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Monday, November 8, 2010

A few Bulldog-related links

Georgia's football team is heading for one of its most high-profile game in some time. So clearly, we need to start the week with a basketball note.

The Bulldogs are projected to earn a No. 6 seed in the NCAA tournament, according to Gary Parrish of If Parrish's predictions are 100 percent correct, and there's no reason they shouldn't, Georgia's first-round opponent would either be Maryland, Xavier, Florida State or Arizona.

- Now, as for football, some bowl projections.'s Stewart Mandel has Georgia in the Liberty Bowl, playing Central Florida. For those of you who haven't noticed, George O'Leary has UCF ranked for the first time since that program moved up to Division I-A in the mid-1990s.

If that matchup happened, I believe it would be the first time Mark Richt and Georgia have faced O'Leary since Richt's first year, 2001, which was O'Leary's last at Georgia Tech before his ill-fated sojourn to Notre Dame.'s Chris Low
has Georgia in the Music City Bowl playing an ACC team.

These bowl projections are essentially based on Georgia losing at Auburn, but beating Georgia Tech. There's a chance Tennessee, with a strong finish, could sneak into the Liberty or Music City ahead of Georgia, but I doubt Kentucky would.

So essentially if Georgia does finish 6-6, it's almost certainly going to one of the Tennessee bowls. If it upsets Auburn and beats Georgia Tech, it would probably be in play for the Outback or Gator.

If it finishes 0-2, then all bets are off.

- Auburn athletics director Jay Jacobs told USA Today that the Cameron Newton investigation is "not a closed matter" and is "ongoing." But (and this is me talking) there's still little reason to believe anything would happen this week to prevent Newton from playing against Georgia.

- Conan O'Brien's show starts on TBS tonight. I'll be happy to have him back on the air, and even happier not to see his commercials every other minute. (Although they weren't that bad.)


Willb said...

I know I'll be watching Conan tonight. I still can't believe what happened to him. Conan is just too nice a guy for Hollywood. I'm wondering how he's going to handle his old characters. Pimp bot, masturbation bear... I know they belong to NBC but if he just changes them just slightly and gives them a new name. It will be interesting to see what he does.

Conan O'brien and Dave Chappelle are the two funniest people on the planet in my opinion. Both of them put out all time great shows only Chappelle walked away cause he wanted to while Conan was stabbed in the back.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I love Conan,hope the show doesn't disappoint.

Willb said...

Btw a buddy of mine who does bowl projections for a college site said he has ga playing penn st in the gator bowl on jan 1 in Jacksonville at 1:30. I don't know if he was assuming ga would win one or both of our last two games though. The gator bowl is big ten 4 or 5 vs. Sec six. This is probably our best case scenario bowl. I would rather this than a conference USA bowl. I always love seeing sec schools beat up on big ten schools.

Anonymous said...

We've beat a slew of them over the years.Ohio State,Wisconsin,Mich.St.,Purdue.When's the last time we lost to a Big Ten team?

NCDawg said...

Ironically, Mandel's projection likely has Georgia beating Ga.Tech to become bowl eligible to face O'Leary.

Anonymous said...

Although I live in Memphis and would love a chance to see the Dawgs play without leaving town, I'd hate to subject fellow Dawgs fans to the Grozny-like Hell that is Memphis.

BullyMack said...

I would rather throw my new TV out the window than watch us play UCF in the Liberty Bowl. Don't tempt me Coach.

Anonymous said...

i thought the Gator Bowl was tied into a Big East team..

BuLLdawg said...

Muckbeast said...

@Anon 5:23 AM:

"He has to keep repeating it because idiots keep suggesting that Richt of the last 5 years is comparable at all to Richt of the first 5 years."

November 8, 2010 5:40 AM


Aaron Murray is our best player all season long. Go Dawgs !

What the AJ-C does is by far the best coverage of The Georgia Bulldogs. I am sorry that you feel their articles say that we haven't been that great. Guess what ? Seth Emerson has said the same.

