulldawg. So much you said is right. Add on the fact that we play a really tough team only to follow with the critical South Carolina game. McGarity is trying to doom our year and our future good games all for what he thinks will fatten our pockets. He may find out, after tickets don't sell and donations go down, that the pockets don't get lined quite as well as he thinks.


David Davis said...


Everyone around me is very excited about the Boise game. You people need to start looking on the bright side of things.

What will you say if 2011 or 2012 is successful? WHat will you say if our recruiting class ends up being highly ranked again? What will you say if there are fewer arrests and suspensions compared to last year? If all of those things approve over the next few years, I hope you'll slap yourself in the face.

I'm looking for positivity in this program and in Richt. I'm not saying we WILL win, because that just opens yourself up to disappointment.

Anonymous said...

I'm a season ticket holder going back to the Goof years. Sitting at home is starting to look more attractive than dishing out $600+ a seat. With the Florida game down in Jax forever, you are looking at basically a one or two games against quality opponents as far as home games. I love the Dawgs but I will not pay that kind of money for a home slate full of cupcakes.

Bic Dawg said...

for the mailbag. Is it too early to run the Ken Malcom for 2011 SEC freshman of the year campaign? Seriously, Bill Shanks talks about the importance of a homerun RB and I couldnt agree more. Although if Ealey played every game he becomes far better than Auburns Dyer this season. The question is if we know why Malcom was redshirted? Was is because he was too good or not good at all. I realize with King, Ealey and Thomas playing well at the end of 09 that we needed to build on that. But when that wasnt quite what we hoped it would be and we were 1-4, were we too far out of it to burn redshirts of future Hershels or was he just not standing out enough? We were also thin at that spot midseason due to injury and suspensions. Any insight? And will the TB field be wide open for competition next season?

Bic Dawg said...

BuLLdawg, all good points but I think I speak for you when I say you would rather be a fan of UGA in our current status than that of AU standing on top of a ten story deck of cards. Wow it is windy today! Im feeling optimistic about alot. And all the coaches that some UGA fans seem to lust after dont look as immortal as everyone thinks. Saban and Meyer look pretty dumb right now. The almighty Bama didnt look better than UGA did against AU. AU will be garbage sooner than later. I say get behind Richt and UGA and cheer like crazy.

Anonymous said...

I like it. Buffalo and Florida Atlantic are 2 decent lower-level FBS programs. Add them to Georgia Tech and that's not a bad out-of-conference schedule.

I don't want to play one like that every single year but I'm happy as long as, every once in a while, we sprinkle in a quality game in the Dome or a home-and-home with a quality program that isn't more than a 2 hour flight away. And this appears to be exactly what McGarity is doing.

Anonymous said...

For those of you whining about our home schedules, do you want the Florida game to remain in Jacksonville? If you do, you should probably keep your mouth shut.

Anonymous said...

The Boise State game in the Dome is basically a home game. The stadium seats approx. 20K less than Sanford but Boise is only getting 7500 tickets (roughly what most big schools get when they come to Athens).

The majority of season ticket holders should be able to get tickets to the game through their UGA account. I'm thinking the people with lower lifetime totals may not make the cut due to less tickets being available than for a true home game. But not 20K less b/c student allotment will also be cut as well.

King Jericho said...

If you honestly think that Aaron Murray is nothing special than you are both a fool and one that hasn't been watching QB play at the college level. He's a freshman QB; you expect him to have the working knowledge of the offense and experience to step up to the line, kill the play, call audibles like Peyton Manning does? You're not going to see a better freshman QB for a long time than Murray has been this year. He's at the mercy of the play calling right now because he is young and inexperienced.

You don't think a summer and spring of film and playbook study is going to get him closer to that level? You hear from so many coaches and players that he's constantly studying and is the hardest working guy on that team. He's far surpassed even the most lofty of expectations and you still want to complain about him?

Stats DO matter. He's the pilot of the offense, but he's not the only person playing the game. He can't help dropped passes, fumbled balls, questionable play calls, and head-scratching lack of blocks. If you think this year is bad with Murray, it would have only been worse without him. If you honestly can't see that, you don't need to be a "fan" of this team.

Hey, look at that! Murray's almost dead even in all categories with the projected #1 pick in the draft!

Anonymous said...

Bulldawg you bragged for weeks that Boise was the number 1 winning team over the last 5 years.Why aren't you excited we're playing them?I think you're a chronic complainer and make no sense.Our recruiting class isn't filled up, learn to count.You don't know if we'll improve or not next year,Alabama is fourth in their division and UGA is third in theirs.Who predicted that?How does it hurt recruiting not going to Louisville and going to Atlanta?Better yet give us stunning count of how many we sign out of Atlanta and how many out of Louisville.That'll confirm how out of touch you are.

Willb said...

BullDAWG I can't believe other fans are still dignifying your post with responses. Now for my response. If you truly are a Dawg fan say something positive once! Let me ask you this what do you currently like at the program? You love stats so much yet use them in an ignorant way every time you try to make a point.

Your Aaron Murray comments make you look even more ignorant. Stats are everything to you and you use them in every argument but Aaron Murrays stats dont mean anything? If Aaron Murrays goes to Fla and he wins six games and has these stats i bet you are saying we let the great one get away and Fla has a great future with him! You contradict yourself semmingly everytime you speak. Your like the Dawgs very own Skip Bayless!

ChrisDawg said...

Right on willb! I think everyone should ignore bulldawg. How old are you bulldawg? Your knowledge of the dawgs seems to just be stats you have read of the net.

On Another subject does anyone have Crowells stats for this season? I see where he just rushed for 300 yards last week but I also heard he was injured this year for some games and missed them. Is this true? I have looked all over the net for his stats and can't find them.

Also I see he plays aa football in Ga. Typically players that come from small schools like this take a while to adjust to college ball. Is there something different about Crowell? I sure hope so! If he signs with us atleast.

ChrisDawg said...

BullDawg another small question for you. Imagine if I let you pick any QB that will be in the SEC next year to play for the Dawgs who would you pick?

Remember Mcelroy, Mallet, Newton, Hartline. They will more than likely be gone. So I guess this is a Stephen Garcia or Aaron Murray question. Now pick someone other than Murray and throw some stats out as to why you picked someone else.

Anonymous said...

Have you guys not figured out that BuLLdog is a little off? Really, don't waste your time with that guy.

Aladawg said...

Do y'all want to pay $122 to see Idaho State, Florida Atlantic, Ga. Southern. I sure as hell don't.

30 ydline-30yardline donation is $400 per seat. Divide that by 6 next year's home games and get $67 rounded. Add $40 to it for the game ticket. Add in another $15 for food and drinks inside. I want to see a competitive ballgame.

BuLLdawg said...
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