I think we are going to play our bowl game in Birmingham against South Florida's Skip Holtz on January 8. posting on this thread about Gator Bowl New Year's Day are pardon me the same B.S. I come in here to read. Keep it up. A team such as Florida will play in that game instead. We have a combined record of all our wins over teams with a combined record of 11 wins 31 losses, 5 wins and this is Week # 11. And, you run in here saying that the AJ-C says we should pull Aaron Murray as QB and that now you add in that we will play on New Year's Day in the Gator Bowl.

Please keep it up. It is what keeps me in here, typing to you.

So, that I can come back in here and tell you I TOLD YOU SO


As EVERYONE keeps pointing out to you Coach Richt Apologists.

I really appreciate all the attention; and it is not that Boise State is # 1 on the list in WINS that the posters keep posting about for Coach Richt but that Coach Richt himself is listed at # 16 in the nation and # 5 in The SEC for all 10 years of his regime here through today in Winning Percentage Current Coach at Current School and that The GO DAWGS ! University of Georgia Bulldogs are # 20 over the last 5 years in the nation led by Coach Richt with our also # 2 Worst Arrests / Suspensions over the same last 5 years for the # 11 All-Time College Football Program in 1-A FBS Wins with 5 losses last year and 7-6 this year I hope

as you point out Muckbeast.

BuLLdawg said...



That is the MOST irresponsible post EVER.

Is it supposed to be a CRIME that I calculate in retort to your LIES HERE that CMR is # 16 in the nation in WINS you keep BRAGGING to ME about HERE current coach win percentage current school

Or that I calculate myself in retort to your B.S. about him being the # 3 coach in all of America that in fact The GO DAWGS ! University of Georgia Bulldogs are # 20 in the nation over the last 5 years now today

You POST on BOTH SITES the same B.S.

I sat here and calculated both tables for YOU and posted it in reply to you HERE and there.

It is not how I say it that bothers you; but that I do NOT SETTLE for these goings on at UGA on the field and off the field, and specifically address myself to you Coach Richt Apologists daily on your LIES and EXCUSES

if Miami of Florida wants him with their 52-32 since joining the ACC in 2004, let them have him, they are

IRRELEVANT 52-32 since 2004 Miami

IRRELEVANT 43-19 after 2005 UGA

Go Dawgs ! We can do a LOT better than THIS.

BuLLdawg said...

You say whatever you want to say where you want to say it.

I will reply.

You are not helping the situation, but making it worse instead.

Bragging about CMR wins

He is # 16 in the nation in WINS current coach at current school. This is his entire 10-Year Coach Richt Era.

Georgia is # 20 in WINS after the 2005 season.

10-wins a season doesn't mean much when there are 25 programs who average 10-win seasons over the last 5 years now this season.

I am really sorry that you feel that you can hide behind your keyboard as Anonymous and tell me I am not a Bulldog fan, and that you are because you are SATISFIED.

I will look back on these years as years of education.

We have failed to put pressure on Coach Richt to hire us a decent and proper coaching staff.

You let him off the hook last year, settling for firing Willie Martinez when all season last year again, I was in here demanding that he fire both Mike Bobo first and then Willie Martinez. I can assure you Mike Bobo's next gig will not be nearly as prestigeous as Willie Martinez's is.

There is nothing that you can say to me that will convince me you are a better fan of my Beloved Bulldogs because you LIKE WHAT IS GOING ON.

You are part of the problem; not part of the solution.

You do not cheer on what has been NOTHING BUT BAD PRESS for FIVE YEARS NOW for the school I hold my degree from.

Obviously, none of this is important to you, as long as we don't have Ray Goff as our head coach.

Guess What ?

Ray Goff was an anomoly.

You need to get with the Program; for I most assuredly am. I do not want to be # 20 in the nation in WINS over the last 5 years, as we are at my alma mater. And, I especially do not want to be # 20 in WINS... AND be # 2 in the nation in Arrests / Suspensions over the same 5 years.